How to apply for Society PAN Card Online | Trust PAN Card Kaise Banaye

If you have any society/trust and firm or may be in future you want to start any N.G.O it can help you how to apply for society/trust/firm PANCARD. To apply for PANCARD you have to login at After login you should follow following steps which can help you to apply online Society/Firm and trust PANCARD.

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  • After login the website will open on your screen here you will choose NEW PAN INDIAN CITIZEN in category you will get many options here if you are applying for society PANCARD you will choose association of persons but if are applying for trust PANCARD you will choose then you will choose for trust and if you are applying for firm PANCARD then you will choose firm here.

Apply PAN Card Online

  • In title you will choose MS. Her you will enter your firm/society/trust name.
  • Then choose date on which date you have made your society/trust/firm.
  • After that you will fill E-mail ID and Mobile No. Then click on accept term.
  • Fill Captcha as it is written in example.

Apply PAN Card Online Form

  • Click on Submit button as you click on submit so token no. will be generated here copy and save this no. and click on continue with PAN application.

how to Apply PAN Card Online

  • It has already forward application document physically option keep it same.
  • Scroll down here no need to do anything else.
  • Click on next if there is any income of your society then you will choose income source.
  • If there is no income of your society then choose no income.
  • Set your communication address whether residence or office choose here. You will fill complete residence address here.
  • After that you will fill Country/State or Union Territory.
  • Enter Pin code if your society is in any office then you will fill address. Then you will choose country code.

Apply PAN Card Online address details

  • Click on next here you will fill area code/ AO type and AO No. for that you will choose Indian citizen here.

steps to Apply PAN Card Online

  • All column will be filled automatically click on next.
  • For applying this PANCARD you have to submit address and ID proof you can choose any documents from the list for ID proof.

Form to Apply PAN Card Online

  • Then choose Authorised signatory then fill place. Date column will be filled automatically.
  • Then click on submit. Complete application will appear on your screen here you will check all details Carefully which you have filled in the application.
  • Here you can do correction if any for that you will click on Edit. If you think the information which you have filled that’s all correct so click on proceed.
  • After that you will do payment here you can choose any option from the list which is convenient for you. You have to pay 107 RS as a payment.

Apply PAN Card Online payment details

  • You can get digital and physical PANCARD from here. Digital PANCARD will be sent on your E-mail ID which you have filled in application form and physical PANCARD will be sent on your address accept terms.
  • Click on proceed to payment option click on pay confirm here you will redirect on payment gateway here you can choose option through which you want to do payment.
  • After doing payment receipt slip will appear on your screen click on continue here you will generate and print your application for that you will click on generate and print application your application will generate it will generate in a PDF form it will lock. To unlock this PDF enter date which you have filled in application.

Payment Receipt Apply PAN Card Online

  • When you enter date PDF will be unlocked you will download PDF click on Download button.

Apply PAN Card Online generate receipt

  • This application will print on 2 pages. You will do two signatures on this and stamps of your society.

Form 49A Apply PAN Card Online

  • If you have any society or trust attach this paper with your application form and send this documents by post on this address {INCOME TAX PAN SERVICES UNIT ( MANAGED by NSDL E- GOVERNANCE INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED)}
  • 4TH Floor, Mantri Sterling Plot no. 341, Survey No.997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411016.

Income Tax Address Apply PAN Card Online

First you have to apply online and then print application do signature and stamps of your society on application form then attach a copy of your society and firm and you will send it by post or yourself if you don’t have any problem submit all documents nearby office.


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Apply for Society PAN Card Online

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