How Backwards Text Works and Where to Use It?

You may have seen the reversed printing of words on a vehicle’s windscreen and might wonder why people try such a form of writing. How can you generate the backward version of the text? If this situation sounds like you, we have the answers you want.

This guide will teach you everything from the definition of backwards text to the multiple ways of generating such a form of text. Besides this, here, we will also shed light on the different applications of the backwards text. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

How Backwards Text Works and Where to Use It

What Is Backwards Text?

The term ‘backwards text’ refers to the shape of text where the wording and lettering of the text appear in reverse order. People often confuse the backward form of text with mirror text. However, unlike mirror writing, the backwards text doesn’t appear in the original order upon viewing through the mirror.

You can’t start writing the text in reverse order to make it backward. There is nothing wrong with this approach. But it fails when dealing with a large portion of text. So, developers developed backwards text generators to generate the backward version of lengthy text quickly.

How Does a Backwards Text Generator Work?

Like a mirror text generator, a backwards text generator works in different modes to create different versions of reversed text from one source. Generally, most backward word generators work on the following modes:

1.     Reverse Text | Flip Text:

As the name suggests, this mode will display the wording of the original text in the opposite order. But besides this, it will also reverse the order of letters in each word.

Reverse Text or Flip Text

2.     Reverse Wording:

The ‘Reverse Wording’ module will only display the words in the opposite order. However, the placement of letters will remain intact in this module.

Reverse Wording

3.     Reverse Word’s Lettering:

As the name suggests, the ‘Reverse Word’s Lettering’ mode will reverse each word’s lettering. But it will keep the placement of words intact.

Thus, you can try any of the above-discussed modes to generate the backward version of the text.

Reverse Word’s Lettering

Steps to Generate the Backwards Text:

As mentioned earlier, you can generate backward or reverse text symbols through backwards text generator. But several tools are available for this purpose. You can even flip the text through Microsoft Word. However, that procedure is not ideal for beginners.

Since this is a beginner’s dedicated guide, we will show you the simplest way to generate backwards text. So, let’s get to the steps.

  • Open any browser and type Backwards text generator’ in its search bar.
  • As mentioned earlier, several tools are available for this purpose. So, the search engine will present you with several options. However, you can choose anyone because all backwards text generators work on the same mechanism.
  • Enter the text once you are in your preferred backwards text generator.
  • Then, pick one text reversing mode from the available (‘Reverse Text,’ ‘Reverse Wording’ and ‘Reverse Word’s Lettering’) options.

Reverse Text Reverse Wording and Reverse Word’s Lettering

  • The tool will instantly reverse your text according to your selected mode. So, you can either copy the backwards text or download it as a file, as some tools offer the option of downloading the result as a text file.

Reverse your Text here

Some Applications of Backwards Text:

These are weird times because bizarre things attract people. The same is the case with backwards text. However, the following applications of backwards text are most common these days.

  • People incorporate backwards text in their Wi-Fi, social media, or other passwords to make them more secure.
  • Some celebrities take assistance from reverse text to catch their audience’s attention.
  • Often, people put reverse symbols on the windscreen of their vehicles.
  • Graphic designers take assistance from reverse text to improve the design of a printed page.
  • According to Colin Wheildon, incorporating backward text reduces reader comprehension.
  • Sometimes, people try backward text to play fun games. For example, the backward version of ‘bats’ will be ‘stab, which is another meaningful word. The same is the case with the word ‘evian.
  • Backwards text can help in quickly sorting a list. For instance, trying to sort a list of emails by domain name is a lengthy task. But backwards text can make it easier.
  • You can also take assistance from backwards text to see the chessboard from the other person’s perspective.


Backwards text is a great way to grab the attention of your audience. But apart from seeking attention, people try it in several other fields, like graphic designing, encryption-decryption, or playing chess. So, incorporating backwards text is handy because many are still unaware of its benefits.

But before incorporating the backward form of text, it is essential to create one. In such a situation, you can take assistance from the above discussion, as it will teach you the easiest way to create the backwards text. So, you can also generate a reversed version of the text within a few seconds through this guide.

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