Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Business Content from Plagiarism

In today’s conquering digital era, almost every business whether it’s on a smaller or broader scale has moved to the web. This whole business shifting on the internet has increased the competition among them for getting more exposure and leads to stay ahead in the digital market.

Undoubtedly, the maximum exposure and potential global leads can only be gained by making a strong online presence without geological restrictions. For this, business owners need to work on several significant pillars that include SEO strategies, digital marketing, content production, and optimization, and many more. In this article, we are focusing on business content, one of the most important factors to win target audiences and potential clients in this vast competitive digital world.

Top 5 ways to protect business content from plagiarismYour website content tells everything about your business so it must be informative, original, and fresh to make your business website reputation high and help you have more outreach and exposure in the immense business world. The true mark of an original piece of content is that it is not copied, plagiarized, or paraphrased but many business owners lack this understanding. All they do is copy-paste content from other business websites thinking that it will appeal to the target audience. It indeed does not work this way. It has been proven that copied content is not only courting damage to website rank but also losing target leads. It also has some other adverse consequences that we have listed below.

Read on further for discovering the 5 best ways to prevent plagiarism in business content.

How Plagiarism Can be Harmful to your Online Business Content?

Plagiarized content on your business website is not good as it may lead your business to struggle more. Moreover, you will

  1. Lose trustworthy and potential clients
  2. Lose Views on your posts and more will dislike the content
  3. It will harm a business reputation greatly
  4. No one will ask you for collaborations and investment in a plagiarized business website
  5. It will be difficult to regain repute in front of the potential audience and Google as well.

How can Anyone Avoid Plagiarism on his/her online business website?

An online plagiarism checker is a simplest and easiest way to assure the uniqueness and originality of content on your website. However, there are several other ways to eliminate the chances of plagiarism in your content that we have mentioned below.

1. When in Doubt, Cite Sources

Of course, you do not want to give credit for your writing to someone else. And obviously, you don’t want Google to think that you have grasped content from some other source. However, when you are not certain about an idea in your writing whether it is solely generated by yourself or copied from somewhere else and rewritten, it is best to cite your sources.

This makes your paper more authentic and original as it shows that you have used some original ideas in your writing instead of weakening your paper by copy-pasting. Citing sources is a great option to follow to protect your business content from plagiarism as well. Here are the conducts that are making it clear that citing correctly will support your content.

  • Citing a source means giving credit to the original author that indicates that you are not just taking content from the web and making some publishing changes.
  • Support the ideas in your content that are absolutely yours.
  • Citing makes a precise deviation between your original ideas and ideas you take from the internet.

2. Make it Clear Who Said What

ways to protect your business content from plagiarismEven when you cite from authentic sources, uncertainty can frequently mask the original context of an idea, and accidentally cause plagiarism. So, make sure you structure your content so well that anyone can distinguish between your thoughts and those of your sources. Look careful for misleading pronouns if you talk about the thoughts of more than one individual. Just say, for example, of the discourse of Shakespeare’s view of James Joyce by Harold Bloom, and you wrote: “He perfectly represented the condition of an author in contemporary society.”

The thing to notice here is that the reader will have no clue what you are talking about. So be sure to use the correct pronouns in your content to make it readable and understandable for readers.

3. Know-How to Paraphrase

Paraphrasing is a method of repetition of somebody else’s thoughts in your own words. But changing a little bit of the original words does not produce a legitimate paraphrase of your content. In a proper paraphrase method, the words and sentence patterns of the source must be changed without altering the concept.

You also must understand that paraphrased sentences still require citation, since though you positioned the thoughts from another reference in your terms, but still they are created from a different source and cause plagiarism. It does not mean that you are drawing less directly from other sources or reducing the number of quotes in your content. You just need to be more careful while paraphrasing the content.

4. Evaluate your content and Sources properly

Not all online resources are worth considering to cite, many are just deceptive. So, how do you distinguish and choose the excellent ones? First of all, make sure you know the author(s) of the source and the year of its publication and what were the sources from where they took their content are some crucial steps in preventing plagiarism. You should next see what the source is as reliable for your business website: how well they back their concepts, the quality of the text, the correctness of the written information, etc.

5. Use a plagiarism checker

Almost everyone is now familiar with this amazing technology. You can employ plagiarism detector tools to assure originality and identify plagiarism in your business content. The tool analyses your paper matches it to a vast database of digital resources, inclusive publications, websites, and points out excessively similar portions to other writings.

Thus, before submitting a blog or any product review on your website, make sure you check it by using a plagiarism checker yourself. This helps you to detect any portion in your text where a quote has been missed, uncited, or even if it is poorly paraphrased. You can then proceed in the next stages to simply rewrite that possible plagiarism part. The accuracy and safety of plagiarism detectors differ. We evaluated most of the alternatives and compared them and selected a couple of best plagiarism checker tools for you:


Cons Pros
Checks only 500 words document for free (for only three times) Generate plagiarism report
Offers monthly package for $9.99 Simple to use
Not always give accurate results Build-in citation feature makes it unique
Safe and secure


The great thing about this plagiarism scanner is the report it provides to its users so that they can easily review content for all possible similarities in content. As the results are given in percentage form and all plagiarized lines are underlined, it becomes easier for users to avoid duplication. Despite the amazing results, the tool is not absolutely free, after 3 checks of 500 words, it asks to purchase its subscription. Furthermore, it is safe and completely secure and there is no chance that your content will be stored in its databases. We recommend using this tool only if you are willing to pay for it every month. Otherwise, there are other options available for completely free.


Cons Pros
Not any Scans all plagiarized content than any other plagiarism detector tool
Checks for free up to 1000 words (unlimited times)
List all origami sources of plagiarized lines
Offers the option to rewrite plagiarized lines
Huge and AI-based advanced databases ensure 100% accuracy in results


Prespostseo plagiarism checker free tool is developed to provide the most accurate plagiarism detection services for completely free. Unlike any other tool, prepostseo is checking your papers, articles, and blogs of 1000 words (that are more than enough) without letting you spend a single penny. Checking copied content has never been this easier, faster, and safer before this wonderful tool. It not only detects plagiarism but also offers a great option to rewrite or alter the plagiarized sentence helping you correct it on one platform. All the amazing features of this plagiarism detector are a big yes for all users out there.


Cons Pros
Not always give 100% accurate results Free to use for checking content for unlimited times
Offers monthly package for $9.99 Fast in detecting plagiarism
Not always give accurate results Easy to use interface attracts many users


This tool is famous among all because it is free to use and you do not need to purchase any subscription in the future. The tool is using huge databases for detecting plagiarism but it does not always give accurate results. However, 80% of the results are accurate and you can check your content through all the matched sources. It is one of the best free plagiarism checker tools that will give results in a blink of an eye. No doubt, for all new business owners who need to check unlimited files daily, and who do not purchase expensive subscriptions, this tool is the best option.


Poor writing and plagiarism are your biggest adversaries in the marketing of business content. They almost wreck each business plan you have set in place and may cause your business to collapse in no time. You must make all your efforts in creating content meaningful and plagiarism-free. The above-mentioned tips for preventing plagiarism in writing must be employed before getting it posted online.

Make sure to Use the plagiarism detector tools we have recommended as if you have made some of the errors, it will be highlighted and you will always review your material for those errors. Content writers often prefer to paraphrase rather than quote while writing business content. This is due to the insufficient background knowledge needed for an exceptional piece of paper. So, make sure you provide writers with the proper outline needed for business content articles or blogs to strengthen your business content.

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