7 Reasons- When Should You Find a Professional Repair for Your AC?

Appliances like air conditioners need regular maintenance to function properly. And, that helps to keep a wide range of problems away. Now, your AC might develop certain malfunctions for which you need a professional repair. Thus, you need to detect them as early as possible and hire competent technicians, which can help you to reduce the repair charges considerably.

For that, you need to look out for certain signs in your air conditioner. In case you don’t know what they are, this guide can prove to be very helpful to you.

AC Problems that Express the Need for a Professional Repair

7 Reasons- When Should You Find a Professional Repair for Your ACWith time your AC will develop certain faults. But, they will always give off signs at some point, which helps you become aware that your AC requires professional service. What do you do if you notice those warning signs? Getting in touch with a professional AC repair Dubai immediately would be the best thing to do. After all, average users don’t have the skills and equipment to repair their air conditioners.

So, here are some of the signs that you need to hire a reliable AC repair service:

1. Not Working

Can’t start your air conditioning unit? There are more possible causes behind this issue than you might be aware of. Sometimes, it might indicate that the condenser needs a proper cleaning. To do that effectively, you need to open the unit apart. So, you might want to rely only on professionals for that task.

Apart from that, it also indicates a dusty fan in some cases. In that case, you must call a technician to look into the component. Moreover, an issue with the motor can cause this problem as well. If you’re early enough, you can get an optimal repair done for it. Otherwise, you would have to replace the motor, which might cost you more. So, you must contact a professional immediately in this case.

2. Abnormal Sounds

The latest air conditioner models come with advanced technology to reduce their sounds/noise. Thus, you’re not supposed to hear them from a distance while they are working. But, what if you can hear them making some sounds? Usually, that indicates a problem somewhere inside your AC unit.

  • Clicking

Are you using a split AC at your home? Then, you need to check the outdoor unit for this sign. That’s why it escapes the attention of many users for quite a long time. What does this sign indicate? In case you’re wondering, it’s caused mainly when the fan touches another component. But, you can’t be sure about that unless you have inspected the entire appliance after all. In general, this sign always indicates a problem that you need to get fixed.

  • Hissing

Do you hear this sound while running the appliance? Then, you must switch it off immediately and book an AC repair service. After all, this sound always indicates a significant rise in pressure inside the appliance. In case you didn’t know, that’s not safe for you and your household at all.

  • Bubbling

So, do you hear a sound similar to the flow of liquid in an air conditioner? In many cases, this might indicate a refrigerant leak in the unit. Now, that can be quite hazardous to people who come in contact with this substance. Thus, don’t ignore it and give a call to the nearest expert for an inspection.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you may hear many other unusual sounds as well. Regardless, they always indicate an issue with one or the other component of your air conditioner. Moreover, a professional repair is the best way to deal with them.

3. Stops While Functioning

If you face this issue, make sure to check the power connection first. Also, check whether the circuit breaker or fuse are blown. If they’re not, then this problem might indicate a faulty thermostat. What do you do in such a situation?

Now, you probably can’t fix the thermostat on your own unless you’re a professional. So, you need to find a certified technician for doing the same. Also, you’d want to book a service without much delay. After all, it’s quite inconvenient and uncomfortable when your AC stops right after it starts cooling.

4. Bad Smells

Do you get an unpleasant smell when your AC runs? That isn’t a good sign at all, and you need to have it inspected. In some cases, this issue indicates mold growth within the appliance. The moist and warm spaces inside the unit serve as a perfect breeding ground for them. Now, it’s not an easy task to remove them effectively as they often grow back. Therefore, you must seek professional help for this.

Apart from that, the smell might often indicate something burning inside the appliance. Now, that’s as hazardous as mold, if not more than that. So, you must switch off the unit and unplug it immediately and book an urgent repair service.

5. Not Cooling Effectively

Your AC probably had a nice cooling performance at the beginning. But that surely doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way forever, and its performance will definitely deteriorate with time. But, you can keep that in check with regular maintenance and timely repairs. If you’ve provided both of them to your appliance, you might not need to replace that yet.

But, you can’t be sure unless a professional inspect it and lets you know. Besides, you’d want a quick repair for your AC’s cooling performance during hot and humid summers. So, you must reach out to a professional immediately if you face this problem.

6. Unequal Cooling

Do you feel different levels of cooling in other parts of your home? In that case, there must be an issue with your AC. Usually, this problem indicates a bad airflow from the appliance. Go near it and check whether it releases enough air from the vents. If it doesn’t, that explains why some parts of your home aren’t cool enough. Now, this is sure a pretty serious issue, and you’d want a quick solution for it.

This issue might indicate a leak in the air ducts in some cases; as a result, you’re not getting sufficient airflow from the vents. Sometimes, this problem might also indicate something wrong with the compressor. Regardless, you can’t fix the appliance in both cases and should contact a reliable expert.

7. High Energy Bills

This is one of the biggest signs that your home appliances are consuming too much electricity. Even though that doesn’t always point towards your AC, you must have it inspected to be sure. Especially so in case you have been using it for quite a long time. Various faulty components may cause the unit to overwork so that it maintains its performance. As a result, it draws more power and increases your bills.

Now, you probably can’t fix this issue on your own. So, you need to get in touch with an efficient repair service for a quick solution. They will surely get to the root of the problem and provide an appropriate solution for it.


A good repair service is crucial to maintain your AC’s health. Thus, you’d want to keep one of them handy, on whom you can rely. Call them whenever your appliance faces any of the problems mentioned above. Apart from that, you should reach out to experts if you notice any unusual behavior in your AC. This ensures to maintain your health and well-being.

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