10 Tips on How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

Starting a social media marketing agency can be fairly simple. It doesn’t require much qualifications too. If you’ve done a superb digital marketing course, it can be very easy to start a social media marketing agency right from your home itself.

Reasons to Start Social Media Marketing Agency

Nowadays, almost every business small and large is on social media. Rightly so, because Facebook alone has over 2.8 billion users worldwide.  Other social media platforms include Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, to name a few. Organizations find it cheaper to reach the desired audience through social media marketing. And very effective too since people nowadays spend a lot of time on social media.

10 Tips on How to Start a Social Media Marketing AgencyAlso, getting a message across over social media is fast and almost instant. As a result, there’s an increasing demand for agencies that can do social media marketing. Only a few businesses hire full-time social media managers.  Others outsource the service. And that’s the main reason you can start a social media marketing agency.

10 Tips to Launch a Social Media Marketing Agency

Now if you’re interested in launching a social media marketing agency, here’re 10 vital tips that I can provide. You can adapt them to meet your own needs and skills, where necessary.

1. Study Your Market

The first and most important step is to study your market well. Find out whether there’s a good scope for a social media marketing company to succeed. Often, businesses in your area might already have a strong social media presence. But very often, smaller businesses don’t have such a presence. If the market shows promise of lots of customers, open a social media marketing agency.

2. Define Your Niche

Defining your niche to start a social media marketing agency is very important too. You have to decide which companies or fields or sectors you’ll provide social media marketing services.  That’s because it’s impossible to cater to all industries. If you’re interested in serving the retail industry, that’s your niche. You’ll find the best niche when you study the market, as I mention above.

3. Choose Your Social Media Platforms

The third tip is that you should choose the social media platforms that you’re comfortable working with. There’re several social media platforms, as you would know. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat are the topmost. Then we also have the single largest networking portal for professionals, LinkedIn.

Each social media platform has its own group of dedicated followers. This depends on demographics. It’s not possible for any social media marketing agency to work on all the platforms. Therefore, select the best ones that suit you.

4. Shortlist Your Work Scope

Shortlist the scope of work that your social media marketing agency will offer. For example, if you’ll offer Facebook-related services, be very specific on what you would offer. Because some clients might require videos for Facebook while others would require still ads. Yet others might want the complex Facebook Ads services. And some customers might demand influencer marketing through Instagram. Therefore, shortlist the services you can offer as a social media marketing agency.

5. Mark Your Social Media Presence

Seeing is believing. Therefore, before offering social media marketing services to others, it’s good to have your own strong social media presence. And this presence should be superb enough to impress every client that you approach. If you’re going to offer Facebook and LinkedIn services, create amazing and killer profiles for your own social media marketing agency that would attract customers to use your services. You cannot have a half-baked social media presence and claim to be a social media marketing agency.

6. Enlist the Help of Freelancers

Handling social media marketing requires experts. While you would have the necessary skills as an entrepreneur, it’s not always possible to execute all tasks by yourself.  Therefore, instead of hiring digital marketers on your payroll, look for social media marketers that work as freelancers. That way, you can pay only for the necessary work, without burdening your payroll that eats into the agency’s profits.

7. Decide Your Pricing

There’re countless social media marketing agencies. Therefore, you’ve to decide your pricing too. Study the pricing patterns of other social media marketing agencies. You’ll be able to get a clear picture of how much they charge their clients. You too can charge the same amount of money. Never undercut your competitors since that could lead to price wars and you might end up losing. Instead, price your services reasonably.

8. Start a Blog

You might wonder what a blog has to do with a social media marketing agency. A lot in fact. You can promote your social media marketing agency through your blog. Write attractive and amazing content that customers and leads would love to read. And that can generate a lot of customers for your social media marketing agency. You can post links to your blog posts on your social media platforms to create awareness about your agency.

9. Advertise through LinkedIn

Other than being a networking website for professionals, LinkedIn also helps you to market your social media marketing agency to decision-makers. You can do so by creating and posting fantastic posts about social media marketing and links to your own blogs. That would enable decision-makers to find your organization on LinkedIn and make inquiries for business purposes. LinkedIn is a vital resource when it comes to promoting your social media marketing agency.

10. Open a YouTube Channel

You can open a YouTube channel for free. And post superb videos about the work you’re doing as a social media marketing agency. You can also upload testimonials of any persons or organizations that you’ve worked with before launching a social media marketing agency. The objectives of these videos are to promote you as a social media marketing expert. That way, more clients will be attracted to do business with your agency.


There are some top digital marketing agencies in India, who started small but now they make huge profits by offering various digital marketing services. These 10 simple steps can prove very useful to start your own social media marketing agency anywhere in the world. As you can see, these steps are simple but would require effort. In the long run, these efforts would pay rich dividends.

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