7 Ways to Study Using Flashcards as Visual Prompts

One of the most creative and interesting learning tool:

7 Ways to Study Using Flashcards as Visual Prompts


Flashcards are a great way of simplifying complex information and instantly moving it from short-term memory to long-term memory. It is the best form of learning a huge amount of information in a small time limit.


Flashcards are made up of small snippets of information written on a card or a piece of paper. They are used as a memorizing aid to recall difficult pieces of information. Bunches of words are written on the flashcards and they help as a runway to bring the rest of the information forward.

Types of Flash Cards

Flashcards come in various forms. They are written, printed, and even custom-made. Different fonts and images are used to make them more appealing and memorizing. Different types of flashcards are used in multiple ways by students, such as to keep the pointers of writing a good assignment on hand. The hassle of remembering those points can be spared because the best coursework writing services can help in any assignment. But flashcards definitely offer perfect assistance in remembering key points of a subject and preventing important information loss during an exam.

Acquire Maximum Benefits

When Flashcards are used to their maximum potential, they emit unlimited benefits. There are certain tricks to tap into that reservoir.

1.   Stay Precise

When creating your own flashcards the first key rule of unlocking the box of long-term memory is keeping the information precise. Flashcards are snippets of information, never fill them up with a stack of information, your brain will never shift that knowledge to the tips of your fingers.

2.   Write Some Lyrics

Everyone has had a song stuck in their head without any effort in some part of their life. And the struggle to push yourself to memorize tough scientific facts is also highly relatable. The best trick is to put that fact into a lyric and write it on the flashcard. As a lyric, it will be catchy and easy enough to remember even in the exam.

3.   Tap the Imagination

Use the imagination as much as possible while creating flashcards. Utilize different visual aids and put them in the flashcards. Place different pictures on the cards and highlight the important words with various colors. This will make the information pop out in your head whenever you need it.

4.   Create Interlinks

Multiple pieces of information can also become difficult to recall if there are too many random words. Instead of making a bunch of flashcards, interlink the important information of a fact. Use different pictorial representations to make every single element stand out on its own.

5.   Public Speaking Becomes Easy

Speaking in front of an audience is a nightmare for many students. This fear is responsible for making students feel as they have not prepared. But flashcards are the perfect visual prompt to never forget a presentation. Make the pointers of the material you have prepared for the presentation. This way you’ll always know what you have to speak about next.

6.   Play With Blanks

Have fun while making the flashcards. Enjoy the ride and make the best of it. Mix up things and challenge yourself. Write fill in the blanks on the flashcards to remember that slippery information that always eludes you somehow. Practicing with blanks will definitely prove beneficial.

7.   Multiply the Options

Never stick to one way of making flashcards when you can go crazy with the vast sea of ideas. After challenging yourself with some fill-in-the-blanks, take things a little easy. The whole point is to learn while having fun. The next flashcard can be made as a multiple-choice question. Different options will help guide the process of recall.

The article must have excited all the students that have exams coming up recently but all the pending assignments must have put a damper on that thought. Let academic writing services UK and USA take care of those assignments while you focus on preparing flashcards for exams. Remember, exams are very important and only you can do their preparation. So, start making those flashcards to use as visual prompts for exams.

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