Top 10 Virtual Social Events Idea for Your Next Online Event

Virtual events are enjoyable online meetings that typically take place using video platforms such as Zoom, Webex, and Google Meet. Virtual social event ideas are specific ways to spend this time, like playing games or participating in other activities. These events aim to assist attendees in creating relationships and familiarity, which can lead to better communication and work dynamics. These activities encourage virtual employee engagement and are a type of remote team-building activity.

List of Virtual Event Ideas

Here is a collection of virtual event ideas for firms to unify and connect their distant staff, ranging from social media to pet visits to online education.

1. Online Office Games

Top 10 Virtual Social Events Idea for Your Next Online EventOne of the most popular virtual social events in the world is Online Office Games. Icebreakers, quizzes, and small competitions are all included in this fully hosted activity. It’s entertaining.

The Online Office Games event takes place over a secure video conference platform and lasts 90 minutes. We provide a lively host to keep your team entertained and engaged. We’ve developed Online Office Games for Google, Apple, Amazon, and various other companies.

2. Virtual Cocktail Shake-up

If your next virtual social event includes alcohol, our Virtual Cocktail Shake-up might be a good fit for your company. Our master mixologist will teach your party how to make two prohibition-era-style beverages and lead a series of games and short stories throughout this event.

The Virtual Cocktail Shake-up takes 90 minutes to complete. It’s a BYOB experience, and we can provide dry kits with mixers to your guests. All of the events are broadcast live on video, which encourages a strong social component.

3. Kindness Quest

Kindness Quest is an entertaining online event that emphasizes gratitude and community. Writing thank you emails and completing trivia that delivers kibble to local animal shelters are two examples of activities throughout the event. Participating in community service events is a terrific approach to increase your team’s morale.

Kindness Quest is a fully led 90-minute session. Our host will ensure that everyone in the room is involved and engaged. Because this is such a great experience, the good vibes will last long after your virtual social gathering is over.

4. Social Media Groups

You don’t have to limit your online social interactions to video calls. According to ghostwriting services, the average person spends two hours every day on social media.

Create private groups on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to expand your virtual social network. Then, give your remote teams virtual challenges.

Here are some ideas:

  • Throwback Thursday: Invite your teammates to share an old photo with the group on Thursday. Questionable fashion choices are encouraged!
  • Dinner date: Invite your coworkers to contribute images of drool-worthy meals, whether they’re handmade or takeout.
  • Never-ending tale: One team member writes an Instagram story that concludes with a challenge to another team member. That teammate responds with a story, which prompts a response from another colleague.
  • Identify a teammate: Post photos of well-known groups like The Avengers, Disney characters, the Simpsons ensemble, or US presidents. Members of the group should assign each character to a teammate.

This is one of the more adaptable virtual work social activities. Your remote employees will not only enjoy online social time, but they will also brush up on their social media abilities. Knowing how to traverse numerous platforms is advantageous because social media is becoming a more potent driver of customer service, brand exposure, and sales.

5. Virtual Campfire

A virtual campfire is one of the finest methods to get people online. S’mores kits should be sent ahead of time so that attendees can toast marshmallows over a tea-light candle during the celebration. Then, take part in a series of camp-inspired games. You may, for example, participate in online scavenger hunts or outdoor trivia.

6. Online Game Show

Simulating game shows is a fun method to engage guests and participants in video conversations. Online programs or DIY solutions can be used to play games like Jeopardy, Family Feud, and Price is Right. Because they are familiar, collaborative, and frequently feature awards, these games are popular with groups.

7. Do a Pet Event

You may enjoy these cuddly buddies in their natural surroundings by working from a virtual office. The worst part about working in an office is that you don’t get to meet your coworker’s pets. As a result, consider bringing pets to your virtual gathering. One of the most successful and entertaining free virtual social ideas is to welcome pets. Request that your teammates introduce their dogs to the team on your next video chat. If the animals are shy, your employees can go on a “pet safari” and look for them in all the usual hiding places.

If any of your team members have unusual pets, such as teacup pigs or llamas, this activity will be extra entertaining. All animals are welcome, including common household pets such as Labradors and tabbies.

8. Internet Quest

Even if your remote team does not share a physical location, they may all come together online in a couple of minutes. During your next virtual hangout, you and your colleagues can visit cyberspace together and go on an epic internet journey.


  • Participate in a virtual scavenger hunt.
  • Escape from an online escape room, such as the National Aquarium Oscar’s Stolen Oscar.
  • Together, we’ll explore the fascinating random Wikipedia entries.
  • Play a role-playing game like War of the Wizards online.
  • Take a virtual tour of a popular tourist site such as Paris or Rome.
  • On Google Earth, look for amusing sights with your friends.

Internet quests are exciting virtual social ideas that will spice up your time together. These activities offer online hangouts a sense of purpose and remove any discomfort that may have arisen in the past.

9. Online Game Night

For a good reason, many adult interactions revolve around games. Trivia nights are held in bars, bingo is held in churches, board game nights are held in breweries, and poker games are held among friends. Adults can congregate and mingle with friends and strangers alike through these types of activities. Games provide both amusement and a sense of community.

Here are some virtual gaming ideas:

  • Poker over the internet
  • Virtual Group Trivia
  • Bingo for working from home
  • Escape Room in the Virtual World
  • Games to play when drinking
  • Words with Friends or Uno are two examples of online games.
  • Mario Kart Tour or Call of Duty are two examples of multiplayer video games.

You can also customize a variety of different online team-building games and Zoom activities for your event.

10. Learn Skills Together

Learning alone may be a frightening and intimidating experience. When you tackle a new subject or skill with a group of others, you develop a sense of community and lose the feeling that you’re the only one making mistakes. By taking an online course together, you may turn your group social time into group learning time.

Here are some ideas:

  • Bootcamp for coding
  • Workshop on creative writing
  • Self-defense training
  • Seminar on Leadership
  • Lessons in cooking
  • Meditations with a guide
  • A photography lesson

I propose either taking official classes like EdX, Udemy, or MasterClass or creating your syllabus using YouTube and other resources. Team learning transforms other teammates into cheerleaders and coaches, regardless of the lesson plan.

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