Enter Your Custom Message in Sales Invoice (Edit TDL in Tally)

Here you will find a TDL files for Tally. This file will help you to enter a custom message in you sales invoice.  the screen-shot of output is given as under. also download link for TDL given under.

[elementor-template id=”37309″]

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2 thoughts on “Enter Your Custom Message in Sales Invoice (Edit TDL in Tally)”

  1. hi sir i want tdl for receivable amount list from my six company together. like company a for xyz ttrading outstanding due is 25000. and company b 35000. company c 450.00.
    xyz ttrading
    01.01.2018 a.1 25000
    08.01.2018 b.9 35000
    18.01.2018 c.6 450
    multicompany collection book.


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