3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Home Internet Connection

Is your home internet connection struggling to cope with everyday use? Are you fed up with glitching when you game or stream? Do your favorite programs, music and podcasts take forever to download?

Here are some simple steps to take to get the best possible home internet connection for your money.

Simple Ways To Improve Your Home Internet Connection

1.    Upgrade your home internet plan and benefit from a new router.

If your current home internet contract is coming to an end or you’re well overdue for an upgrade, changing providers or switching to a new plan is almost always worthwhile.

The average home internet speed in Jordan in 2022 was 53 MB per second (MBps). If you’re running a connection installed longer than a year or two ago, you’re missing out on a much better service.

By opting for a new service with a new router included, you can take advantage of many technology updates that may now offer you:

  • Higher speeds
  • Wider coverage
  • Lower latency

The Fastest Fiber Plans with Orange

Award-winning Orange Fiber is known to be the fastest internet service provider in Jordan and it’s currently offering some incredible speeds.

Take its top-performing Fiber 10000 plan, for example. With this package, you get a speed of 10,000 MBps and a WiFi 6 Fiberbox router. The WiFi 6 service offers Orange customers faster speeds than ever before, wider coverage across the home, and lower latency. You can connect even more devices, too.

If your needs or budget don’t stretch to Fiber 10000, you can still benefit from WiFi 6 technology with their Fiber 1000 and Fiber 2000 packages, offering 1,000 MBps and 2,000 MBps respectively. For most home internet users, these packages will provide the upgrade they need to stream, download and game without any frustrating interruptions or hesitations.

2.    Use a WiFi extender or mesh network.

If you have a larger home, inadequate WiFi coverage can be the cause of your internet connection problems. Devices situated farthest from your router will be performing worse, if this is the case.

You can try repositioning your router but this usually means asking your internet provider for help. You can try moving your devices but this may not be convenient either. However, using a WiFi extender or mesh network could solve the problem.

WiFi Extenders

A WiFi extender can help in this situation. This helpful tool plugs into electrical outlets in the areas where your WiFi signal needs a boost. Just make sure any extender you opt for is compatible with your fiber box.

Mesh Networks

Mesh networks are also an excellent but more expensive option for improving WiFi signals. They are designed to ensure a good connection right through a property, even when a home is large, has multiple floors, or has thick internal walls.

If you have a few WiFi dead zones at home, a mesh network might solve your problems. To set up your network, you just need to place  various connection points around your home.

3.    Rethink your devices and how you use them.

If upgrading your internet connection, or adding a WiFi extender or mesh network are not currently an option, then it’s worth thinking about what devices you have connected to your internet at home.

It’s common for people to have different devices automatically connecting to their home network, i.e., smart phones, tablets, smart speakers and TVs. If you’re trying to use too many devices at once on your network, you could run into problems.

Here are a few things to keep in mind next time you experience slow speeds or high latency.

  • Check that your internet connection is private and secure and is not being used by neighbors without your permission. Make sure your connection cannot be used by anyone outside of your family.
  • Consider using an ethernet cable with computers or TVs to benefit from the strongest, most stable connection for streaming and gaming. Ethernet cables minimize the path from your router to your device, providing the most reliable connection.
  • Turn off devices you are not using to strengthen your internet connection.
  • Check your WiFi frequency channel. Most routers are set to connect with the best channel available automatically. However, sometimes you might find that manually readjusting to a different channel helps as channels can get overcrowded. To find the best WiFi channel, you can use the Wireless Diagnostics feature on a Mac computer or its Windows equivalent, Windows Powershell. To switch between channels, you will need to access your router’s online interface.
  • An Orange Flybox presents an alternative to home fiber. This device creates a 4G home network you can use with multiple devices. Some packages available now come with a free Flybox router and unlimited internet deals.

Poor internet should now be a thing of the past. Make sure you follow the advice presented here to ensure you are benefitting from the best connection speeds possible.

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