How to Avoid the Most Common Solar Panel Mistakes at All Costs

The worldwide solar energy industry is on pace to hit $223 billion in the coming years. Handling your solar installation correctly gives you a high-tech, clean way to power your household. 

Homeowners everywhere are starting to invest in solar. You can too as long as you avoid some costly solar panel mistakes. Keep reading to learn which mistakes you should steer clear of.

1 Failing to Study the Technology

How to Avoid the Most Common Solar Panel Mistakes at All CostsDiligently study solar panel technology to learn how it takes light from the sun to power your house. Get to know the different parts, such as solar cells, the solar panel frame, converter, and other components. The PV cells in the panels take in light from the sun and create electricity that is useful in your household.

Solar energy technology can eliminate greenhouse gas emissions that you otherwise would have created. It’ll also allow you the opportunity to be free and independent of your electric bill. Once you know the technology inside and out, it helps you to make your choice.

2 Choosing a Sub Par Company

It takes craftsmanship to get the results that you need. Work with the top solar installation company in your area that you can find. 

Many homeowners don’t put enough effort into finding the most skilled expert. Check around for options, and make sure that they follow United States Department of Energy standards and that they have high Better Business Bureau (BBB) grades.

Always seek referrals from your solar professionals and make sure that they have a long track record of success.

3 Getting the Wrong Size and Type

Consult with professionals to make certain that you getting the best equipment available. A smart homeowner will make sure all measurements are conducted before moving forward. 

This ensures that they can fit the required number of panels on your roof and that it is installed in the correct location. Professionals will choose panels that have the ideal efficiency rating and voltage for your home.

4 Forgetting About Your Tax Credit

The federal government is incentivizing people to switch to cleaner energy since it’s excellent for the environment. They offer a one-time tax credit for people who upgrade to solar.

Research the solar tax credit so that you can get some money back for your troubles. You will usually have the option to accept the tax credit from your solar panel installation total, or can write it off yourself once you file your taxes in April.

A professional solar contractor can also help you facilitate your tax credit up front in many cases. 

5 Prevent These Solar Panel Mistakes

The points above can help you out when you’d like to avoid solar panel mistakes. Solar energy is one of the cleanest and best ways to make use of the electricity in your household or place of business. 

Because this is the next evolution of energy, you’ll want to conduct your research thoroughly and put all of your ducks in a row. 

Start by steering clear of the mistakes above, and check out our other articles for more information on solar energy and other green-friendly upgrades.

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