What is the PMP Certification Exam? How about This Certification?

PMP (Project Management Professional) is a certification of the Project Management Professionals. It is sponsored by the Project Management Institute(PMI) of the United States, and it is a certification that evaluates whether the project managers have acquired high-quality knowledge and skills of project management. The purpose is to provide unified industry standards for project managers. In 1999, the PMP became the first of all certification exams to receive the ISO9001 international quality certification, and then became the most authoritative certification exam in the world. At present, the American project management association has established two certification exams: PMP (project manager) and CAPM (project management assistant), and has set up certification testing institutions in more than 130 countries and regions around the world.

PMP Certification Exam

PMP, as a project management qualification examination, has established its international authority:

  1. PMP has trained a large number of project management professionals for the United States, and the project management profession has become the “golden occupation” in the United States.
  2. PMP certification has become an international certification standard. The certification is now available in nine languages, including English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese.
  3. So far, there are more than 300,000 PMP holders worldwide.
  4. Many countries have imitated the project management certification system of the United States, which has promoted the development of project management in the world.

To be qualified for the PMP certification, candidates must meet the requirements of PMI for project management expertise and relevant work experience; On the other hand, professionals with PMP certificates should continue to work on projects in order to constantly adapt to the development of project management.

Requirements of PMP certification registration:

Candidates must have more than 35 hours of PMBOK study or training experience and need to provide copies of relevant certificates.

Applicants must meet one of the following two conditions.

Type 1: With a bachelor’s degree or equivalent college degree or above.

Applicants should have at least 4500 hours of project management experience in five major project management processes. In addition, the accumulated project management months shall be at least 36 months in the 6 years prior to the application date.

Note: When calculating the months of project management, the required 36 months are non-overlapping and separate.

Type 2: Those who do not have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent college degree or above.

Applicants have at least 7,500 hours of project management experience in five major project management processes. In addition, in the 8 years prior to the application date, the cumulative number of project management months shall be at least 60 months.

The benefits of PMP certification

The PMP’s project manager certification, which is carried out globally by the Project Management Association of America, has become the most popular project manager certification in the world due to its scientific and advanced knowledge system and its global influence.

The benefits of PMP can be recognized from two aspects:

  1. The process of participating in PMP certification and examination is also a process of systematically learning and consolidating project management knowledge. This process will help PMP-certified participants to combine their previous project management experience with systematic project management knowledge, aiming to achieve a combination of theory and practice and to deepen their understanding of project management.
  2. By participating in PMP certification, you can obtain a PMP certificate issued by PMI. Holding a PMP certification means that you have become a professional in project management:
  3. You have a comprehensive scientific knowledge of project management;
  4. You have at least three years of project management experience;
  5. Your knowledge and practice above have been approved by PMI.

Due to the international recognition of PMP certification, holding a PMP certificate is a direct reflection of the level of project management for the individual and the company. This will bring convenience to your career of PMP, work, and so on.

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