8 Amazing Ways that Will Help You Study Better (Improve Your Study Skills)

Education is the pillar of success in this generation. We have people around telling us every day how important it is to study, our teachers provide us with everything we need to study, but no one ever tells us how.

Let us see a Few Efficient Ways on How to Study:

1.   Make Notes:

This is one of the most important and I’d say, efficient way of learning smart. While you sit down to study, take a rough book and start making notes of what you are studying. Researchers say that students who write and study have 85% chances of scoring good marks than students who don’t. Writing notes could be just writing a few points or making proper notes. On a personal note, I suggest people make short notes because that comes in handy while you do you last moment revisions.

2.   Rewrite the Notes:

The best way to access if you’ve understood a concept or not, then after you’ve finished studying, try writing what you’ve studied in your own words with referring to any study material. This will help you analyze how much you’ve understood and can remember.

3.   Concentration: 


You need not study 10 hours in a day. You just need to put that 2-3 hour of your day into studying with your full concentration. A study has proven that multitasking is actually not possible. Humans cannot do two things at a time putting their full concentration on both the activities. And studying is one activity which requires a lot of understand and hence concentration. You cannot be using your phone or watching tv and simultaneously be studying. And while you’re set to prepare yourself for exams like JEE, MHT CET 2019, NATA etc you require a lot more concentration than you would in your school exams.


4.   Schedule:

Maintaining a schedule is very important while you’re in school and college. With the rise is curriculum and the advent of the internet, students tend to lose track of study. You should always maintain a routine and schedule the studying hours in a way that you prioritize the subjects you find difficult and study them on a daily basis and alternatively study the others.

5.   Understanding Concepts:Improve Your Study Skills

The most important part of studying is understanding a concept, or else what’s the point, right? So, one of the techniques that can be used is, to relate concepts to real life. Trying to implement a theoretical concept into real life objects helps the whole process of understanding better. Hence, we have various lab facilities so that you can understand the theory and implement the concept you’ve studied.

Top Engineering colleges in Maharashtra have set us smart classrooms and well-equipped laboratories for better learning opportunities.

6.   Self-Assessing:

While exams are conducted for the assessment of the knowledge you receive, if you want to score good marks, you can also access yourselves at home but taking tests on the subjects you’ve studied. This helps you to know what you’ve understood and what you haven’t and how much you could remember the concept you’ve understood. This could be done on a weekly basis to prepare yourself better for your examination.

7.   Revision:Revision

We cannot neglect how significant one revision can be before an examination. Apart from revision before an examination, you should try to revise what you study at least thrice before the examination at good intervals. Astonishingly, your brain can memorize a lot of things but over the course of time, it actually needs to be reminded of what it actually knows. The information has to be activated constantly, except for the ones who have a very strong memory power.

8.   Do Not Leave Studying for Last Moment:

If you’re thinking you can study overnight and give your exams, you can but the concepts will be unclear and to score good marks in such a situation is very difficult. A lot of students also either procrastinate because there is so much to study or miss out on studying a lot of topics for their examination. Hence a study routine becomes very important for the same. The day before the examination is always to validate your concepts via revision.

Author Name: Shivangi Jain

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