Success Tips for Students: Your Hidden Talents

In this article, we will tell you how to determine your abilities with the help of various exercises. This will help you decide what to do in the future, what profession to get, and in what personal area to develop.

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Remember what you like and enjoy doing every day, which you always do with pleasure, not out of necessity. Most likely, these classes are related to your abilities and aptitudes. Usually, we are attracted to those areas of activity for which we have data. Even if you are interested in something, but you feel that you do not have the ability, do not rush to give it up: the ability can be developed through hard work, and interest is the best motivation. To find out which areas are of interest to you, try the following exercises.

Exercise 1. Write down everything you do during the day, and then rate each session on a scale of 0 to 10, how much you enjoy it. Do this for a few days, and then analyze the results and determine the range of your interests at home.

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Children’s Dreams

Our childhood dreams and fantasies are often associated with abilities and inclinations. Kids are not constrained, do not assess how realistic it is to achieve the goal, they just fantasize about what they will do in the future, based on their feelings and desires. Not only children’s dreams but also favorite games and occupations, unusual hobbies indicate inclinations and talents. Everything that sets you apart from other children is a love of animals, a desire to explore or travel, writing stories – can be the key to unlocking your hidden potential.

Exercise 1. Think of at least three childhood dreams of who you wanted to be and think about what qualities would help you do it;

Exercise 2. Think of three games you enjoyed playing as a child, or three unusual children’s activities or hobbies that you had back then. What skills did you realize in these games and activities?

Evaluation From the Outside

One often does not notice one’s own strengths, and one can see them better from the outside. After all, talent is not only for drawing, music, or foreign languages. Perhaps you are great at laughing and uplifting, able to listen and understand another person, easily unite people into a workable team. But if for you these skills are a matter of course, you do not pay attention to them and even more so do not use them consciously. You can discover such talents in yourself with the help of other people.

What Makes My Life and Me Unique?

The more people answer the questions, the better. It is good if among them will be those who have known you for a long time and those with whom you met recently. Old friends will help you identify the talents that you had as a child and were forgotten. New acquaintances will pay attention to your qualities, which old friends may be accustomed to and do not notice.

Exercise 1. Remember what praises and compliments of other people you do not value. For example, it seems to you that this is unjustified flattery and you can’t do anything like that. Or you yourself do not consider the quality that is praised to be valuable. Write down at least three such qualities and think about how you can use them to achieve your goals. DE

New Classes

To reveal your abilities, interests, and hidden talents, you need to try yourself in different occupations and hobbies, study different subjects and disciplines, read popular science literature, which tells about different areas of human activity, objects, and phenomena of the world. In addition to books, you can watch thematic helper documentaries, tutor lectures, and use sites with podcasts online.

Exercise 1. Learn three topics you know little about from any area of ​​human life (high technology, medicine, geography, cooking, and so on). Imagine how you could realize yourself in these areas. Which of your qualities can help you succeed in them?


Our abilities and talents help us achieve high results, even if we do not notice them. Try to identify your hidden reserves by focusing on the areas in which you are successful.

Exercise. Remember at least three situations of success. It can be winning a competition, an Olympics, mastering a new skill, reconciling with a friend after an argument. Write down your qualities that you think helped you achieve that particular result or goal.

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