106 Business Category & 900 Subcategories List (Excel & PDF) Download

Do you know why i got the idea to upload the business category list in Excel and PDF format, on my website?

When i started a business listing website, i needed this type of list which contains all the business category lists in Excel so that i can copy and paste it into my website categories area but when i searched on Google, i was not able to find such type of list.

Then this idea came to me i should search and complete all the business category names in one sheet for the convenience of other people.

Below is the list of Business categories, and Business Subcategories you can check and the download button is also given at the bottom of this page, which you can easily download in Excel and PDF.

S.No. Business Category Business Subcategories
1 Agriculture and Farming Crop Farming, Livestock Farming, Agribusiness
2 Automotive Car Dealerships, Auto Repair, Automotive Parts
3 Construction Residential Construction, Commercial Construction, Civil Engineering
4 Education Schools and Universities, Tutoring Services, EdTech
5 Finance Banking, Investment Services, Insurance
6 Food and Beverage Restaurants, Food Manufacturing, Catering Services
7 Healthcare Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceuticals
8 Information Technology Software Development, IT Services, Cybersecurity
9 Manufacturing Industrial Manufacturing, Consumer Goods Manufacturing, Aerospace and Defense
10 Real Estate Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Property Management
11 Retail General Retail, E-commerce, Specialty Stores
12 Telecommunications Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications Equipment, Wireless Services
13 Transportation and Logistics Shipping and Freight, Logistics Services, Public Transportation
14 Travel and Hospitality Hotels and Accommodations, Travel Agencies, Tourism Services
15 Energy Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, Utilities
16 Media and Entertainment Broadcasting, Film and Television, Music and Streaming Services
17 Professional Services Legal Services, Accounting and Auditing, Consulting
18 Marketing and Advertising Advertising Agencies, Marketing Consultancies, Public Relations
19 Environmental Services Environmental Consulting, Recycling, Sustainability Services
20 Fitness and Wellness Gyms and Fitness Centers, Health and Wellness Products, Nutrition Services
21 Beauty and Personal Care Salons and Spas, Cosmetics and Skincare, Beauty Products Manufacturing
22 Fashion and Apparel Clothing Retail, Fashion Design, Textile Manufacturing
23 Home and Garden Furniture Retail, Home Improvement, Gardening and Landscaping
24 Nonprofit and Social Services Charities, Social Advocacy Organizations, Community Development
25 Legal Services Law Firms, Legal Consulting, Legal Tech
26 Human Resources and Staffing Recruitment Agencies, HR Consulting, Temporary Staffing
27 Event Planning and Management Event Planners, Catering for Events, Venue Management
28 Sports and Recreation Sports Facilities, Fitness Clubs, Sports Equipment Manufacturing
29 Technology Hardware Computer Hardware, Electronic Devices Manufacturing, Networking Equipment
30 Biotechnology and Pharmaceutica ls Biotech Research, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Life Sciences
31 Insurance Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance
32 Interior Design and Decor Interior Design Services, Home Decor Retail, Custom Furniture Design
33 Waste Management and Recycling Waste Collection, Recycling Centers, Environmental Cleanup Services
34 Printing and Publishing Printing Services, Publishing Houses, Graphic Design
35 E-commerce Platforms Online Marketplaces, E-commerce Software Development, Dropshipping Services
36 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Blockchain Development, Digital Wallet Services
37 Pet Care and Services Pet Grooming, Pet Supplies Retail, Veterinary Services
38 Art and Culture Art Galleries, Museums, Cultural Events
39 Engineering Services Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering
40 Renewable Energy Solar Energy, Wind Power, Green Energy Consulting
41 Forestry and Logging Timber Harvesting, Logging Services, Sustainable Forestry
42 Aerospace Aircraft Manufacturing, Aerospace Engineering, Satellite Technology
43 Maritime and Shipping Shipping Companies, Maritime Services, Port Operations
44 Government Services Public Administration, Government Consulting, Municipal Services
45 Renovation and Restoration Home Renovation, Historic Restoration, Building Restoration Services
46 Alternative Medicine Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Health Practices
47 Mining and Resources Mineral Mining, Oil and Gas Extraction, Natural Resource Exploration
48 Welding and Metal Fabrication Metal Fabrication Workshops, Welding Services, Custom Metalwork
49 Wine and Spirits Wineries, Distilleries, Beverage Distribution
50 Investment and Venture Capital Venture Capital Firms, Private Equity, Investment Banking
51 Fitness Technology Fitness Apps, Wearable Technology for Health, Smart Fitness Equipment
52 Audio and Sound Production Recording Studios, Sound Design, Audio Equipment Manufacturing
53 Language Services Translation Services, Language Schools, Interpretation Services
54 Market Research Market Research Agencies, Data Analytics, Consumer Insights
55 Aquaculture Fish Farming, Aquaponics, Seafood Processing
56 Virtual Reality and Augmented R eality VR/AR Development, Virtual Reality Gaming, Augmented Reality Applications
57 Smart Home Technology Home Automation, Smart Home Devices, IoT for Residential Spaces
58 Robotics Industrial Robotics, Robotics Research and Development, Robotic Process Automation
59 Mobile App Development Mobile Application Design, App Development Agencies, Mobile App Monetization
60 Social Media Management Social Media Agencies, Social Media Analytics, Influencer Marketing
61 Blockchain Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Smart Contracts Development
62 Digital Marketing Digital Advertising, Content Marketing, SEO and SEM Services
63 Elderly Care Services Assisted Living Facilities, Home Care Services for Seniors, Senior Companion Services
64 3D Printing 3D Printing Services, 3D Printer Manufacturing, Custom Prototyping
65 Cannabis Industry Cannabis Cultivation, Cannabis Dispensaries, Cannabis Product Manufacturing
66 Augmented Reality for Retail AR Shopping Apps, Virtual Try-On Solutions, AR Retail Displays
67 Water Technology Water Treatment Services, Water Conservation Technology, Desalination Technology
68 Electric Vehicles Electric Car Manufacturing, EV Charging Infrastructure, Electric Bicycles and Scooters
69 Self-Improvement and Personal D evelopment Life Coaching, Personal Development Courses, Wellness Retreats
70 Subscription-based Meal Kits Meal Kit Delivery Services, Gourmet Food Subscription Boxes, Specialty Ingredient Boxes
71 Language Learning Language Learning Apps, Online Language Courses, Language Exchange Platforms
72 Home Automation and Smart Devic es Smart Home Hubs, IoT Devices for Home Security, Home Energy Management Systems
73 Adventure Tourism Adventure Travel Agencies, Outdoor Activity Guides, Extreme Sports Facilities
74 B2B E-commerce Platforms Business-to-Business Online Marketplaces, Wholesale E-commerce, B2B Supply Chain Solutions
75 Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Strategy Development, Sustainability Reporting, Social Impact Assessments
76 Culinary Tourism Food and Culinary Tours, Culinary Travel Agencies, Cooking Classes for Tourists
77 Custom Software Development Bespoke Software Solutions, Software Outsourcing Services, Enterprise Software Development
78 Elderly Technology Solutions Senior-friendly Tech Products, Aging in Place Technology, Health Monitoring Devices for Seniors
79 Employee Wellness Programs Corporate Wellness Services, Fitness Challenges for Employees, Mental Health Support Programs
80 E-Sports and Gaming E-Sports Teams and Leagues, Gaming Events and Tournaments, Video Game Development
81 Ethical and Fair Trade Products Fair Trade Retail, Ethical Fashion Brands, Sustainable and Fair Trade Agriculture
82 Green Building and Architecture Sustainable Architecture Firms, Eco-Friendly Construction, LEED Certification Services
83 Historical Tourism Historical Tours, Living History Museums, Heritage Preservation
84 Influencer Management Agencies Influencer Talent Agencies, Social Media Influencer Marketing, Content Creation Partnerships
85 Mental Health Services Therapy and Counseling Services, Mental Health Apps, Online Support Communities
86 Mobile Payment Solutions Mobile Wallets, Contactless Payment Systems, Mobile POS Solutions
87 Podcasting Podcast Production Services, Podcast Advertising, Podcast Hosting Platforms
88 Renewable Energy Consulting Renewable Energy Project Planning, Energy Efficiency Consulting, Green Building Consultation
89 Ride-Sharing and Carpooling Ride-Sharing Platforms, Carpooling Services, Micro-Mobility Solutions
90 Telemedicine and Virtual Health care Online Doctor Consultations, Remote Health Monitoring, Virtual Therapy Services
91 Virtual Events and Experiences Virtual Event Platforms, Virtual Trade Shows, Virtual Reality Experiences
92 Youth and Teen Services Youth Development Programs, Teen Counseling Services, Educational Programs for Teens
93 Robotics Process Automation Automated Manufacturing, Robotic Assembly, Process Automation Consulting
94 Green Technology Sustainable Technologies, Environmental Monitoring, Green Infrastructure
95 Educational Toys and Games STEM Toys, Learning Games, Educational Toy Manufacturing
96 Eco-Tourism Eco-Friendly Travel, Nature Tours, Sustainable Accommodations
97 Sustainable Agriculture Organic Farming, Permaculture, Sustainable Crop Management
98 Financial Technology (FinTech) Online Payment Systems, Peer-to-Peer Lending, Robo-Advisors
99 Collaborative Workspace Co-Working Spaces, Shared Office Facilities, Virtual Offices
100 Cybersecurity Consulting Security Audits, Penetration Testing, Cybersecurity Training
101 Sustainable Fashion Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands, Upcycled Fashion, Sustainable Textiles
102 Personal Finance Management Budgeting Apps, Financial Planning Services, Investment Tracking
103 Mobile Health Apps Health and Fitness Apps, Medical Monitoring Apps, Telehealth Services
104 Sustainable Packaging Biodegradable Packaging, Eco-Friendly Materials, Packaging Design
105 Food Delivery Services Meal Delivery, Grocery Delivery, On-Demand Food Platforms
106 Edutainment Educational Entertainment, Interactive Learning Media, Edutainment Apps

Kindly comment down below if you need any other type of list, if you will comment, then i will make that list and will upload it on my website for your convenience, and finally, you can download it on my website. Thanks

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