11 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers on your Business Account

With business going digital, marketing has become a significant part of gaining customers and followers. In some ways, that has made it easier, but there is always another side of the coin, and it has also become quite complex.

There are more platforms nowadays to market your products than there ever were before. Instagram is one of the most common among them that businesses use widely. It is simply a perfect platform to market your services and products.

How to Gain More Organic Followers on your Business Instagram Account?

Now, to increase your account’s visibility, you’d need a sufficient number of followers. The more visible you want to be on the platform, the more followers you’ll need. Now, you might find that quite complicated, but it’s not that hard. Are you looking to increase the follower count on your business account organically? Here, you can find some tips that’ll help you with that.

11 Tips to increase Instagram Followers on your Business Account

You can gain followers with the help of various software tools. But, that’s not the same thing as getting followers organically, after all. If you want to go for the latter, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Then, if you follow them, you can gain a large number of followers within a short time, as suggested by the marketing department of Handyman Dubai.

Here are some tips that’ll help you get more followers to your business account on Instagram.

1. Change to a Business Profile if you aren’t using one

Are you using a regular account to market your business? In that case, you can change it to a business profile. If you didn’t know, this can increase your visibility among other users. As a result, you can get more views and likes on your posts. So, that can increase your chances to gain followers for sure. But, this isn’t enough to bring in followers, and you have more things to focus on.

11 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers on your Business Account2. Enhance your Profile

Your account represents your business to all users on the platform. So, you need to pay attention to the profile image bio and other aspects. You need to optimize all these things to make them attractive for other users. Also, add as much information about your business as you can. For example, paste links, phone numbers, etc., so that people can get in touch with you.

3. Post Regularly

You might have come across this hack before at some point. After all, it’s helpful to regular users as well for gaining followers. The people who follow you would probably expect you to be consistent in posting content. If you fail to do that, they might think you have left the platform. Even if they don’t think so, they might unfollow you. So, it’ll affect your follower count in the long run in any case.

Thus, you must fix an interval at which you’ll post your content. Also, it need not be too short, but you must follow it consistently. This will help you get the desired results for sure.

4. Post Relatable Content

This is yet another basic rule for both regular and business accounts. But, it’s more essential for the latter without any doubt. Users will follow you only when they can engage with your content. That’s possible only when they find it relatable, so you must pay attention to that as well. So, make any improvements in your content that you think will get you closer to that goal.

5. Know your Target Audience

To succeed in engaging the audience, you must know them well. This doesn’t mean knowing them personally, of course, but what they want. For that, you need to understand the trends of the industry that you’re in. Now, you can use various analytical tools and methods to do that. But, in any case, this is a crucial step to make better content and increase followers organically.

6. Videos Engage more

Have you been posting only images on your account? Then, you must try out videos as well. On social media, it’s quite easy to see what users are viewing. As a result, it’s easier to understand how to gain followers organically. Now, according to some surveys, videos draw more viewers than images. In that case, you need to utilize this to the fullest.

Haven’t you started creating videos? You might want to get started without any delays. Nowadays, you can do that by yourself using some video editing software. There are many viable options available out there for your requirements.

7. Make the best use of Hashtags ##

When people use Instagram, they might look for a specific type of content. Now, finding that among millions of posts is quite difficult. That’s where hashtags are useful, and they help you find the content you’re looking for. As you have seen, many users often post dozens of hashtags along with their posts. Also, you must notice that all of them are related to the image or video that’s posted. Thus, you need to start doing the same if you haven’t.

You need to put appropriate and relevant hashtags in all your posts. How will it benefit you? First, it’ll increase the visibility of your posts among users. As a result, you can then hope to get a significant increase in followers. But, its effectiveness also depends on other things, such as the quality of content. Also, research some popular hashtags related to your content and start using them.

8. Tag the Location with your Posts

This hack is crucial for Instagram posts if you’re running a small business. If you serve a local customer base, adding the location to your posts will help a lot. It will make your posts more visible to users around the location you’ve tagged. As a result, it improves the rate at which you can gain followers.

9. Sponsor Influencers

This is yet another effective strategy to grow your business account on Instagram. Also, many influencers take sponsors and market their products. So, you might want to approach them and make an offer. Also, try to work with an influencer who has the highest possible following.

But, the more followers they have, the more they would naturally demand from you. So you need to keep your budget in mind while proceeding with this. But, once you’re able to get the right person, you can expect good results. If done right, there’s no doubt that this strategy is quite an effective one.

10. Share your Instagram Account’s link on other Platforms

You probably use multiple social media platforms for marketing your products. After all, it’s essential and very effective for boosting your business. Now, suppose you have an account on Facebook as well. You can use that to your advantage by posting your business account link there. By doing that, you can get more visitors and hence more followers to your Instagram profile.

11. Conduct Giveaways

Depending on the products you’re selling, you can consider conducting giveaways once in a while. This is a great strategy that many businesses apply to increase their followers. But, how effective is it? From what many sources can tell you, it works quite well. So, you might want to include this into your strategy as well.

How will your Business Benefit if you have more Instagram Followers?

The strategies discussed above can help you increase your Instagram followers. If you do it right, they can help you turn your small business into a brand. Apart from that, if you can go beyond a certain number of followers, it will also bring you revenue. So, these two are the prominent ways it can boost your business.

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