Inter Company Data Transfer TDL for Tally ERP 9

Here is the Preview of this TDL file

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How to Install the TDL File in Tally

Step 1. Go to Gateway of Tally.
Step 2. Then Press Ctrl+Alt+T button
Step 3. Now Press F4 Button or Click on “Manage Local TDL” button
Step 4. Now do “Yes” to “Loan TDL Files on Startup” option
Step 5. Now in the next line “List of TDL Files to preload on Startup” Enter the TDL File Path or Location Like “E:\File.tdl”
Step 6. Now save the settings
Your TDL File is ready to use.

Watch this Video to Learn

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6 thoughts on “Inter Company Data Transfer TDL for Tally ERP 9”

  1. Hello,
    I also like to develop small software in MS Access. And now I am learning TDLs.

    I liked your inter company transaction transfer. I have one question, Cant we have one form which opens after pressing button, which allows user to select target company and source company.

    This TDL will be useful to many people. If you can have form timing will be saved for changing and rehanging the name.

  2. how is journal entry is transfer, here you have shown tdl only for payment & receipt
    kindly show the TDS for journal entry also.
    Company A, made payment on behalf of Company B for certain expenses.(payment made vide cash/bank)
    Company B…Dr
    Now Company B have to pass journal entry against expenses.
    Company A…Cr
    Kindly make One TDL which will have function of both, like payment & Receipt
    Payment & Journal


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