Know what you will learn from IPC-A-610F (10+ Important Topics to Go Through)

Have you been deployed as a quality auditor at an electronic product-making company? Do you find it challenging to inspect the quality of each product before sending it to the distributor? Are you looking for ways to become great at your job? Well, the only solution to all your problems is the IPC-A-610 certification program. This program is specially designed for people like you who are responsible for checking the quality of electronic products after they have been manufactured. Not just that, if your friends or colleagues want to become an IPC certified trainer, they can also enroll in IPC CIT courses. But they will need to teach the acceptability of electronic assemblies to CIS students or industry operators. However, to pursue the IPC trainer course, you will need an IPC-A-610F instructional book that contains all the photos, illustrations, and standards to assemble electronic components.

With that done, now let’s move to the topics that are discussed in the IPC-A-610F instruction book: 

  1. Handling of electronic assemblies
  2. Know what you will learn from IPC-A-610F 10+ Important Topics to Go ThroughCleanliness of assemblies
  3. Marking of assemblies
  4. Mechanical assembly
  5. Component installation 
  6. Location and orientation
  7. Soldering
  8. Coatings
  9. Laminate conditions
  10. Discrete wiring assemblies
  11. SMT assemblies

Now that you know the information you will acquire from the IPC-A-610F instruction book, you must know how the program works, right?

How does the IPC Trainer Certification Program Work?

Before proceeding further, I must tell you that this program is divided into two parts:

1 – Training and Certification 

The candidates who want to pursue the IPC CIT courses need first to find an authorized IPC-certified training center. Then, once you have got it, you need to connect to the representative of that training institute and ask them to enroll you in the CIT course. After successful enrolment only, you will be able to get intensive training for IPC-A-610 standards.

However, before the training starts, you need to keep in mind that you have to complete and pass all the tests in the course. After passing all the examinations only, you will get a certificate from the IPC that will validate you as a certified trainer.

2 – Teaching and Recertification 

Once you have become a certified trainer, the institute will provide you with a bunch of instructional materials, including IPC-A-610 standard books to train certified IPC application specialists (CIS). An important thing you need to keep in mind here is that the certificate you get after completing the trainer’s program isn’t valid for a lifetime. It will validate you as a trainer only for 2 years. After that, you need to recertify yourself in the same stream.

Again, it would help if you did not forget that you need to approach a well-established and IPC-certified training institute for recertifying yourself as an IPC trainer.

Who needs to enroll in the IPC-A-610 Trainer Certification Program?

  1. Anyone who is responsible for examining the quality and reliability of electronic components like PCBs and motherboards. In short, the engineering and manufacturing supervisors who are hired to look after the quality of produced electronics.
  2. Anyone who wants to train students in electronic assemblies. However, the candidate needs to have prior experience in the same field to understand the topics better.

What Materials are CIT Trainers given to Training CIS Students?

Being an aspiring trainer, it’s pretty important for you to know what things you will get to train CIS candidates, right? So, I’m going to list down all those things in a simple manner:

  • First, you will get a fully colored teaching material that will show important topics and concepts included in the IPC-A-610 document.
  • Second, you will get complete information to conduct the CIS training with all the needed reports and forms.
  • Third, you will get a soft copy of the Instruction guide that will let you know how to conduct the training and testing.
  • Fourth, you will get the latest instructional book, IPC-A-610, “Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies.”
  • Fifth, you will receive guidance on how to conduct open and closed book exams online.

Last Thoughts

Now you know how to become an expert at the quality inspection of electronic assemblies? So, start getting in touch with candidate-centric training institutes now and ask them about various training options. For example, you may want to pursue the course at your site or want to go to their site. First, understand which one is the viable option for you and then only confirm your enrolment in the course.

In addition to that, you also need to clarify before enrolment that whether they will provide you the training kit or you are responsible for buying one. Again, this will save you from the hassle that might come up later. And lastly, in case of any interpretation-related issues, don’t forget to raise the query with the in-class professor.

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