VBA Code to Create a Backup of a Current Workbook in Excel

VBA code that you can use to create a backup of the current workbook in Excel

VBA Code:

Sub CreateWorkbookBackup()
    Dim originalPath As String
    Dim backupPath As String
    ' Set the original path of the workbook
    originalPath = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & ThisWorkbook.Name
    ' Set the backup path with a timestamp
    backupPath = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & "Backup_" & Format(Now(), "yyyy-mm-dd_hhmmss") & "_" & ThisWorkbook.Name
    ' Create a backup of the workbook
    ThisWorkbook.SaveCopyAs backupPath
    ' Inform the user about the backup creation
    MsgBox "Backup created at: " & backupPath
End Sub

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