VBA Code to Summarize Data with PivotTable in Excel

This code creates a PivotTable summarizing the selected range of data.

VBA Code:

Sub CreatePivotTable()
    Dim ptSheet As Worksheet
    Dim ptRange As Range
    Dim pt As PivotTable
    Set ptSheet = Worksheets.Add
    Set ptRange = Selection
    Set pt = ptSheet.PivotTables.Add(PivotTableDestination:=ptSheet.Cells(3, 1), TableDestination:=ptSheet.Cells(3, 1))
    With pt
        .SetSourceData ptRange
        .RowFields.Add ptSheet.Range("A1")
        .ColumnFields.Add ptSheet.Range("B1")
        .AddDataField ptSheet.Range("C1"), "Sum of C", xlSum
    End With
End Sub

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