VBA Code to Use Goal Seek in Excel

VBA code that you can use to use Goal Seek in Excel.

VBA Code:

Sub UseGoalSeek()
    Dim targetCell As Range
    Dim changingCell As Range
    Dim targetValue As Double
    ' Set the target cell and changing cell
    Set targetCell = Range("A1") ' Change the target cell reference as desired
    Set changingCell = Range("B1") ' Change the changing cell reference as desired
    ' Set the target value
    targetValue = 100 ' Change the target value as desired
    ' Use Goal Seek to find the value in the changing cell that produces the target value in the target cell
    Application.GoalSeek Goal:=targetValue, ChangingCell:=changingCell
    ' Inform the user of the result
    MsgBox "Goal Seek completed. The value in cell " & changingCell.Address & " has been adjusted to achieve the target value of " & targetValue & " in cell " & targetCell.Address & "."
End Sub

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