6 Situations When You Must Call a Water Damage Restoration Company

Dealing with water damage in a home or office is a devastating scenario. With matters out of your hands, the best thing to do is to call a water damage restoration company. Attempting DIY tricks off YouTube might just escalate the problem. The rule of thumb is to keep the number of professionals with experience and equipment to handle water damage in all circumstances.  

Here’s a guide when you must call a water damage restoration company

1. During a Flood

Hurricanes and snowstorms cause excessive water to enter homes and office premises leading to floods. When land can’t absorb huge amounts of water, it overflows into homes causing floods. If your home is flooded, the first thing to do is to get on the phone and call professionals to come and help. 

6 Situations When You Must Call a Water Damage Restoration CompanyA professional team from a water damage restoration company will arrive shortly to remediate the problem before the floods cause any significant problems in your home. However, the extent of the problem depends on how soon you call professionals. Therefore, you don’t have to hesitate to call a flood remediation team immediately you notice water trickling into your home. 

2. Wind Damage

Inclement weather is a nightmare for property owners. There’s a chance of having to deal with flood after-effects or nasty storms. However, never hesitate to get water damage restoration service from a professional company. A team from the company will arrive after a short while with appropriate equipment and experience to restore your home or office. 

Keep in mind that reputable companies offer a service guarantee ranging from one to two years to give you peace of mind regarding the quality of their work. Regardless of the size of the problem, make sure to call professionals before the issue escalates into costly repairs and damages. Besides, fixing a small problem is easier, cheaper, and takes little time. 

3. Mold Remediation

Mold can wreak havoc in a home and destroy the health of occupants. Ignoring the presence of mold in the bathroom or basement is a recipe for disaster. Dampness from floods or leaks encourages the growth of mold. People can suffer from allergies and asthma because of the presence of mold in the home. 

Other health problems resulting from mold presence include irritation of the throat and nose with shortness of breath. Ignoring to take action comes at a risk of encouraging worsening health conditions in your households. The best thing to do is to call a team from the water damage restoration company. These will come with appropriate equipment such as industrial blowers to dry the surface and eliminate chances of future mold growth. 

4. Roof Tarping 

A leaking roof is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. This can result from a hurricane, storm, or wear and tear. So, you have to take immediate action before the problem escalates. It might compromise your roof’s structural integrity or cause significant damage to your interior. Attempting to slap some plastic over the damage is a bad idea. 

Fixing the problem requires an appropriate solution from professionals with experience in handling water damage problems. These will supply a durable tarp to keep your roof protected and follow appropriate steps to limit further damage to your roof. 

5. Excess Moisture 

Controlling humidity in your home allows living more comfortably and saving about 20 to 25 percent on energy bills. Additionally, the health of your household will significantly improve with less moisture and no chances of mold and mildew growth. If you need to dehumidify your home, you can also call a water restoration company offering the service. 

The presence of excess moisture in a home encourages wood to rot leading to costly repairs in the long run. Calling a team of professionals with dehumidification control measures will protect your family’s health and money. 

6. Removing a Fallen Tree

There’s usually a lot to expect from a storm including fallen trees. When this happens, the resultant scenario is devastating because a large tree has the potential to demolish a house, cause a garage or rooftop to cave in. Additionally, a fallen tree can harm people or pets, and take out telephone or power lines 

When you have a fallen tree, you will appreciate having a number of a professional to help on your speed dial. The professional will remove fallen, obstructive, or leaning trees and clear the underbrush. Fortunately, the water damage restoration service near you might be offering a fallen tree removal service. It is a good idea to call a team to fix your roof or manage flooding in your basement when they can also handle the removal of the fallen tree. 

Bottom Line

Ignoring to get assistance during water damage is very disastrous. A small problem might escalate causing more significant damage. Keep in mind that it would take the professionals more time, material, and effort to fix a bigger water problem compared to a small one. So, getting on the phone immediately you notice any of the issues highlighted above will save your money and stress.

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