10 Best Web Hosting Service Platforms

Undoubtedly, website hosting is essential for the growth of small-large scale companies. Nowadays, entrepreneurs are using web hosting services to improve their online presence. Nobody likes to buy products from a website that takes time to load. You can even end up losing the potential audience for having a sluggish website. Consider using a web hosting service to increase the website’s loading time. It will help improve the user experience and drive traffic to the website.

Moreover, online business owners can reduce unwanted website downtimes with web hosting. This means the site won’t go down and will run smoothly without any further disruption. Web hosting services provide security to websites by protecting sensitive information. And, when the website is encrypted, the business owner doesn’t need to fret over data breaches.

10 Best Web Hosting Service PlatformsA professional website hosting platform helps the users to take a backup of the site data. You can restore the required data from web hosts after experiencing cyberattacks. Even web hosting helps get a high rank on Google’s search engines.

So, web hosting provides a plethora of benefits to business owners across the globe. But, choosing the right web host can be difficult for the majority of web developers. It becomes more daunting when you don’t know which one will serve the business needs.

Consider checking the hosting plan’s price, and that is an essential factor. Look for the security features the web host company offers to the users. Don’t forget to check the reviews and ratings before connecting with a web-hosting service.

10 Best Web Hosting Service Platforms below

Here, we have mentioned the best web hosting providers which you should take into account:

1.  Hostinger — Offers the Cost-Effective Business Solutions

If you are running out of budget, then Hostinger is the right choice. It won’t break your bank to get a web hosting plan from this company. Make sure to renew the monthly or yearly plan to avail the benefits of Hostinger. Moreover, if you use WordPress for website designing, then this hosting platform is ideal for you.

It comes with multilingual customer support, which has improved the user’s experience. Hostinger’s shared plan is supported only in one email account. And, if you want to use unlimited email accounts, upgrade the hosting plan.

Go with the premium or bruins shared plan to get access to SSH and free domains. Despite its popularity, this service provider has a few drawbacks. You can use Hostinger on neither Android nor iOS devices. Users have also complained about this web host’s availability. Because it comes with a 99.90% uptime percentage. This means the web hosts cause issues after using it for more than 43 minutes. Contact a web hosting services expert if you face any problem with Hostinger.

2.  Dreamhost — Comes with a Budget-Friendly Monthly Plan

Dreamhost is for individuals who need web hosting for working on heavy-media projects. Moreover, it comes with a high storage level to store website-related information safely. You can even opt for unlimited data transfer in this web hosting platform. And, the users also get a free SSL certificate to secure their websites from cybercriminals.

DreamHost also offers a yearly subscription plan which everyone can afford. You can even opt for their three-year plan; that’s also affordable. Upgrade to DreamHost’s Shared unlimited plan if you have long-term use of a hosting service.

DreamHost became the most used web hosting service because of its incredible features. It didn’t put any limitation on the number of visitors who can access the business websites. So, if more than thousands of people visit your website daily, opt for using DreamHost. Make the websites fast, secure and avoid the downtimes with DreamHost.

3.  GreenGeeks — A Trustable Web Hosting Service

With GreenGeeks, you can mitigate all the hosting requirements. Moreover, this is the first-ever platform that offers eco-friendly web hosting services. Are you thinking about how they do that? Well, GreenGeeks uses renewable energy to run its web hosting services efficiently. And, this hosting platform is available in more than 150 countries around the world.

Their global workforce helps the users to improve the website speed and uptime. Additionally, GreenGeeks provides the ultimate solutions for:

  • Virtual Private Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • And, Reseller Hosting

GreenGeeks can be a go-to platform for eco-conscious businesses and websites. Keep WordPress up-to-date and improve the site performance with this hosting service. Use its latest security features to keep the website data safe and secure.

4.  BlueHost — Designed for the Beginners

Over the years, millions of people have created accounts in BlueHost. Not only because it offers effective shared web hosting solutions. But also, BlueHost’s monthly and yearly plans come at an affordable price. Moreover, BlueHost is the right choice for the ones who are new to website designing.

If you experience any problem while developing the website, get instant help from BlueHost. Use their live chat feature or dial their support number to fix the problems. Increase the conversion rate by optimizing the site performance with BlueHost’s SEO tools.

5.  HostGator — Secures Every Business Sites

Do you need a free domain and SSL certificate for the business websites? Then, go with HostGator; it fulfills the minimal business needs. With HostGator, you can keep the visitor’s shared credentials safe and protected.

Moreover, if you only need a homepage or product page to generate leads, use HostGator. The users get a long list of how-to guides which will help to build websites. And, if you need any additional information, use its live chat or email support.

6.  SiteGround — Protect the WordPress Site

Loading time plays a pivotal role in driving more customers to e-commerce sites. And, for increasing the WordPress sites loading time, nothing can beat SiteGround. Do you know more than 80% of visitors never visit a site if it takes time to load?

So, use this web hosting service to attract online visitors to the business websites. Additionally, you get top-notch security in WordPress sites with SiteGround. It uses Google Cloud to ensure the users get stable and smooth connections.

7.  InMotion Hosting — Provides the Best VPS Solutions

InMotion offers pocket-friendly monthly plans and comes with hefty security features. It’s one of the best VPS hosting platforms that have added guides to help the users. Moreover, InMotion’s customer support is worth praising. It offers a 90-day free trial, and you can use that to develop the website-building knowledge.

Get extra databases and fast virtual private servers by connecting with InMotion Hosting. Every small business owner should use this platform to secure their websites. Get immediate solutions by accessing any of the 5 communication channels of InMotion.

 8.  A2 Hosting — Advanced and Secured Web Hosting

A2 Hosting has become popular for its super-fast speed and low monthly user plans. It offers two hosting tiers — Turbo Max and Turbo Boost. And, both of these Turbo servers can boost the site speed 20x faster.

A2 Hosting can even manage the site traffic and read/write the website data 3x faster. You get a 99.9% uptime commitment on the monthly plans of this web-hosting service. Use this site if you work on CMS tools like Drupal, WordPress, or Magento.

9.  WP Engine — Offers the Best WordPress Hosting Service

WP Engine is a user-friendly hosting platform that comes with a 30-day money-back option. With its easy-to-use features, you can increase the WordPress website’s speed. Do you often publish WP blogs or run an online store? Then, WP Engine is best for you. Even with its lowest-priced monthly plan, the users can host a 10GB site with more than 25,000 visitors.

Unfortunately, WP Engine offers hosting services only to WordPress users. So, if you need to use any other CMS platform, then look for another site. But, if you use WordPress, avoid unwanted downtimes and maintain the sites with WP Engine.

10.  Nexcess — A Dedicated E-Commerce Hosting Site

You must have heard about Liquid Web, right? This IT service management company has launched Nexcess for eCommerce hosting. Whether you use Magento or Drupal, Nexcess provides hosting solutions to CMS sites.

You can attract more customers to the eCommerce store if you use the following sites for hosting:

  • Orocrm
  • Sylius
  • WordPress
  • Craft CMS
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Expression Engine

Make sure to use the Cloud Accelerator feature to speed up the website loading time. Let the online visitors browse safely through the e-commerce websites with Nexcess.

What are the Other Web Hosting Platforms Available?

You can go with AccuWeb Hosting, and it’s another site that offers affordable monthly/yearly plans. Along with that, you get outstanding customer support, and it comes with Windows support as well.

For WordPress-specific hosting, use FatCow Web Hosting. You can also use Domain.com, iPower, and iPage Web Hosting, and these sites also provide strong uptime. So, choose the best and expand the business in a short time.

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