How To Convert Scanned Documents Into an Editable Format?

Looking to convert your scanned documents into editable text? Let’s find out just how you can do that.

People use scanned documents to capture important information and turn it into virtual storage. Some use Google Drive, while others employ physical devices to capture such information. However, turning that information into something editable is the actual task.

That’s when OCR steps in. Commonly known as optical character recognition, OCR has become the key technology. But, that statement isn’t technically correct, as OCR has been around for almost 100 years.

But, nowadays, it’s a paramount part of business, marketing, or anywhere where editable content is needed. So, how does it turn scanned documents into editable text? Moreover, why do you need to do that in the first place? In order to understand this and all the other intricacies, let’s dive in deeper.

Why Convert Scanned Documents Into Editable Format?

Workplace efficiency or studying speed requires one to access specific data. Sometimes, this data or material is available in only one shape: scanned documents. Now, imagine not knowing about OCR and writing hundreds of words from paper into a text file.

Not only will it take time, but it will also cause a lot of stress and halt the work efficiency immensely. That’s when OCR steps in and helps you convert scanned documents into an editable format because:

Convert Scanned Documents Into Editable Format

  • It can improve the speed of work
  • Help you access crucial information
  • Use data that are not available on the internet
  • Turn vital manuscripts into editable text

These significant elements can help a writer achieve many tasks. Who is most likely to use such technology?

  • SEO blog writers
  • Students for research papers
  • Students for other academic writing
  • Businesses & marketers to access important information

In other words, everyone has a necessity for editable text, and that’s why you need to turn scanned documents into editable texts.

What’s The Use of Editable Format for Text?

The usage of editable data in text form is unending. That’s why it’s imperative to understand just when and why you need to use an OCR tool. As mentioned before, improving productivity is one of the most common uses of OCR today. Then, you can use it to use any important data to edit or access it at any point you need to. Since scanned documents aren’t precisely searchable, using an OCR tool to convert the scanned document can help with this factor too.

So, to help you understand that, here are four major uses of editable format:

  • Indexed Data

Finding anything from an indexed database is easier than scouring through pages. That’s why one of the leading factors that make OCR a necessary technology is that it can help you create such databases by scanning pertaining documents.

  • Data Automation

Data automation is one of the leading factors in businesses for using OCR. An editable text format is much easier to use for data automation than a scanned document. That’s why it’s a necessary technology, as it can help them use the necessary information required in such automation.

  • Easy Searching

Imagine having to scour through hundreds of thousands of pages to find that one important line of data? Well, not anymore, because OCR helps you pick apart your scanned documents and extract text through them. The editable nature makes it exceedingly easy to find any text in documents.

  • Work Efficiency

As you might have noticed throughout, without OCR, efficiency is disturbed. That’s why one of the leading reasons behind OCR becoming one of the leading technologies in 2022 is the work efficiency it can grant you. Scanning through documents for necessary texts can cut work time by half for marketers and businesses.

5 Steps Of Converting Scanned Documents Into Editable Text Format

5 Steps Of Converting Scanned Documents Into Editable Text FormatThe first step in converting any scanned documents into text format is to find a tool that helps you do so. You can find many tools to convert scanned JPG to text, but picking the right tool should be your priority. Using OCR can help you in converting scanned documents into editable texts, and here are 5 ways how:

1 Pick The Scanned Document

When you are looking to convert text into an editable document, you need to pick the document you wish to turn. Bear in mind that this document is scanned properly. If not, try to scan again so that the content on the paper are visible to the naked eye.

2 Using a reliable OCR Tool

The best way to scan and convert your document into an editable text file is by using image to text converter tool.

What’s The Use of Editable Format for Text

The image to text converter deeply scans the given document and instantly extracts the readable text by using the latest OCR technology. The online OCR tool is also capable of extracting any readable text from low-resolution or blurry images.

3 Scan Your Image

The next step is to scan your content is to make sure you scan the image properly. This doesn’t mean scanning the document itself but rather scanning your image through an OCR Tool .Therefore, pick the tool, pick the image and then run through it.

Then, OCR will thoroughly recognize the typed or handwritten text in it. After recognizing each character, mark, punctuation and forming them into words, image to text converter will present to you the final text within a few seconds.

4 Copy Or Save The

Now that the text is editable and within your reach, you need to save the file that was converted from JPG to text. This will allow you to use the text however you like.

But, it’s suggested that you keep the file saved in a rich text document, i.e., DOCX. This will ensure that your data stays safe and no unique characters are lost.

5 Use The Text

The only thing to do now is to use this text. Whether you need it for research, data automation, marketing purposes, or other uses, you have the editable text from your scanned documents.


This is how an OCR tool can help you convert your scanned documents into an editable format. Therefore, it’s imperative to pick a viable tool and use it to achieve all these benefits.

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