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Adobe’s full-featured desktop publishing software for Windows and Mac. For many years, PageMaker was the de facto standard in the visual arts sector for making all sizes and types of advertising, brochures, newsletters, and books. Aldus Corporation first released it for the Mac in 1985, and it quickly became the industry standard for desktop publishing. In fact, the word was invented by Paul Brainerd, the president of Aldus. The first non-Microsoft Windows application was released in 1987 for Windows 1.0, and it was the first non-Microsoft Windows application. Adobe’s InDesign has since supplanted PageMaker.

About Page Maker

Adobe PageMaker was an early GUI-based desktop publishing application created by Aldus Corporation in 1985. Simple tools for laying out text and graphics on a page, as well as rulers to make designs proportionate, were offered.

PDF files were also supported by Adobe PageMaker. The game’s development was halted after its most recent release in 2004. Aldus Pagemaker 1.0 was published for the Macintosh in July 1985 and the IBM PC in December 1986. Development has come to an end.

PageMaker development had slowed at Aldus in recent years, and by 1998, PageMaker had lost nearly all of the professional market to the more feature-rich QuarkXPress 3.3, published in 1992, and 4.0, released in 1996. To avoid antitrust difficulties, Quark announced its intention to take out Adobe and divest the merged firm of PageMaker. Adobe turned down the offer and instead focused on a new page layout application code-named “Shuksan” (later “K2”), which was started by Aldus and explicitly planned as a “Quark killer.”

Page Maker Release

In 1999, Adobe InDesign 1.0 was released. PageMaker’s most recent major release, 7.0, was released in 2001, and the product was described as “languishing on life support” after that. In 2004, Adobe stopped developing PageMaker and “strongly encouraged” users to migrate to InDesign, first through special “InDesign PageMaker Edition” and “PageMaker Plug-in” versions that added PageMaker’s data merge, bullet, and numbering features to InDesign, as well as PageMaker-specific help topics, complimentary Myriad Pro fonts, and templates. These improvements were packaged into InDesign CS2, which was available for half-price to existing PageMaker users starting in 2005.

Benefits of Page Maker

The following are some of the benefits of utilizing PageMaker rather than sending the document to a professional typesetter:

  • Greater control over the final product – the ability to play around with different text styles (fonts, leading, kerning, etc.)…
  • For expert users, especially for minochanges, faster turn-around time is possible.
  • PageMaker is a page layout program developed by Adobe. It is used to create and design print-ready documents. Anything from a modest business card to a big book is possible.

Basically, Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 is the latest version of the venerable desktop publishing application, Although it is still sold and supported by adobe, and the main function of the app is it’s made for designing things for print, from flyers and posters to report, so with the help of the shortcuts, you will design a beautiful masterpiece with a very few time.

Adobe Pagemaker Shortcut Keys List



Display/hide all palettes TAB
Display/hide all palettes except tools SHIFT + TAB
Display/hide control palette CTRL + ‘
Display/hide colors palette CTRL + J
Display/hide style palette CTRL + B
Define styles CTRL + 3
Display/hide master pages palette CTRL+ SHIFT + 8
Display/hide layers palette CTRL + 8
Display/hide hyperlinks palette CTRL + 9


Adobe Pagemaker Shortcut Keys for Tool Palette


Rotation tool SHIFT + F2
Line tool SHIFT + F3
Rectangle tool SHIFT + F4
Ellipse tool SHIFT + F5
Polygon tool SHIFT + F6
Hand tool SHIFT + F7
Text tool SHIFT + ALT + F1
Cropping tool SHIFT + ALT + F2
Constrained line tool SHIFT + ALT + F3
Rectangle frame tool SHIFT + ALT + F4
Ellipse frame tool SHIFT + ALT + F5
Polygon frame tool SHIFT + ALT + F6
Zoom tool SHIFT + ALT + F7



Adobe Pagemaker Shortcut Keys for File Menu


New CTRL + N
Open CTRL + O
Close CTRL + W
Save CTRL + S
Save as SHIFT + CTRL + S
Place CTRL + D
Links SHIFT + CTRL + D
Print CTRL + P
Document setup SHIFT + CTRL + P
General Preferences CTRL + K
Quit PageMaker CTRL + Q

Adobe Pagemaker Shortcut Keys for Edit Menu


Undo CTRL + Z
Cut CTRL + X
Copy CTRL + C
Paste CTRL + V
Clear DEL
Select all CTRL + A
Deselect all SHIFT + CTRL + A
Edit Story / Edit Layout CTRL + E
Close Story (Story View) CTRL + W


Adobe Pagemaker Shortcut Keys for Layout Menu


Go to Page ALT + CTRL + G
Move to Previous Page PAGE UP
Move to Next Page PAGE DOWN


Adobe Pagemaker Shortcut Keys for Type Menu


Italic CTRL + SHIFT + I
Underline CTRL + SHIFT + U
All Caps CTRL + SHIFT + K
Strike Through CTRL + SHIFT + /
Super Script CTRL + SHIFT +
Sub Script CTRL +
Reverse CTRL + SHIFT + V
Normal formatting CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR
Normal width CTRL + SHIFT + X
Auto Leading ALT + SHIFT + A
Expert Tracking (No track) CTRL + SHIFT + Q
Horizontal Scale (Normal) CTRL + SHIFT + X
Character CTRL + T
Paragraph CTRL + M
Indent Tabs CTRL + I


Adobe Pagemaker Shortcut Keys for Alignments


Align left CTRL + SHIFT + L
Align Center CTRL + SHIFT + C
Align Right CTRL + SHIFT + R
Justify CTRL + SHIFT + J
Force Justify CTRL + SHIFT + F
Define Styles CTRL + 3
Fill & Stroke CTRL + U


Adobe Pagemaker Shortcut Keys for Frame


Attach Content CTRL + U
Frame Option ALT + CTRL + F
Change to Frame SHIFT + ALT + CTRL + F
Next Frame ALT + CTRL + ]
Previous Frame ALT + CTRL + [


Adobe Pagemaker Shortcut Keys for Arrange


Bring to Front SHIFT + CTRL + ]
Bring Forward CTRL + ]
Send Backward CTRL + [
Send to Back SHIFT + CTRL + [
Align Objects SHIFT + CTRL + E
Text Warp ALT + CTRL + E
Group CTRL + G
Ungroup SHIFT + CTRL + G
Lock Position CTRL + L
UnLock ALT + CTRL + L
Mask CTRL + 6
Un Mask SHIFT + CTRL + 6


Adobe Pagemaker Shortcut Keys for Utility Menu

Utility MENU

Find CTRL + F
Find Next CTRL + G
Change CTRL + H
Check Spelling (Story View) CTRL + L
Index Entry CTRL + Y
Fast Index Entry CTRL + SHIFT + Y
Zoom in CTRL + +
Zoom out CTRL + –
Fit page in the window CTRL + 0
Entire pasteboard CTRL + SHIFT + 0


Adobe Pagemaker Shortcut Keys for Zoom 


50% CTRL + 5
75% CTRL + 7
100% (Actual size) CTRL + 1
200% CTRL + 2
400% CTRL + 4
Redraw current page at high resolution CTRL-SHIFT -F12
Display non-printing items CTRL-ALT-N
Preview hyperlinks F10
Rulers on/off CTRL + R
Snap to rulers on/off CTRL + ALT + R
Show/Hide guides CTRL + ;
Snap to guides on/off CTRL+ SHIFT + ;
Lock guides CTRL + ALT + ;


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