70+ VLC Media Player Shortcut Keys List Download in PDF & Excel File

VLC media player VLC is a versatile media player that supports a wide range of media codecs and video formats. VLMC VideoLAN Movie Creator is a video editing program that is non-linear. DVBlast is a MPEG-2/TS demuxer and streaming program that is both simple and powerful.

The VideoLan Client Media Player, often known as VLC, has gone a long way since its humble origins. The app now includes Chromecast support as well as 360-degree video viewing. This open-source player is capable of playing any media file you throw at it.

VLC Media Player has received 3.5 billion downloads. Its modular architecture, which allows it to keep up with the latest media players by adding new capabilities as needed, maybe the key to its durability. We’re going to look into a few “hidden” features behind the hood in this post.

✔️ VLC media player’s features

Outcomes (desktop version)

  • VLC media player’s desktop version has filters for distorting, rotating, splitting, deinterlacing, and mirroring movies, as well as creating display walls and adding a logo overlay during playing.


  • VLC is a packet-based media player that can play practically any video file. Even damaged, partial, or unfinished files, such as those currently downloading over a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, can be played.
  • VLC for Mac/PC plays 4K HD MKV AVI MP4 MP3 DVD media files.
  • The VLC media player can play practically everything you throw at it after it is no longer difficult.
  • Common media formats, such as MP4 MKV AVI FLV WMV MOV MP3, are easy for VLC to handle; high-resolution films, such as HD UHD HDR 4K and up to 8K, may be played smoothly with VLC; and even DVD/CD files from various regions can be handled without quality loss by the VLC media player.

✔️ Compatibility with various operating systems

  • Support for Windows 8 and 10
  • Android compatibility
  • Alternatives to VLC | See how other media players stack up against VLC

5KPlayer, KMPlayer, GOM Player, Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, DivX Player, and more VLC equivalents exist, however only a handful of them can compete with VLC. Learn why VLC is better than other media players and how to discover the best VLC alternative if your VLC player breaks down.

VLC is without a doubt the most flexible free media player available. It not only supports practically every file format, but it also has a large number of helpful and amusing supplementary features.

As we all know the VLC media player is a free and open-source cross-platform multimedia player for most multimedia files as well as it gives you the ability to play media from your computer or a disk or stream it from the web, and with the help of the below shortcuts you will configure the media player efficiently, so let’s see the below shortcuts that can help you in your daily watching experience.

VLC Media Player Shortcut Keys List

File Operations

CTRL + O :Open a single  file
CTRL + SHIFT + OOpen multiple files
CTRL + F :Open folder
CTRL + D :Open disk
CTRL + N :Open network stream
CTRL + C :Open capture device
CTRL + V :Open location copied in the clipboard
CTRL + R :Convert and save file
CTRL + S :Stream your media locally or on the internet

Program Operations

CTRL + Q  or ALT+F4 OR ALT+Q Quit
CTRL + E Open the adjustment and effects menu
CTRL + SHIFT + WVLM Configuration
CTRL + MOpen the message screen
CTRL + POpen the preferences menu
SHIFT + F1 About

Playing Operations

SPACE Play and Pause a file
NNext Track
PPrevious Track
F or F11 or Mouse Double Click Full screen mode on and off
CTRL+H  Switch minimal interface on and off
TShow current and remaining time information
CTRL+T Go to a specific time of a playing media
PGo and play from the start of a file
SStop movie
EscFull screen exit
ESwitch to next frame
LLoop off, one or all
RRandom on and of


GDecrease subtitle delay
HIncrease subtitle delay
VCycle through subtitles

Playing Speed

[Decrease playing speed
]Increase playing speed
Equal To (=)Normal playing speed

Quick Forward and Backward

SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW3 seconds forward
SHIFT + LEFT ARROW3 seconds backward
ALT + RIGHT ARROW10 seconds forward
ALT + LEFT ARROW10 seconds backward
CTRL + RIGHT ARROW1 minute forward
CTRL + LEFT ARROW1 minute backward

Display Options

ACycle aspect ratio
CCycle through crop display area
ZCycle through zoom mode
DDeinterlace On and Off
OSwitch to original size of the video
WWallpaper mode on (with DirectX output)

Sound and Audio Operations

CTRL + UP ARROW or Mouse Scroll UpVolume Up
CTRL + DOWN ARROW or Mouse Scroll DownVolume Down
JDecrease audio delay
KIncrease audio delay
BCycle through available audio tracks
MMute sound on and off
Shift + ACycle through audio devices

Media Information

CTRL + IView and edit media information like title, artist, album
CTRL + JView codec information like your media dimensions, audio and codecs

Playlist Operations

CTRL + LSwitch to playlist or back to media
CTRL + YSave current playlist to a file
CTRL + BCreate, delete and clear bookmarks menu.

File Menu Operations

ALT + MOpen media menu
ALT + LOpen playback menu
ALT + AOpen audio menu
ALT + VOpen video menu
ALT + SOpen subtitle menu
ALT + OOpen tools menu
ALT + IOpen view menu
ALT + HOpen help menu

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