80+ Maxthon Shortcut Keys List Download in PDF and Excel File

Every user needs to know the Maxthon browser keyboard shortcuts, Maxthon browser is freeware and developed by Maxthon Ltd. it is one of the most popular web browser and mobile browser and in order to use the Maxthon browser more effectively and faster way then one needs to have knowledge of Maxthon Browser inbuilt keyboard shortcut keys, So now we will be looking the Top Maxthon Browser keyboard shortcuts below in order to navigate the web browser.

Maxthon Shortcut Keys List


ESC Stop
Shft+ESC Stop all tabs
Ctrl+F Find on this page
Ctrl+P Print
F11 Full screen


Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+A Select all


Ctrl+S Save as…
Alt+S Save HTML
Ctrl+Alt+S Auto save


Ctrl+L Open a URL
Ctrl+O Open a URL
Ctrl+N Open a new window
F1 Open a new blank window
Ctrl+Shft+H Open the home page in a new tab
Ctrl+Shft+N Open a URL from clipboard in a new tab


Ctrl+W Close the current tab
Ctrl+F4 Close the current tab
Ctrl+Shft+W Close all tabs
Ctrl+K Close all tabs except the current one

Go To

Alt+Left Back
Alt+Right Forward
Alt+Home Home


F5 Refresh
Ctrl+R Refresh
Ctrl+F5 Refresh
Shft+F5 Refresh all tabs


Ctrl+* Zoom Page / 100%
Ctrl++ Zoom Page / +20%
Ctrl+- Zoom Page / -20%

Switch tabs

F2 Previous tab
F3 Next tab
Ctrl+Left Previous tab (*)
Ctrl+Right Next tab (*)
Ctrl+Tab Switch tabs
Ctrl+Shft+Tab Switch tabs in the reverse order
Ctrl+1…0 Display pages 1-10

Sidebar / Explorer Bar

Ctrl+E Toggle the Search sidebar
Ctrl+I Toggle the Favorites sidebar
Ctrl+H Toggle the History sidebar


Alt+1 Save the current form data
Alt+2 Save the current form data as default
Alt+Q Fill in the current form

Ad Hunter

Ctrl+Q Send to the filter list
Alt+I Toggle the popup filter
Alt+P Toggle the auto popup filter
Alt+C Toggle the content filter

Search Bar

Ctrl+Shft+F Move focus to the Search bar and highlight keywords
Shft+Enter Search keywords using multiple engines
Ctrl+Enter Toggle highlighting of search keywords on the active page


Ctrl+G Open the Collector
Ctrl+D Add to Favorites
Ctrl+T Tile windows vertically
Ctrl+F11 Toggle the main Menu bar
Alt+D Move focus to the Address bar & select the current url
F4 Move focus to the Address bar & open the URL list
Alt+` Hide/Show Maxthon
Alt+L View the links list of the current page
Alt+X Lock the current tab
Alt+Z Reopen the last closed tab
F1-F12 URL keys (*)

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