VBA Code to Create a Custom Chart using Excel Chart Objects

VBA Code:

Sub CreateCustomChart()
    Dim chartWorksheet As Worksheet
    Dim chartObject As ChartObject
    Dim dataRange As Range
    Dim chartRange As Range
    Dim chart As Chart
    ' Set the chart worksheet where the chart will be created
    Set chartWorksheet = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Chart Sheet") ' Change the sheet name as desired
    ' Set the data range for the chart
    Set dataRange = Worksheets("Data Sheet").Range("A1:B10") ' Change the sheet name and range as desired
    ' Set the chart range including the headers
    Set chartRange = chartWorksheet.Range("A1:C11")
    ' Create a new chart object on the chart worksheet
    Set chartObject = chartWorksheet.ChartObjects.Add(Left:=10, Top:=10, Width:=400, Height:=300)
    ' Set the chart object properties
    With chartObject
        .Chart.ChartType = xlLine
        .Chart.SetSourceData Source:=dataRange
        .Chart.HasTitle = True
        .Chart.ChartTitle.Text = "Custom Chart"
    End With
    ' Move the chart object to the desired position on the chart worksheet
    chartObject.Top = 100
    chartObject.Left = 100
    ' Copy the chart object to a separate chart sheet
    Set chart = chartObject.Chart
    ' Inform the user that the custom chart has been created
    MsgBox "The custom chart has been created."
End Sub

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