100+ Adobe Illustrator CC Shortcut Keys List Download in PDF & Excel File

✔️ What is Illustrator, exactly?

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based design and drawing program for professionals. Illustrator may be used to create everything from single design components to whole compositions when used as part of a wider design workflow.

✔️ What exactly can Adobe Illustrator be used for?

Illustrator is used to produce logos, icons, charts, infographics, posters, ads, books, magazines, and brochures by artists and graphic designers. It’s even used by comic book illustrators. It’s the industry-standard software tool for anyone working with vector graphics from anywhere on the planet.

Working with Illustrator has the advantage of being resolution-independent, which means you can print your work at any size without sacrificing picture quality. For example, a logo created in Illustrator will seem just as sharp and detailed when printed on a business card as it will on the side of an airplane. While working with Photoshop normally necessitates beginning with an image, Illustrator’s great selection of tools and techniques allows you to create beautiful designs fast by starting with a blank canvas.

✔️ Adobe Illustrator’s Functions

Adobe Illustrator is used to produce cartoons, charts, diagrams, graphs, logos, and illustrations, among other digital and printed pictures.

Illustrator lets you import a photo and use it as a guide to trace an object in it. This can be used to recolor an image or give it a sketchy appearance. Illustrator also allows you to modify words in a variety of ways, making it ideal for designing postcards, posters, and other visual designs that combine text and pictures. Illustrator’s ability to wrap text around a curve comes in handy for logo designers. Illustrator is also used to create icons for applications and websites, as well as mock-ups that depict how the website will appear after it’s finished.

✔️ What is Illustrator CC, and how does it work?

Illustrator CC is the version of Illustrator that is available through Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which is a subscription-based cloud-based service. Illustrator CC was initially launched in 2013, with version 17 being the first version. Since then, each new version of Illustrator CC has been labeled Illustrator CC XXXX, with “XXXX” denoting the year of release. The most recent version is Illustrator CC 2020.

✔️ Free Trial of Adobe Illustrator

Adobe offers a free trial of Adobe Illustrator that covers all of the features and capabilities of the full edition. The free trial period begins when the user installs the software and begins using it and lasts for one week.

Below is a list of adobe illustrator keyboard shortcuts, you can always have the shortcuts you want for practically any application right in front of you, below are the link to download these shortcuts in PDF front

Illustrator CC Useful Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows


ADirect Selection
YMagic Wand
+Add Anchor point
minus(-)Delete Anchor point
Shift-CConvert Anchor point
\Line Segment
Shift-BBlob Brush
EFree Transform
Shift-SSymbol Sprayer
JColumn Graph
KLive Paint Bucket
Shift-LLive Paint Selection
Shift-OArt board
XToggle between Fill & Stroke
Shift-XSwap Fill & Stroke
DDefault Fill & Stroke
White fill/black stroke)
<Fill or Stroke w/Color
>Fill or Stroke w/Gradient
/Fill or Stroke w/None
FCycle through Screen Modes


At any time  control to switch between selection and direct selection toolsCtrl-Alt-Tab
To cycle through tools behind column toolAlt-click tool
To make copy while draggingAlt
To add to a selectionShift
Move SelectionAny arrow key
Move Selection 10 pts.Shift-any arrow key
Lock selected artworkCtrl-2
Lock all deselected artworkCtrl-Alt-Shift-2
Unlock all artwork Ctrl-Alt-2
Hide selected artworkCtrl-3
Hide all deselected artwork Ctrl-Alt-Shift-3
Show all artworkCtrl-Alt-3


Eyedropper tool from Live Paint Bucket toolAlt
Samples intermediate color from gradient, picture, etc. with eyedropperShift Sets center point and shows dialog Alt-click with Tool
Duplicates and transforms selectionAlt-drag
Transform pattern without transforming object~ (tilde)-drag
Scale proportionally with Selection tool Shift-drag bounding box
Scale from center with Selection toolAlt-drag bounding box
Move mesh point along path with Mesh toolShift-drag
Add mesh point with Mesh tool without changing colorShift-click
Remove mesh point with Mesh toolAlt-click


Draw from centerAlt
Draw from center with dialogAlt-click Constrain proportion Shift
Constrain orientation of polygons, stars, spiralsShift
Move object while drawing Spacebar Add/subtract sides, points, spiral segments Up or Down Arrow
Decrease inner radiusCTRL
Create continuous duplicates along mouse movementhold ~ while dragging


Get Hand Tool (while NOT editing Type).Spacebar
Get Hand tool (while editing Type)Hold Control, then Space. (This will show the Zoom tool). Let go of Control so you see the Hand tool and IMMEDIATELY start dragging the mouse so you don’t end up typing spaces. Be sure to let go of the Spacebar while dragging so you again don’t type more spaces
Zoom In ToolCtrl-Spacebar
Zoom Out ToolCtrl-Alt-Spacebar
Zoom In to exact sizeCtrl-Spacebar-drag
Hide/Show all tools and panelsTab
Hide/Show all panels except toolboxShift-Tab
Switch between horizontal/vertical guideshold Alt while dragging out a new guide
Release Guide (turns it into a regular path)Shift-Ctrl-double-click


Decrease/Increase type sizeCtrl-Shift-< or >
Decrease/Increase leadingAlt arrow up or down
Decrease/Increase kerning/trackingAlt arrow left or right Kerning/tracking
Decrease/Increase baseline shiftShift-Alt arrow down or up
Baseline shift x 5Ctrl-Alt-Shift arrow down or up
Align type left, right, centerCtrl-Shift-L, R, and C
Justify last line Ctrl-Shift-F
Reset horizontal/vertical scale to 100%Ctrl-Shift-X
Reset kerning or tracking to 0Ctrl-Alt-Q


Show/Hide BrushesF5
Show/Hide ColorF6
Show/Hide LayersF7
Show/Hide InfoCtrl-F8
Show/Hide GradientCtrl-F9
Show/Hide StrokeCtrl-F10
Show/Hide AttributesCtrl-F11
Revert fileF12
Show/Hide Graphic StylesShift-F5
Show/Hide AppearanceShift-F6
Show/Hide AlignShift-F7
Show/Hide TransformShift-F8
Show/Hide TransparencyShift-Ctrl-F10
Show/Hide PathfinderShift-Ctrl-F9
Show/Hide SymbolsShift-Ctrl-F11


Toggle layer between Preview/Outline modesCtrl-click on eye
Show layer while turning-off all othersAlt-click on eye
Select all items on layerAlt-click layer name Copy
selected item to different layerAlt-drag selection square in Layers panel to
create the new layer at the top of listCtrl-click
To create the new layer below selected layerCtrl-Alt-click


Saturate/DE saturate current colorShift-drag color slider
Change Color ModeShift-click color bar
Select compliment of current colorCtrl-click color bar


Create a swatch as a global colorHold Curtly–Shift while creating
Replace a swatch with anotherAlt-drag new swatch over old

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