100+ Adobe Illustrator CC Shortcut Keys List Download in PDF & Excel File

Below is a list of adobe illustrator keyboard shortcut, you can always have the shortcuts you want for practically any application right in front of you, below are the link to download these shortcut in PDF front

Illustrator CC Useful Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows


V Selection
A Direct Selection
Y Magic Wand
Q Lasso
P Pen
+ Add Anchor point
minus(-) Delete Anchor point
Shift-C Convert Anchor point
T Type
\ Line Segment
M Rectangle
L Ellipse
B Paintbrush
N Pencil
Shift-B Blob Brush
Shift-E Eraser
C Scissors
R Rotate
O Reflect
S Scale
Shift-R Warp
E Free Transform
Shift-S Symbol Sprayer
J Column Graph
U Mesh
G Gradient
I Eyedropper
W Blend
K Live Paint Bucket
Shift-L Live Paint Selection
Shift-O Art board
Shift-K Slice
H Hand
Z Zoom
X Toggle between Fill & Stroke
Shift-X Swap Fill & Stroke
D Default Fill & Stroke
White fill/black stroke)
< Fill or Stroke w/Color
> Fill or Stroke w/Gradient
/ Fill or Stroke w/None
F Cycle through Screen Modes


At any time  control to switch between selection and direct selection tools Ctrl-Alt-Tab
To cycle through tools behind column tool Alt-click tool
To make copy while dragging Alt
To add to a selection Shift
Move Selection Any arrow key
Move Selection 10 pts. Shift-any arrow key
Lock selected artwork Ctrl-2
Lock all deselected artwork Ctrl-Alt-Shift-2
Unlock all artwork  Ctrl-Alt-2
Hide selected artwork Ctrl-3
Hide all deselected artwork  Ctrl-Alt-Shift-3
Show all artwork Ctrl-Alt-3


Eyedropper tool from Live Paint Bucket tool Alt
Samples intermediate color from gradient, picture, etc. with eyedropper Shift Sets center point and shows dialog Alt-click with Tool
Duplicates and transforms selection Alt-drag
Transform pattern without transforming object ~ (tilde)-drag
Scale proportionally with Selection tool  Shift-drag bounding box
Scale from center with Selection tool Alt-drag bounding box
Move mesh point along path with Mesh tool Shift-drag
Add mesh point with Mesh tool without changing color Shift-click
Remove mesh point with Mesh tool Alt-click


Draw from center Alt
Draw from center with dialog Alt-click Constrain proportion Shift
Constrain orientation of polygons, stars, spirals Shift
Move object while drawing  Spacebar Add/subtract sides, points, spiral segments Up or Down Arrow
Decrease inner radius CTRL
Create continuous duplicates along mouse movement hold ~ while dragging


Get Hand Tool (while NOT editing Type). Spacebar
Get Hand tool (while editing Type) Hold Control, then Space. (This will show the Zoom tool). Let go of Control so you see the Hand tool and IMMEDIATELY start dragging the mouse so you don’t end up typing spaces. Be sure to let go of the Spacebar while dragging so you again don’t type more spaces
Zoom In Tool Ctrl-Spacebar
Zoom Out Tool Ctrl-Alt-Spacebar
Zoom In to exact size Ctrl-Spacebar-drag
Hide/Show all tools and panels Tab
Hide/Show all panels except toolbox Shift-Tab
Switch between horizontal/vertical guides hold Alt while dragging out a new guide
Release Guide (turns it into a regular path) Shift-Ctrl-double-click


Decrease/Increase type size Ctrl-Shift-< or >
Decrease/Increase leading Alt arrow up or down
Decrease/Increase kerning/tracking Alt arrow left or right Kerning/tracking
Decrease/Increase baseline shift Shift-Alt arrow down or up
Baseline shift x 5 Ctrl-Alt-Shift arrow down or up
Align type left, right, center Ctrl-Shift-L, R, and C
Justify last line  Ctrl-Shift-F
Reset horizontal/vertical scale to 100% Ctrl-Shift-X
Reset kerning or tracking to 0 Ctrl-Alt-Q


Show/Hide Brushes F5
Show/Hide Color F6
Show/Hide Layers F7
Show/Hide Info Ctrl-F8
Show/Hide Gradient Ctrl-F9
Show/Hide Stroke Ctrl-F10
Show/Hide Attributes Ctrl-F11
Revert file F12
Show/Hide Graphic Styles Shift-F5
Show/Hide Appearance Shift-F6
Show/Hide Align Shift-F7
Show/Hide Transform Shift-F8
Show/Hide Transparency Shift-Ctrl-F10
Show/Hide Pathfinder Shift-Ctrl-F9
Show/Hide Symbols Shift-Ctrl-F11


Toggle layer between Preview/Outline modes Ctrl-click on eye
Show layer while turning-off all others Alt-click on eye
Select all items on layer Alt-click layer name Copy
selected item to different layer Alt-drag selection square in Layers panel to
create the new layer at the top of list Ctrl-click
To create the new layer below selected layer Ctrl-Alt-click


Saturate/DE saturate current color Shift-drag color slider
Change Color Mode Shift-click color bar
Select compliment of current color Ctrl-click color bar


Create a swatch as a global color Hold Curtly–Shift while creating
Replace a swatch with another Alt-drag new swatch over old

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