100+ Adobe Premiere Pro Shortcuts keys List Download in PDF & Excel File

100+ Adobe Premiere Pro Shortcuts keys List Download in PDF & Excel File

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software program developed by Adobe Systems. Premiere Pro is a video editing program that may be used to edit films, commercials, and other types of cinema, television, and web video. It also has audio editing capabilities. It is a complete video editing software product that can be purchased alone or as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. On creative projects, Premiere Pro is frequently used in conjunction with After Effects and Photoshop. Both Mac and Windows operating systems are supported by Premiere Pro.

1 What is Premiere Pro CC and how does it work?

The CC in Premiere Pro CC stands for “Creative Cloud,” and it is a Premiere Pro subscription-based edition. For current members, new upgrades to the Premiere Pro application are now available for download.

An active Premiere Pro CC membership is required to utilize the CC version. A subscription is not required for older versions of Premiere Pro, such as Premiere Pro CC. Premiere Pro was converted to a subscription-based edition as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud in 2013. Premiere Pro CC receives new upgrades every 12 to 18 months, according to Adobe. The differences between Premiere Pro CC 2020 and Premiere Pro CC 2021 are generally insignificant, making the difference between versions such as Premiere Pro CC 2020 and Premiere Pro CC 2021 unnoticeable to most consumers.

2 What is the purpose of Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro is capable of performing all of the typical video editing operations required to create broadcast-quality, high-definition footage.

It can input video, audio, and graphics, as well as generate new, altered versions of videos that may then be exported to the appropriate media and format for dissemination. Various videos and still photos can be combined together with Premiere Pro for making videos.

3 Who makes use of Premiere Pro?

Video production companies, news stations, marketing experts, and design organizations all utilize Premiere Pro. Video editors, production managers, marketing managers, and multimedia designers are among those who utilize Premiere Pro to create and edit video material. Adobe Systems, a software development company, created Premiere Pro.

4 Premiere Pro’s Background

Adobe Premiere Pro was first released in 1991 for the Mac operating system under the name Premiere. Premiere Pro was first released in 2003, and all following versions have been referred to as Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro’s earliest versions were known by a variety of titles, ranging from Premiere Pro 1 through Premiere Pro 7.

we can say that keyboard shortcuts are usually used to save the mouse clicks, by learning adobe premiere shortcuts that make your work faster, produce more videos, and make more money We’ve also put together a handy guide that you can download in the show notes at the bottom of this page.


General Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
New ProjectCtrl + Shift + NOption + Command + N
Save ProjectCtrl + SCommand + S
Save asCtrl + Shift + SShift + Command + S
Save CopyCtrl + Alt + SOption + Command + S
CloseCtrl + WCommand + W
Close ProjectShift + Command + W
TitleCtrl + TCommand + T
Open Existing projectCtrl + OCommand + O
Open in Adobe bridgeCtrl + Alt + OOption + Command + O
SequenceCtrl + NCommand + N
ExitCtrl + QCommand + Q
ImportCtrl + ICommand + I
Import from media browserCtrl + Alt + IOption + Command + I
MediaCtrl + MCommand + M
FindCtrl + FCommand + F
SelectionCtrl + Shift + HShift + Command + H
CopyCtrl + CCommand + C
CutCtrl + XCommand + X
PasteCtrl + VCommand + V
UndoCtrl + ZCommand + Z
RedoCtrl + YCommand + Y
Select AllCtrl + ACommand + A
Deselect allCtrl + Shift + AShift + Command + A
EditCtrl + ECommand + E
Paste insertCtrl + Shift + VShift + Command + V
Paste attributesCtrl + Alt + VOption + Command + V
ClearDeleteForward Delete
Delete foreverShift + DeleteShift + Forward Delete
DuplicateCtrl + Shift + /Shift + Command + /
BinCommand + /

Clipping Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
LinkCtrl + LCommand + L
GroupCtrl + GCommand + G
UngroupCtrl + Shift + GShift + Command + G
SpeedCtrl + RCommand + R
Add editCtrl + KCommand + K
Add edit to trackCtrl + Shift + KCommand + Shift + K
Video transitionCtrl + DCommand + D
Audio transitionCtrl + Shift + DCommand + Shift + D
Reverse match frameShift + RShift + R
Zoom in==
Zoom out
Go to the selected clip startShift + HomeShift + Home
Go to selected clip endShift + EndShift + End
Go to sequence clip startHomeHome
Go to sequence clip endEndEnd
Increase volume]]
Decrease volume[[
Minimize all tracksShift + –Shift + –
Next in sequenceShift + +
Previous in sequenceOption + +
Make SubclipCommand + U
Audio ChannelsShift + G

Marker Operation Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
Mark inII
Mark outOO
Mark clipXX
Mark selection//
Go to inShift + IShift + I
Go to outShift + OShift + O
Clear inCtrl + Shift + IOption + I
Clear outCtrl + Shift + OOption + O
Clear in and outCtrl + Shift + XOption + X
Add markerMM
Previous markerCtrl + Shift + MCommand + Shift + M
Next markerShift + MShift + M
Clear current markerCtrl + Alt + MOption + M
left alignCtrl + Shift + LCommand + Shift + L
Center alignCtrl + Shift + CCommand + Shift + C
Right alignCtrl + Shift + RCommand Shift + R
Stopping tabCtrl + Shift + TCommand + Shift + T
TemplatesCtrl + JCommand + J

Window Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
ProjectShift + 1Shift + 1
Source monitorShift + 2Shift + 2
TimelineShift + 3Shift + 3
Program monitorShift + 4Shift + 4
Effect controlShift + 5Shift + 5
Audio track mixerShift + 6Shift + 6
EffectsShift + 7Shift + 7
Media browserShift + 8Shift + 8
Audio clip mixerShift + 9Shift + 9
Cut to cameraCtrl + 1 to 9Command + 1 to 9
Clear poster frameCtrl + Shift + PCommand + Shift + P
Export frameCtrl + Shift + ECommand + Shift + E
Select camera1 to 91 to 9
Replace current workplaceOption + Shift + 0

Panel Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
Record videoVV
Record audioAA
Fast forwardFF
Go to in pointQQ
Go to out pointWW
Step back
Step forward
Remove effectsBackspaceDelete
Record on/off00
Shuttle stopK
Shuttle rightJ
Shuttle stopL

Tools Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
Track select toolAA
Ripple edit toolBB
Razor toolCC
Hand toolHH
Rolling edit toolNN
Pen toolPP
Slide toolUU
Selection toolVV
Slip toolYY
Zoom toolZZ

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