30+ After Effect shortcuts keys Download in PDF in Excel File

so if you’re ready to turbocharge your after effect skills here are our best favorite keyboard shortcuts in after effect, which have the power to save you a few seconds here or there and those seconds can add up to hours if not days saved on each one of your motion graphics projects. We’ve also put together a handy guide that you can download in the show notes at the bottom of this page

Adobe After Effects Cheat Sheet

Composition Window Tools

Select Tool v
Temporarily invoke Hand tool hold SPACEBAR
Zoom Tool z
Zoom out ALT + click zoom tool

Timeline, Footage, Layers

Zoom In .=
Zoom Out ‐ (hyphen)
Snap hold SHIFT
Composition Start HOME
Composition End END
Replace selected footage CTRL + h
Replace source footage in layer ALT + drag from Project window onto selected layer
Add or remove the expression ALT + click stopwatch
Hide property ALT + SHIFT + click property name
Expand child properties CTRL + click triangle to left of name
Go to layer in point i
Go to layer out point (not after the end of the layer, but BEFORE the LAST FRAME) o

Preview (playback/transport controls)

Play / Stop tap SPACEBAR
RAM Preview CONTROL + 0
Previous frame PAGE UP
Next frame PAGE DOWN


Duplicate selected item COMMAND + d
Rename selected item RETURN
Open selected item Numpad ENTER
Add to Render Queue COMMAND + CONTROL + m
Purge all. COMMAND + OPTION + / (numpad slash)
Interrupt script ESC
Increment and save COMMAND + OPTION + SHIFT + s

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