40+ Skype Keyboard Shortcuts Keys Download in PDF & Excel File

Learn and get familiar with below Skype’s unique keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to change your settings, alter your interface and control your communication with these shortcuts keys, use these hotkeys and become a Skype Expert

Default Shortcuts Keys for Skype on Windows


View HotkeysCtrl+/
Toggle Light/Dark ModeCtrl+Shift+T


Open SettingsCtrl+,
Open NotificationsCtrl+I
Open Themes:Ctrl+T
Open Recent ChatsAlt+1
Open ContactsAlt+2
Open ConversationCtrl+P
Open Gallery Ctrl+Shift+G
Open Dial PadCtrl+D
Open HelpCtrl+H
Open FeedbackCtrl+O


Toggle Camera Ctrl+Shift+K
Search Contacts, Messages, and BotsCtrl+Shift+S
Next Conversation Ctrl+Tab
Previous ConversationCtrl+Shift+Tab
Zoom InCtrl+Shift+Plus
Zoom OutCtrl
Restore Default ZoomCtrl+Zero
New ConversationCtrl+N
New Group ChatCtrl+G
Add People to ConversationCtrl+Shift+A
Send FileCtrl+Shift+F
Mark As UnreadCtrl+Shift+U
Take Snapshot Ctrl+S
Resize Camera PreviewCtrl+Shift+J
Refresh Skype ( Windows Desktop Only)Ctrl+R
Close Windows Ctrl+W

Default Hotkeys for the Skype Web App on Windows

Edit Last Message

Search Contacts, Messages, and BotsCtrl+Shift+F
Refresh SkypeCtrl+Shift+R
New Group ChatCtrl+Shift+G
Archive ConversationCtrl+Shift+E

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