120+ Microsoft OneNote Shortcuts Keys List Download in PDF and Excel File

OneNote is a digital note-taking programme that keeps all of your notes, research, goals, and information in one place – anything you need to remember and manage at home, at work, or at school. Notebooks in OneNote never run out of paper. Notes are simple to organize, print, and share, and you can quickly search for and locate critical information, even if you forgot where you put it. Your notebooks are also kept online, so you may access them from any of your mobile devices. OneNote is a digital notepad that you may keep on your computer.

OneNote is the perfect program for documenting just much anything, whether you have a million ideas, a million things to accomplish, or a million things to remember. You may use OneNote to type notes or record audio on your laptop. OneNote allows you to create notebooks for various themes, each with an infinite number of sections and pages.

You may take notes, type or write with a pen in a OneNote notebook, add drawings and images, store links, and more. Except for how much storage you have, there is no limit to how many notes you may take in OneNote. If you’re smart and save your notes on SkyDrive, you’ll get 7 GB of free cloud storage–a that’s lot of notes.

If it isn’t enough, you may upgrade to up to 200 GB of storage for a low charge. Since 2010, OneNote has been connected with Gmail. By right-clicking and selecting “Transmit to OneNote,” you may send information from Gmail to OneNote using this connection. The combination of these goods has yielded several advantages. OneNote, for example, may be used to easily retrieve all of your emails at once. OneNote Daily Planner: A template featuring a goal setter for looking at the broad picture, tracking progress, and reviewing monthly action items. It also offers planner templates for recording habits, keeping notebooks, tracking emotions, and keeping track of fitness, among other things.

OneNote is distinguished from other Microsoft Office products for the following reasons: Notebooks are constantly open, there’s no need to save them, and formatting choices are restricted. Text can be readily searched, notes may be recorded in voice and video, text can be translated into your native language, and digital pages can be of any size. OneNote 2016 has a wide number of templates with a range of formatting choices for creating neat, beautiful, and well-structured notes. Academic, Blank, Business, Decorative, and Planners are the five types of page templates available by default in OneNote 2016. OneNote tags make it easy to rapidly identify essential items, set reminders for action items, and filter files you wish to share with others.Are you a Microsoft OneNote user? so this article is for you, here we will show you some best keyboard shortcuts of Microsoft OneNote that you can use in your work and save some time, Follow the Table below to learn the keyboard shortcuts and also you can download the shortcuts in pdf and excel format, so what you are waiting for let’s learn!

Microsoft OneNote Shortcuts Keys List

1. Format

Ctrl+Shift+>/< Increase/ decrease font size of selected text
Ctrl+Shift+H Highlight selected text
Ctrl+B Format selected text Bold; press again to un-apply
Ctrl+I Format Italic
Ctrl+U Format Underline
Ctrl+- Format strikethrough
Ctrl+= Format subscript
Ctrl+Shift+= Format superscript
Ctrl+Shift+C/Ctrl+Shift+V Copy/ paste formatting of selected text
Ctrl+Shift+N Apply the Normal style
Ctrl+. Apply bullets to selection; press again to un-apply
Ctrl+/ Apply numbered list
Ctrl+Alt+1 … 6 Apply heading style 1 thru 6
Alt+Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow Left Indent/ outdent paragraph
Ctrl+R/Ctrl+L Align Right/ Left
Ctrl+Shift+T Select Title of page
Alt+Shift+Arrow Up/Arrow Down Move current line or selected lines up/ down
Shift+Enter Insert a line break without starting a new paragraph
Ctrl+K Insert a hyperlink

2. Basic Editing and Formatting

Ctrl+Z/Y Undo/ redo last action
Ctrl+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Move one word left/ right
Ctrl+Arrow Down/Arrow Up Move to next/ previous paragraph
Home/End Move to beginning/ end of the line
Ctrl+Home/End Move to top/ bottom of current page
Page Up/Page Down Move one page up/ down in current page
Ctrl+Delete Delete one word to the right of cursor
Ctrl+Backspace Delete one word to the left of cursor
Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V Cut/ copy/ paste selection
Shift+Home/End Select to the beginning/ end of line
Ctrl+A 1x Select all of Line
Ctrl+A 2x Select all of Comment Section
Ctrl+A 3x Select all of current page
Ctrl+Shift+- Select current paragraph and its subordinate paragraphs
Shift+F10 Bring up context menu for any note, tab, or any other object that currently has focus (Simulate right mouse-button)

3. OneNote Window

Ctrl+Shift+R Show or hide Ruler lines on current page
Ctrl+Shift+[/] Increase/ decrease width of page tab (typically on the right)
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+[/] Increase/ decrease width of sections tab (typically on the left)
Alt+F1 Show or hide section tab
Ctrl+Shift+Alt++/- Zoom in/ out
Ctrl+F1 Show or hide Office ribbon
F11 Turn full-screen view on or off
Ctrl+Alt+D Dock/ undock OneNote program window to desktop
Ctrl+M Replicate OneNote window
Ctrl+Shift+M Open a small OneNote window to create side note
Win+N Create a new side note
Ctrl+Alt+N Create a new page below current page tab at the same level
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N Create a new subpage below current page

4. Manage Pages, Notebooks and Sections

Ctrl+T Create new section
Ctrl+Alt+M Move or copy current page
Ctrl+Page Down/Page Up Go to next/ previous page in section
Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab Go to next/ previous section
Alt+Home/End Go to first/ last page in the section
Alt+Page Up/Page Down Go to first/ last page in the currently visible set of page tabs
Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Go back to last/ next page opened
Ctrl+G Move focus to Notebook area (typically on the left); continue with Arrow Up/Arrow Down to select page. Press Escape to cancel
Ctrl+Alt+G Move focus to Pages area (typically on the Right); continue with Arrow Up/Arrow Down to select page. Press Escape to cancel
Ctrl+Shift+G Move focus to Section area (typically on the top); continue with Arrow Left/Arrow Right to select section. Press Escape to cancel
Ctrl+Shift+G, Shift+F10, M Open move option for current section
Ctrl+O Open notebook
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O Open a section
Ctrl+Shift+A Select current page tab

5. OneNote Tables

Tab Create able by adding a second column to already typed text.
Create another column in table with a single row.
Enter Create another row when at the end cell of a table. Press Enter a second time to finish the table
Ctrl+Enter Create row below current row in table
Alt+Enter Create another paragraph in same cell in table
Ctrl+Alt+R Create column to the right of current column in table
Ctrl+Alt+E Create column to the left of current column in table
Enter Create row above the current one in table (when the cursor is at the beginning of any row)
Press Delete twice Delete current empty row in table (when the cursor is at the beginning of the row)

6. Add Items

Alt+Shift+D Insert current Date
Alt+Shift+T Insert current Time
Alt+Shift+F Insert current date and time
Alt+N, F Insert document or File on current page
Alt+N, O Insert document or file as a printout on current page
Alt+Shift+P Show or hide document printouts on current page (when running OneNote in High Contrast mode)
Alt+N, P Insert Picture from file
Alt+N, S Insert picture from Scanner or a camera.
Win+S Insert screen clipping. The OneNote icon must be active in the notification area on the Windows taskbar

7. Outlines

Alt+Shift+1 … 9 Show Level 1 through 9
Alt+Shift+0 Expand all levels
Tab/Shift+Tab Increase/ decrease indent by one level
Alt+Shift+[/] Expand collapsed outline
Alt+Shift+- Collapse expanded outline

8. Tag Notes

Ctrl+1 Apply, mark, or clear ‘To-Do’ tag
Ctrl+2 Apply or clear ‘Important’ tag
Ctrl+3 Apply or clear ‘Question’ tag
Ctrl+4 Apply or clear ‘Remember for later’ tag
Ctrl+5 Apply or clear ‘Definition’ tag
Ctrl+6 … Ctrl+9 Apply or clear a custom tag
Ctrl+0 (zero) Remove all note tags from selected notes

9. Search Notes

Ctrl+E Move insertion point to search box to search all notebooks
Arrow Down While searching all notebooks, preview next result
Enter While searching all notebooks, go to selected result and dismiss search
Ctrl+E, Tab, Space Change the search scope
Alt+O after searching Open the Search Results pane
Ctrl+F Search only current page. Switch between searching everywhere and searching only the current page at any point by pressing CTRL+E or CTRL+F
F3 (or Enter) While searching current page, move to next result
Shift+F3 While searching current page, move to previous result
Esc Dismiss search and return to page

10. Outlook 2016 Integration

Ctrl+Shift+E Send selected pages in an Email
Ctrl+Shift+1 Create a Today Outlook task from selected note
Ctrl+Shift+2 Create a Tomorrow Outlook task
Ctrl+Shift+3 Create a This Week Outlook task
Ctrl+Shift+4 Create a Next Week Outlook task
Ctrl+Shift+5 Create a No Date Outlook task
Ctrl+Shift+K Open the selected Outlook task
Ctrl+Shift+9 Mark the selected Outlook task as complete
Ctrl+Shift+0 Delete selected Outlook task
Shift+F9 Sync changes in current shared notebook
F9 Sync changes in all shared notebooks
Ctrl+Q Mark current page as unread

11. The Rest

F7 Check spelling
Shift+F7 Open research pane and thesaurus for the currently selected word
Ctrl+Shift+W Execute action suggested on the Information Bar if it appears at the top of a page
Ctrl+Alt+L Lock all password-protected sections
Ctrl+Shift+* Expand or collapse the subordinate tabs of a page group
Ctrl+P Print the current page

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