40+ Busy Accounting Software Shortcut Keys Download in PDF and Excel File

In this article we will learn the Shortcut keys of the famous accounting software Busy, we have provided you the most useful shortcut keys that require while working on Busy Accounting Software, and also help you to perform a specific task much faster than that of the mouse. and you can download these shortcut keys in PDF and Excel files for future reference.

Busy Accounting Software Shortcut Keys

Busy Accounting Software Global Shortcut Keys
1 F1 Global Help Screen
2 Ctrl+F1 Add Account
3 Ctrl+F2 Add Item
4 F3 Add Master
5 Ctrl+F3 Add Voucher
6 Ctrl+F5 Add Payment
7 Ctrl+F6 Add Receipt
8 Ctrl+F7 Add Journal
9 Ctrl+F8 Add Sales
10 Ctrl+F9 Add Purchase
11 Ctrl+B Balance Sheet
12 Ctrl+T Trial Balance
13 Ctrl+S Stock Status
14 Ctrl+A Account Summary
15 Ctrl+L Account Ledger
16 Ctrl+I Item Summary
17 Ctrl+D Item Ledger
18 Ctrl+G GST Summary
19 Ctrl+U Switch User
20 Ctrl+F Configuration
21 Ctrl+K Lock Program
22 F10 Calculator
Busy Accounting Software Local Shortcut Keys
23 F1 Help on current Page / Topic
24 F2 Save Master / Voucher
25 F3 Add Master
26 F4 Standard Narration
27 F5 List of Records
28 F6 Change Voucher Type
29 F7 Repeat Last Value
30 F8 Delete Selected Masters / Vouchers
31 F9 Delete Selected Row in Grid
32 F10 Calculator
33 F11 Pick Items from Orders or Challan
34 F12 Copy or Duplicate Record
35 Alt +M Modify Master
36 Alt + P Print Record
37 Alt+X Cancel / Activate Voucher
38 Page Up Previous Record
39 Page Down Next Record
Busy Accounting Software Master Shortcut Keys
Sr. No. Local Shortcut Keys Action Performed
40 Ctrl+Alt+M Main Menu
41 Ctrl+Alt+A Administration Menu
42 Ctrl+Alt+T Transaction Menu
43 Ctrl+Alt+D Display Menu
44 Ctrl+Alt+P Printing Menu
45 Ctrl+Alt+H Help Menu
46 Ctrl+Alt+F Favorites Menu

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