100+ Firefox Browser Shortcut Keys List Download in PDF & Excel

Firefox in its entirety Mozilla Firefox is a free open-source Web browser developed by the Mozilla Corporation in the United States.

In 1998, Netscape Communications Corp., an American Internet services firm, decided to make their Navigator browser open-source for consumers, sparking the creation of Mozilla Firefox. The Mozilla team, led by American engineers Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross, wanted to design a lightweight, fast-loading browser that would appeal to consumers because of its efficiency. Phoenix, their first browser, was introduced in 2002 and had features like bookmarking (for preserving website addresses) and the ability to upload extensions to change or personalize the browser.

✔️ What is the purpose of Firefox?

The Firefox app, which is available for iOS and Android, allows you to surf the web, open numerous tabs, do searches, and more. You’ll also be able to sign in to Firefox on your mobile device, which will sync your bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history, and preferences across all of your devices.

“Chrome has won the desktop browser fight,” claims a former Mozilla employee who worked on browser development but did not want to be identified since they are still employed in the business. Their expectations for a Firefox comeback are low. “At this point, it is not feasible to expect Firefox to recoup even a small portion of the browser market share.”

“They’re just going to have to embrace the truth that Firefox isn’t going to come back from the ashes,” says another former Mozilla employee who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation.

✔️ What makes Firefox so unique?

Being open-source software with a sizable community of active developers, Firefox offers a huge number of helpful extensions, albeit not as many as Chrome’s add-on library. Firefox also offers a synchronization function that allows you to access all of your open and recent tabs, browsing history, and bookmarks on all of your devices.

✔️ Is it possible to hack Firefox?

Refresh the page if necessary. You’d be excused for missing Mozilla Firefox being hacked when Windows 11, Microsoft Teams, Ubuntu Desktop, and the Tesla Model 3 were all hacked in the same week. In only eight seconds, two significant security flaws were exploited.

✔️ Fun Facts about Firefox

Firefox is free and open-source, and it is the only browser created by a non-profit with a goal.

Firefox is accessible on Android phones and tablets as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux-based PCs. Firefox for Android has been downloaded over 80 million times from the Google Play Store.

Firefox Developer Edition is the first browser created with developers in mind.

More than 10,000 people contributed to our cause by purchasing a full-page ad in The New York Times to commemorate the release of Firefox 1.0 in 2004.

These keyboard Shortcuts will you to perform common Firefox task quickly Learning these shortcuts will greatly improve your productivity and overall experience with Mozilla Firefox, Even you can download these shortcuts in PDF and Excel format for below download button for better learning.

Firefox Browser Shortcut Keys List


BackAlt + ←
ForwardAlt + →
HomeAlt + Home
Open FileCtrl + O
Ctrl + R
Reload (override cache)Ctrl + F5
Ctrl + Shift + R

Current Page

Focus Next Link or Input FieldTab
Focus Previous Link or Input FieldShift + Tab
Go Down a ScreenPage Down
Space bar
Go Up a ScreenPage Up
Shift + Space bar
Go to Bottom of PageEnd
Ctrl + ↓
Go to Top of PageHome
Ctrl + ↑
Move to Next Frame, Pop-UpF6
Move to Previous Frame, Pop-UpShift + F6
PrintCtrl + P
Save Focused LinkAlt + Enter
when browser .alt Click Save E27 is set to true (as in the Configuration Editor), which is not the default.
Save Page AsCtrl + S
Zoom InCtrl + +
Zoom OutCtrl + –
Zoom ResetCtrl + 0


CopyCtrl + C
CutCtrl + X
Delete Word to the LeftCtrl + Backspace
Delete Word to the RightCtrl + Del
Go one Word to the LeftCtrl + ←
Go one Word to the RightCtrl + →
Go to Beginning of LineHome
Ctrl + ↑
Go to End of LineEnd
Ctrl + ↓
Go to Beginning of TextCtrl + Home
Go to End of TextCtrl + End
PasteCtrl + V
Paste (as plain text)Ctrl + Shift + V
RedoCtrl + Y
Ctrl + Shift + Z
Select AllCtrl + A
UndoCtrl + Z

Windows & Tabs

Close TabCtrl + W
Ctrl + F4
– except for Pinned Tabs
Close WindowCtrl + Shift + W
Alt + F4
Cycle through Tabs in Recently Used OrderCtrl + Tab
-if enabled in Options
ExitCtrl + Shift + Q
Go one Tab to the LeftCtrl + Page Up
Ctrl + Shift + Tab*
Go one Tab to the RightCtrl + Page Down
Ctrl + Tab*
Go to Tab 1 to 8Ctrl + 1 to 8
Go to Last TabCtrl + 9
Move Tab LeftCtrl + Shift + Page Up
Move Tab RightCtrl + Shift + Page Down
Move Tab to startCtrl + Shift + Home
 requires the currently selected tab to be “in focus” for instance, by hitting Alt + D to focus the address bar, and then Shift + Tab until you reach the browser tab bar.
Move Tab to endCtrl + Shift + End
 requires the currently selected tab to be “in focus” for instance, by hitting Alt + D to focus the address bar, and then Shift + Tab until you reach the browser tab bar.
Mute/Unmute AudioCtrl + M
New TabCtrl + T
New WindowCtrl + N
New Private WindowCtrl + Shift + P
Open Address or Search in New Background TabAlt + Shift + Enter
– from address bar
Open Address or Search in New Foreground TabAlt + Enter
– from address bar or Search bar
Open Address or Search in New WindowShift + Enter
– from address bar or the Search field on the New Tab page
Open Search in New Background TabCtrl + Enter
– from the Search field on the New Tab page.
Open Search in New Foreground TabCtrl + Shift + Enter
– from the Search field on the New Tab page.
Note: The Foreground and Background Tab shortcuts are switched if the setting When you open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately is enabled in Options
Open Focused Bookmark or Link in Current TabEnter
Open Focused Bookmark in New Foreground TabCtrl + Enter
Open Focused Bookmark in New Background TabCtrl + Shift + Enter
Open Focused Link in New Background TabCtrl + Enter
Open Focused Link in New Foreground TabCtrl + Shift + Enter
Note: The Foreground and Background Tab shortcuts are switched if the setting When you open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately is enabled in Options
Open Focused Bookmark or Link in New WindowShift + Enter
Show All TabsCtrl + Shift + Tab
– if the setting

cycles through tabs in recently used order is enabled in Options

Undo Close TabCtrl + Shift + T
Undo Close WindowCtrl + Shift + N
Moves the URL left or right (if cursor is in the address bar)Ctrl + Shift + X


DownloadsCtrl + J
Add-onsCtrl + Shift + A
Toggle Developer ToolsF12
Ctrl + Shift + I
Web ConsoleCtrl + Shift + K
InspectorCtrl + Shift + C
Take a screenshotCtrl + Shift + S
Style EditorShift + F7
ProfilerShift + F5
NetworkCtrl + Shift + E
Developer ToolbarShift + F2
Responsive Design ViewCtrl + Shift + M
ScratchpadShift + F4
Page SourceCtrl + U
Browser ConsoleCtrl + Shift + J

PDF Viewer

Next pageN or J or →
Previous pageP or K or ←
Zoom inCtrl + +
Zoom outCtrl + –
Automatic ZoomCtrl + 0
Rotate the document clockwiseR
Rotate counterclockwiseShift + R
Switch to Presentation ModeCtrl + Alt + P
Choose Text Selection ToolS
Choose Hand ToolH
Focus the Page Number input boxCtrl + Alt + G

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