100+ FL studio Shortcut Keys Download In PDF & Excel File

Add great music to your song using the FL studio shortcuts. Without a proper melody in your song, the song won’t be able to connect well with the audience. By learning FL studio Shortcuts, use the FL studio up to its maximum potential. Even you can download the below shortcuts in PDF and Excel format at the end of this article.

FL Studio Shortcut Keys Lists

File Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Open fileCtrl + O
SaveCtrl + S
Save asCtrl + Shift + S
Save new versionCtrl + N
Export as a wave fileCtrl + R
Export as Mp3 fileCtrl + Shift + R
Export as MIDI fileCtrl + Shift + M
Open recent filesAlt + 0
Smart findCtrl + F
Record and Playback Shortcuts
ActionShortcut Keys
Toggle lineBackspace
Start and Stop playbackSpace
Start and PauseCtrl + Space
Song modeL
On and off of recordingR
Fast forwardZero
Jump 4 bars backCtrl + /
Jump 4 bars forwardCtrl + *
Toggle edit modeCtrl + E
Stop soundCtrl + H
Toggle typing to the piano keypadCtrl + T
Toggle blend notesCtrl + B
Toggle metronomeCtrl + M

Pattern selector Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Next pattern+
Previous pattern
Next empty patternF4

Channel window Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Mute & Unmute0..9
Solo and Unsolo first 10 channelsCtrl + 0..9
Select previous channels
Next channel
Group selected channelsAlt + G
Zip selected channelsAlt + Z
Unzip selected channelsAlt + U
Move selected channels upShift + ↑
Move selected channels downShift + ↓
Next channel groupPage Up
Previous channel groupPage Down
Copy channel stepsCtrl + C
Paste channel stepsCtrl + V
Cut channel stepsCtrl + X
Delete selected channelsAlt + Delete
Clone channelsCtrl + Shift + C
RandomizeAlt + R
Send to piano rollAlt + P
Show keyboard editorK
Graph editorG
Restretch allCtrl + Alt + R

Window Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Cycle nested windowsTab
Open plugin pickerCtrl + F8
Open project pickerCtrl + Alt + F8
Plugin databaseShift + F8
Close a windowEsc
Step sequencerF6
Piano rollF7
Show or Hide sample browserF8
Show or Hide MixerF9
Show or Hide MIDI settingsF10
Show or Hide song info windowF11
Close all windowsF12
Close all unfocused windowsCtrl + F12
Align all channel editorsShift + F12

Piano roll action Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Paint toolB
Slice toolC
Delete toolD
Select toolE
Keyboard view modeM
Pencil toolP
Mute toolT
Playback toolY
Zoom toolZ
Bypass snapAlt
ArpeggiatorAlt + A
View note helpersAlt + B
Riff machineAlt + E
FlamAlt + F
Ungroup selected notesAlt + G
Open limit toolAlt + K
Open Articulate toolAlt + L
Switch waveform helper viewAlt + N
QuantizeAlt + Q
Open Randomize toolAlt + R
Open Strum toolAlt + S
GlueAlt + G
Open chop toolAlt + U
Toggle ghost channels on or offAlt + V
Open claw machine toolAlt + W
Open scale levels toolAlt + X
Open score flipper toolAlt + Y
Copy selectionCtrl + C
Deselect selectionCtrl + D
Insert current controller valueCtrl + I
Quick legatoCtrl + L
Import MIDI fileCtrl + M
Quick quantizeCtrl + Q
Quick chopCtrl + U
Paste selectionCtrl + V
Cut selectionCtrl + X
Grid colorCtrl + Alt + G
Flip separatorShift + Enter
The toggle allows resizing from leftCtrl + Alt + Home
Delete space equal to the selectionCtrl + Delete
Select time around the selectionCtrl + Enter

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