100+ FL studio Shortcut Keys Download In PDF & Excel File

FL Studio lets you load instruments and samples, play them live or manually enter note data, record external sounds (for example, from a microphone), and playback the entire mix through the mixer (adding effects). The finished project can be saved as a. flp or. zip file, as well as exported (rendered) to.

Is it difficult to learn FL Studio?

  • FL Studio is a simple program to learn. For the Drums and FX and other stuff, I use Cubase and FL inside Cubase as a kind of Sampler.
  • If you purchase the most recent FL Studio Edition, you will receive all future updates for free. There will never be another bill to pay! In the music software sector, an update usually costs between $150 and $250.
  • FL Studio will always provide you with the most recent version for free.
  • FL Studio is a great place to start if you’re looking for a DAW program to use for music production. Its top-notch design and functionality make it one of the best learning platforms for new producers.

What makes FL Studio unique?

FL Studio is a top-of-the-line DAW featuring a wide range of professional-grade native plugins. The combination of functionality, affordability, and user interface creates a fantastic DAW for beginners and professionals alike, giving all that every other DAW does but with its own distinct workflow.

FL Studio’s system requirements

FL Studio 20 is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit and 64-bit editions) and macOS 10.13. A 2 GHz AMD or Intel Pentium 3 processor with full SSE1 compatibility is required for FL Studio. 2 GB of free storage space is required, and 4 GB of RAM is recommended.

What is the size of FL Studio in GB?

  • around 2 GB
  • FL Studio is a lot larger file than the other solutions described in this tutorial, with a 900 MB installer and around 2 GB of disc space required after installation.

Is it possible to use FL Studio without an internet connection?

FL Studio usually consults the online documentation to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information.

What is FL Studio’s RAM usage?

Use FL Studio ASIO if your audio input doesn’t have a native ASIO driver. RAM: 8 GB should plenty. You’ll probably need more than 16 GB. Only 32 GB is required if you utilize a large number of sample-based instruments, each of which runs multi-GB symphonic libraries and ROMpler-style plugins.

Add great music to your song using the FL studio shortcuts. Without a proper melody in your song, the song won’t be able to connect well with the audience. By learning FL studio Shortcuts, use the FL studio up to its maximum potential. Even you can download the below shortcuts in PDF and Excel format at the end of this article.

FL Studio Shortcut Keys Lists

File Shortcuts

Action Shortcut Keys
Open file Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
Save new version Ctrl + N
Export as a wave file Ctrl + R
Export as Mp3 file Ctrl + Shift + R
Export as MIDI file Ctrl + Shift + M
Open recent files Alt + 0
Smart find Ctrl + F

Record and Playback Shortcuts

Action Shortcut Keys
Toggle line Backspace
Start and Stop playback Space
Start and Pause Ctrl + Space
Song mode L
On and off of recording R
Fast forward Zero
Jump 4 bars back Ctrl + /
Jump 4 bars forward Ctrl + *
Toggle edit mode Ctrl + E
Stop sound Ctrl + H
Toggle typing to the piano keypad Ctrl + T
Toggle blend notes Ctrl + B
Toggle metronome Ctrl + M

Pattern selector Shortcuts

Action Shortcut Keys
Next pattern +
Previous pattern
Next empty pattern F4

Channel window Shortcuts

Action Shortcut Keys
Mute & Unmute 0..9
Solo and Unsolo first 10 channels Ctrl + 0..9
Select previous channels
Next channel
Group selected channels Alt + G
Zip selected channels Alt + Z
Unzip selected channels Alt + U
Move selected channels up Shift + ↑
Move selected channels down Shift + ↓
Next channel group Page Up
Previous channel group Page Down
Copy channel steps Ctrl + C
Paste channel steps Ctrl + V
Cut channel steps Ctrl + X
Delete selected channels Alt + Delete
Clone channels Ctrl + Shift + C
Randomize Alt + R
Send to piano roll Alt + P
Show keyboard editor K
Graph editor G
Restretch all Ctrl + Alt + R

Window Shortcuts

Action Shortcut Keys
Cycle nested windows Tab
Open plugin picker Ctrl + F8
Open project picker Ctrl + Alt + F8
Plugin database Shift + F8
Close a window Esc
Help F1
Playlist F5
Step sequencer F6
Piano roll F7
Show or Hide sample browser F8
Show or Hide Mixer F9
Show or Hide MIDI settings F10
Show or Hide song info window F11
Close all windows F12
Close all unfocused windows Ctrl + F12
Align all channel editors Shift + F12

Piano roll action Shortcuts

Action Shortcut Keys
Paint tool B
Slice tool C
Delete tool D
Select tool E
Keyboard view mode M
Portamento O
Pencil tool P
Mute tool T
Playback tool Y
Zoom tool Z
Bypass snap Alt
Arpeggiator Alt + A
View note helpers Alt + B
Riff machine Alt + E
Flam Alt + F
Ungroup selected notes Alt + G
Open limit tool Alt + K
Open Articulate tool Alt + L
Switch waveform helper view Alt + N
Quantize Alt + Q
Open Randomize tool Alt + R
Open Strum tool Alt + S
Glue Alt + G
Open chop tool Alt + U
Toggle ghost channels on or off Alt + V
Open claw machine tool Alt + W
Open scale levels tool Alt + X
Open score flipper tool Alt + Y
Copy selection Ctrl + C
Deselect selection Ctrl + D
Insert current controller value Ctrl + I
Quick legato Ctrl + L
Import MIDI file Ctrl + M
Quick quantize Ctrl + Q
Quick chop Ctrl + U
Paste selection Ctrl + V
Cut selection Ctrl + X
Grid color Ctrl + Alt + G
Flip separator Shift + Enter
The toggle allows resizing from left Ctrl + Alt + Home
Delete space equal to the selection Ctrl + Delete
Select time around the selection Ctrl + Enter

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