20+ Telegram Desktop Shortcut Keys List Download in PDF and Excel File

After WhatsApp changes its new privacy policy telegram also gain a lot of attention from the user, the telegram has the most lightweight desktop app and nice features like history synced across all your devices.Now to speed up your user experience we provide you some shortcut key of telegram below, and you can download these shortcut keys for future reference

Telegram Desktop Shortcut List
Move to the next chatCtrl + Tab
Move to the next chatCtrl + PageDown
Move to the next chatAlt + Arrow Down
Move to the previous chatCtrl + Shift + Tab
Move to the previous chatCtrl + PageUp
Move to the previous chatAlt + Arrow Up
Go to the Previous FolderCtrl + Shift + Arrow Up
Go to Next FolderCtrl + Shift + Arrow Down
Search selected chatCtrl + F
Exit selected chat and search TelegramEsc
Exit display of current chat/channelEsc
Delete currently selected messageDelete
Quit TelegramCtrl + Q
Lock Telegram (if Local Password is set)Ctrl + L
Iconify (Minimize) TelegramCtrl + M
Iconify (Minimize) Telegram to System TrayCtrl + W
Edit Previous MessageArrow Up
Start New Line in Input AreaCtrl + Enter or Shift + Enter
Move Cursor to Start of Multi-line MessageCtrl + Home
Make Text ItalicCtrl + I
Make Text BoldCtrl + B
Make Text UnderlineCtrl + U
Make Text StrikethroughCtrl + Shift + X
Make Text MonospaceCtrl + Shift + M
Remove Text Formatting (Make Selection Plain Text)Ctrl + Shift + N
Add URL to Selected Text (Make Link)Ctrl + K
Send FileCtrl + O
Open ContactsCtrl + J

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Download Button पर  Click करके Excel फ़ाइल डाउनलोड करें

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