TOP 16: Powerful Websites to Improve Your Office Productivity

Are you searching for a list of websites that can save your office time and improve the productivity of daily your work? then you are at the right place.

I have researched on the internet and found out these websites to improve productivity, here in this article I will explain to you some websites which will defiantly save your lots of time on a daily basis.

S.No.Website Name Website Use
1erase.bgImage Background Remover Website
2watermarkremover.ioImage Watermark Remover Website
3cleanup.picturesAny Object Remove From Image
4CV / Resume TemplatesTop Amazing Resumes Designs
5flourish.studioMake Dancing Bars and Charts
6BijnorBusiness.comPart-Time & Full-time Business Ideas Website
7iconsdb.comTo Download Any Type of Icon
8squoosh.appTo Compress the Image
9diagrams.netTo Make Diagrams & Flow Charts Online
10fast.comTo Check Internet Speed like
11canva.comTo Make Free Impressive Designs
12pixabay.comTo Download Free Video and Images for Reuse
13photopea.comTo Use Online Photoshop without installation
14blomp.comTo Send Big Data up to 200GB
15imagecompressor.comAn Image Compressor Website
16pdfdrive.comTo Download Any Ebook in PDF



This is a website where you can Remove background from images of humans, animals, or objects and download high-resolution images for free. Drag & Drop an image or paste URL (up to resolution 5,000 x 5,000 px).

I use this website regularly to remove any background from my images and it works very well. it provides a very high-resolution image after removing the background.

And one more thing is, that you can apply a new background from the website templates also or you can download a plain png file without any background for free.

Image Background Remover Website


Many times it happens that when I search for an image on Google, there is a watermark on it and I can not find any other good image other than that, I used to get upset because of being a watermark.

One day I found this website, since then I wanted to remove the watermark of whatever image I wanted, so with the help of this website, I can remove that watermark very easily. I like this website very much.

Whenever I have to remove a watermark from any photo, I take the help of this website.

Image Watermark Remover Website


Friends, sometimes it happens that when we get our photo taken, another person comes in that photo, due to which our photo gets spoiled and we get very angry.

but since I have come to know about this website, I am very happy. With the help of this website, I can remove that other person from my photo very easily.

It is very easy to remove anything from your photo through this website, just color on that thing with your mouse, and in a few seconds, that thing is automatically removed from there.

With the help of this website, you can easily remove any object or anything in any photo.

Any Object Remove From Image

4 CV / Resume Templates

Friends, people who are looking for a job, it is necessary for a job seeker to make a resume, but people do not know, how to make a good resume, because of which I have put many templates made on my website.  Which are of the Modern Era Resume Templates.

You can download that templates very easily. To create your resume, you have to open this template and fill your name and all other details in it and your resume will be ready in a very short time.

if you are also looking for a job, then definitely check it for the future. Download and keep this template so that whenever you want to find a job in the future, you can open and edit these templates and create your attractive resume very easily.

Top Amazing Resumes Designs CV Resume Templates


Friends, this is such a website from which we can make dancing bars. Sometimes you must have seen on Facebook that there is some video that has a bar chart but that bar chart keeps going back and forth i.e. keeps dancing, then that chart is made on this website.

If you want to make such a diagram or chart which is playing in the format of video, then you can make it very easily with the help of this website.

Make Dancing Bars and Charts

Download Sample Data for making Flourish Racing Bar

Download Sample 1

Download Sample 2



Friends, are you looking for a website on which it has been told about how to do part-time and full-time business, then you can go to the website and read the articles there.

On the website, we have explained about how much investment needs to start a business and how much time it will take and how much you can earn, also what skills should be required to start any business, we have explained all these things in every article.

Some are part-time business ideas and some are full-time business ideas, in this website, you will get both online and offline business ideas, so if you are searching for a part-time or full-time business, then definitely check this website. Part-Time & Full-time Business Ideas Website


Friends, sometimes we need some social media icons like Facebook icons Instagram icons, etc. Here is the website, with the help of this website, you can download any kind of icon in your desired color.

No matter how small, no matter how big size you can take from here, it is a very good website, definitely visit this website If you want to download icons png, jpg, gif etc.

To Download Any Type of Icon


Sometimes we need to make a large image file smaller, but we want that its quality should not be down, so here I am going to tell you about this website, with the help of which you can compress your image. and can compress in good quality, here you are also shown a live preview, so if you want to compress your image, then definitely check this website.

To Compress the Image


Many times we have to make diagrams to explain some things in our company, with the help of which we can explain anything very easily, so if you are looking for a website from which good diagrams can be made then this website be sure to check.

To Make Diagrams & Flow Charts Online


Sometimes our internet speed goes down a lot, due to which we may have to check our internet speed, so if you want to check your internet speed, then definitely check this website, although there is a Famous website already in the market but this website also does very good speed test.

To Check Internet Speed like


This is such a website, with the help of which you can create any kind of design very easily and for free.

Whether it is social media design, whether it is PDF design, or whether you have any kind of design in your office, with the help of this website you can make a lot easily and in less time.

To make YouTube thumbnails and to make any kind of YouTube design, nowadays every youtube uses its websites to make any type of design. So if you also want to make any design then you should definitely tryout this website.

To Make Free Impressive Designs


Sometimes we need copyright-free images and videos, but when we search on the internet, we cannot find such images and videos, then on this website, you can download copyright-free images and videos, which are absolutely free.

These images and videos are in full HD, you can use them in your photos, in videos, or in the website also. if you are a youtube or blogger then you should definitely check this website.

To Download Free Video and Images for Reuse


Photoshop is very expensive software, not everyone can afford it. People who have more use of this software, they buy Photoshop software but those who are not used so much, they are not able to afford it.

So on this website, you can use Photoshop without buying, if you go to this website you will get to use Photoshop directly.
On this website, you can make any kind of design in the same way as made on Photoshop. Photoshop needs to be installed to work on your laptop, but there is no need to install Photoshop on this website, direct Photoshop is opened. And you can make your design very easily and also download it in like PSD and JPEG etc. formats.

To Use Online Photoshop without installation


Friends, if we send an email from Gmail then data of more than 25 MB cannot go in it but sometimes we have to send a big file to our client, then, in that condition, we have to send our data through some website, so with the help of this website you can send up to 200GB data to any client easily.

To Send Big Data up to 200GB


This website helps us to reduce the size of any image without losing its quality, so if you are looking for an image compressor website then check out this amazing website which I personally use for compressing my images.

An Image Compressure Website


This website provides PDF files of any kind of book, whether it can be a tutorial book, college book, any type of author book, health and fitness book, Religion type of book, science and research book, etc. all I mean to say is that you can download all types of eBooks from that website totally free of cost.

To Download Any Ebook in PDF



So finally, in this article, I have explained to you 16 such websites, with the help of which you can save a lot of time in your office.

if you have any suggestions about this article, then definitely write us in the comment box below and If you are using already any website from the above list, then definitely tell us in the comment box below, which website you are using regularly for your work.

if you like this article, please share it with your friends and family, so that they too know about this type of website and that too can save his time also. Thanks You.


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