100+ Hitflim Shortcuts Keys Download In PDF & Excel File

HitFilm Express is a free video editing program with top-notch VFX tools and all the equipment you need to create amazing content, movies, or gaming videos. Ideal for newcomers, movie buffs, gamers, YouTubers, or any creative without a budget.

✅ What is HitFilm Express?

For a piece of free software, Hitfilm Express is quite impressive. It makes little sense to contrast it with other free video editing platforms because it is so good. Paid programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Pinnacle Studio are the main rivals of this software.

✅ HitFilm Express’s size in GB

Products from HitFilm need at least 1.2GB of free hard disc space. The Support section of each product has a complete list of the system requirements.

✅ Without a watermark, is HitFilm Express free?

Without a watermark, Hitfilm Express is not free. The removal of the watermark and other advanced features in Hitfilm Express are chargeable extras.

✅ Features

If you have experience with Adobe After Effects, you may start using HitFilm right away. There are numerous characteristics that you will notice right away:

Masks: After Effects’ masks function quite similarly to those in Photoshop. Along with the ellipse tool and rectangle tool, there is a pen tool that may be easily utilized to mask out certain portions of your layers.

Graph Editor: You’ll be pleased to learn that HitFilm offers a graph editor that can be used to smudge keyframes if you enjoy organic animation.

Parenting: Even though a pick whip is nowhere to be found, HitFilm still allows you to parent things together. The null object (point) trick can also be used to fast pan and tilt a camera around a fixed point of interest.

Effects: Nearly all of the fundamental effects you’ll find in all of the top video editing programs are available in HitFilm. HitFilm includes levels, curves, blurs, sharpens, and every other fundamental effect you may think of.

Rolling Shutter Repair: HitFilm includes a rolling shutter repair tool, just like many contemporary NLEs.

Additional fundamental elements offered by HitFilm include blending modes, audio tools, and editing tools.

✅ How can I obtain a license for HitFilm?

how to sign up for a no-cost license. You can “Download HitFilm Express” by clicking the link at the top of the page. A new page will load after you click it. You can select your own pricing point based on what you desire by dragging the price slider.

✅ Are novices able to use HitFilm Express?

Express offers excellent compositing capabilities, cinematic coloring options, 400+ visual effects, and presets to unleash your creativity, making it ideal for both new and experienced YouTubers.

Hitflim Express is a free video editing software with professional-grade VFX tools and everything you need to make awesome content, films, or gaming, with the help of this software you can make a professional video, this hit film shortly keys help you to increase your workflow with some cool shortcuts which really help you in your workflow even for better learning we have provided download link below in both PDF and Excel format Now! let’s learn the shortcuts below

Hitflim Shortcuts Keys List



New ProjectCtrl+N
Open ProjectCtrl+O
Save ProjectCtrl+S
Save AsCtrl+Alt+S
Select AllCtrl+A
Create New Composite ShotCtrl+Shift+N
Create New Plane Ctrl+Shift+A
Import MediaCtrl+O
Switch to Home ScreenCtrl+1
Switch to Edit ScreenCtrl+3

Common Timeline

Set In PointI
Set Out PointO
Set In and Out Points to ContentP
Move Playhead to Start of TimelineHome
Move Playhead to End of Timeline End
Jump to TimeCtrl+J (Highlight Current time indicator)
RAM PreviewAlt+L
Previous Framee – ,
Next Framee – .
Jump Back by 10 FramesShift+,
Jump Forward by 10 FramesShift+.
Previous Edit PointPage up
Next Edit PointPage down
Increase Timeline ScaleCtrl+Shift+=
Decrease Timeline Scaleale – Ctrl+-
Scroll to Playhead Ctrl+Home
Previous KeyframeAlt+,
Next KeyframeAlt+.
Add/Remove KeyframeAlt+T
Slice Selected Objects/LayersCtrl+Shift+D
Move Playhead to In PointShift+I
Move Playhead to Out PointShift+O
Remove AttributesShift+CTRL+X
Paste AttributesShift+CTRL+V
Remove Effectsption+CTRL+V
Remove All Color Labels From the Selection0
Apply Color Label 1 to the Selection1
Apply Color Label 2 to the Selection2
Apply Color Label 3 to the Selection3
Apply Color Label 4 to the Selection4
Apply Color Label 5 to the Selection5
Apply Color Label 6 to the Selection6
Apply Color Label 7 to the Selection7
Apply Color Label 8 to the Selection8
Apply Color Label 9 to the Selection9

Editor Sequence Timeline

Select Tool V
Hand Tool H
Slice Tool C
Slip Edit Tool Y
Slide Edit Tool U
Ripple Edit Tool R
Roll Edit Tool E
Ripple DeleteAlt+Delete
Make Composite Shot Ctrl+M
Rate Stretch Tool S
Link Video and Audio ClipsCTRL+\
Unlink Video and Audio Clips Shift+CTRL+\

Composite Shot Timeline

Select Tool V
Hand Tool H
Slice Tool C
Snap-On/Off Shift+S
Open New Layer Menu Ctrl+Alt+N
New Plane Layer Ctrl+Alt+A
New Camera Layer Ctrl+Alt+C
New Light Layer Ctrl+Alt+L
New Grade Layer Ctrl+Alt+G
New Text Layer Ctrl+Alt+T
New Point Layer Ctrl+Alt+P
Make Composite Shot  Ctrl+M
Rate Stretch Tool S


Set In Point I
Set Out Point O
Move Playhead to Start Home
Move Playhead to End End
Move Playhead to In Point Shift+I
Move Playhead to Out Point Shift+O
Play/Pause Space
Toggle Loop Playback  Ctrl+L
Shuttle Left  J
Shuttle Right  L
Shuttle Stop K
Insert Media on the Current Timeline B
Overlay Media on the Current Timeline N

Viewer Panel

Select Tool V
Hand Tool H
Text Tool T
Rectangle Mask Tool R
Ellipse Mask Tool E
Freehand Mask Tool F
Orbit tool B
Set Mask Point(s) to Linear Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L
Set Mask Point(s) to Curved Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C
Toggle Full Screen Preview Alt+CTRL+F
Move Position Left by 1 Pixel Left Arrow
Move Position Right by 1 Pixel Right Arrow
Move Position Up by 1 Pixel Up Arrow
Move Position Down by 1 Pixel Down Arrow
Move Position Left by 10 Pixels Shift+Left Arrow
Move Position Right by 10 Pixels Shift+Right Arrow
Move Position Up by 10 Pixels Shift+Up Arrow
Move Position Down by 10 Pixels Shift+Down Arrow

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