200+ Thunderbird Shortcut Keys Download in PDF and Excel File

What use does the software Thunderbird serve?

For managing email, news feeds, chat, and news groups, use Thunderbird, a free, open-source, cross-platform program. It is a robust yet user-friendly local email application rather than a browser- or web-based one.

Thunderbird: Is it a free program?

A free email program with a lot of amazing features, Thunderbird is simple to set up and configure.

Thunderbird was made by whom?

Internet Explorer

The Mozilla Application Suite is the ancestor of Mozilla Firefox, a free and open-source web browser operated by the Mozilla Corporation.

One of the projects created by Mozilla Firefox is Thunderbird, which allows users to access email in a secure, quick, and simple manner. Intelligent spam filters, robust search, and customizable views are all features of the Thunderbird email client.

The software’s goal

“To develop Internet communications software based on the Thunderbird product, code, and brand” was the stated goal of this project those who stand to gain from it

Everyone can personalize their email with the thunderbird program. This software can be quite useful for working people and students who receive a lot of emails every day. For example, they can create categories for critical emails from a certain individual.

Version 1.0, which was released on December 7, 2004, saw over 500,000 downloads in the first three days and 1,000,000 in the next ten.


  • Migration Assistant: aids in customizing Thunderbird’s settings.
  • Prior to this capability, you had to be familiar with your IMAP, SMTP, and SSL/TLS settings.
  • One-click Address Book: This method of adding contacts to your address book is quick and simple.
  • Attachment Reminder: scan your letter for the phrase attachment in the body and urges you to attach a file before hitting send.
  • Activity Manager keeps a comprehensive log of all communications made between Thunderbird and your email provider.

Thunderbird or Gmail, which is superior?

The go-to option for free email has evolved into Google’s Gmail. However, according to Bill Snyder of CIO.com, the most recent version of Mozilla Thunderbird is far better at managing your disorganized inbox.

The project was first introduced as Minotaur not long after Phoenix (the initial name for Mozilla Firefox), but it never really took off. The development of Minotaur was resumed under the new name of Thunderbird and moved to the new toolkit created by the Firefox team as a result of the increased demand for a mail client to go along with Firefox.

If you’re looking for a powerful, adaptable, and effective email client, Thunderbird is a fantastic choice. Email addresses and email transmission services are not offered by Thunderbird. You may send, receive, sort, and search your email messages when your existing email address is synced, though.

Below we have to include keyboard shortcuts for all applications covered in the app-specific areas in thunderbird software, Here are the keyboard shortcut for frequently-used features in Thunderbird, and also you can download the shortcut keys at the end of the article by clicking the download button in both PDF & Excel File

Thunderbird Shortcut Keys List

Message Function

New message Ctrl + N/ Ctrl + M
Reply to Message (sender only) Ctrl + R
Reply to All in Message (sender and all recipients) Ctrl + Shift + R
Reply to List Ctrl + Shift + L
Forward Message Ctrl + L
Edit Message as New Ctrl + E
Starting a new message in non-default format (Plain text vs. HTML) Hold Shift while clicking any one of these buttons: Write, Reply, Reply All, Reply List, or Forward
or Right-click existing message, then hold Shift while choosing any one of the following from the context menu: Reply to Sender Only, Reply to All, Reply to List, or Forward.

Receiving and reading messages:-

Get New Messages for Current Account F5
Get New Messages for All Accounts Shift + F5
Open message (in new window or tab) Ctrl + O / Enter
Open message or folder in a new tab in the background Middle-click the message or folder, or Right-click the message or folder, then choose Open Message in New Tab or Open in New Tab from the context menu
Open message or folder in a new tab in the foreground Shift + Middle-click the message or folder, or Right-click the message or folder, then hold Shift while choosing Open Message in New Tab or Open in New Tab from the context m
Open the message in the conversation Ctrl + Shift + O
Zoom In Ctrl + + or Ctrl + = or Ctrl + scroll wheel up
Zoom Out Ctrl + –   Ctrl + scroll wheel down
Reset Zoom Ctrl + 0 (zero)
Expand Collapsed Thread
Collapse Expanded Thread
Expand All Threads *
Collapse All Threads \
Newsgroups: Ignore or Unignore Thread K
Newsgroups: Ignore or Unignore Subthread Shift + K
Newsgroups: Watch Thread W

Managing your messages:-

Print message or selected message text CTRL + P
Save Message as File CTRL + S
View Message Source CTRL+ U
Select All (messages, text, or attachments) CTRL+ A
Select Thread Ctrl + Shift + A
Toggle Caret browsing (select text with keyboard) F7
Copy selected text Ctrl + C
Cut selected search text Ctrl + X
Paste the text into search or filter fields Ctrl + V
Select multiple adjacent messages (a continuous set of messages) Select the first message of your intended selection, and then either Shift + Click on the last message of your selection, or hold Shift while using any of the following movement keys to expand your selection: ↓, ↑, Page Down, Page Up, End, or Home.
Select multiple non-adjacent messages (several separate messages) Select any message of your intended selection, and then either Ctrl + Click on each message that you want to add to your selection,
Copy message to another folder Hold Ctrl while dragging message to destination folder (release the mouse button before releasing Ctrl).
Move message to another folder Drag message to the destination folder.
Move/Copy message to previous target folder Again Ctrl + Shift + M
Archive Message A
Delete message, folder, attachment, or selected search text Del
Delete message bypassing trash (no Undo!) Shift + Del
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Rename Folder F2

Tagging and marking your messages:-

Add/Remove Tag 1 to 9
Remove All Tags from Message 0 (zero)
Mark Message as reading/Unread M
Mark Thread as Read R
Mark All Read Shift + C
Mark as Read By Date C
Mark as Junk J
Mark as Not Junk Shift + J
Add/Remove Star S

Search and filter functions

Search All Messages (global full-text search in all accounts) Ctrl + K
Quick Filter (search messages in current folder or view) Ctrl + Shift + K
Clear current Quick Filter; hide Quick Filter Bar Esc (as often as needed)
Search Messages (advanced search in a folder) Ctrl + Shift + F

Finding text in the current message:-

Find Text in Current Message Ctrl + F
Find Again in Current Message Ctrl F3 + G
Find Previous in Current Message Ctrl + Shift + G / Shift + F3

Moving around Thunderbird

Go to Mail Start Page Alt + Home
Scroll Down Current Message, then Go to Next Unread Message Space
Go to Next Message F
Go to Previous Message B
Go to Next Unread Message N
Go to Previous Unread Message P
Go to Next Unread Thread (and mark a current thread as read) T
Go to Next Viewed Message ]
Go to Previous Viewed Message [

Controlling Thunderbird windows and tabs:-

Move to Next UI Element Tab
Move to Previous UI Element Shift + Tab
Move to Next Mail Pane F6 or Ctrl + F6
Move to Previous Mail Pane Shift + F6 / Ctrl + Shift + F6
Next Tab Ctrl + Page Down / Ctrl + Tab
Previous Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab / Ctrl + Page Up
Mail & Newsgroups Home Tab (Tab 1) Ctrl + 1
Tab 2 to 8 Ctrl + 2to8
Last Tab Ctrl + 9
Address Book Ctrl + Shift + B
Saved Files Ctrl + J
Help F1
Developer Tools Ctrl + Shift + I
Toggle Message Pane F8
Toggle Menu Bar (if hidden) Alt F10
Show context menu Menu key Shift + F10
Minimize current window Win + ↓
Close window or tab CTRL + W Alt + F4 (only for closing a window} Ctrl + F4 (only for closing a tab)
Undo close tab (restore and go to most recently closed tab) Ctrl + Shift + T
Quit Thunderbird (Exit Application) File, Exit

Writing messages

New message (see Starting a new message) Ctrl + N / Ctrl + M
Save Draft Ctrl + S
Print Draft Ctrl + P
Send Message Now Ctrl + Enter
Send Message Later Ctrl + Shift + Enter

Controlling the compose window:-

Toggle Contacts Sidebar F9
Move to the next main UI element F6 / Ctrl + F6/Ctrl + Tab
Move to the previous main UI element Shift + F6 / Ctrl + Shift + F6/ Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Zoom In Ctrl + + / Ctrl + = / Ctrl + scroll wheel up
Zoom Out Ctrl + – / Ctrl + scroll wheel down
Reset Zoom Ctrl + 0 (zero)
Toggle Attachment Pane Alt + M   New in TB 60
Show Main Mail Window (Mail & Newsgroups) Ctrl + 1

Editing the message text and handling attachments:-

Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste as quotation Ctrl + Shift + O
Paste without formatting Ctrl + Shift + V
Rewrap message text Ctrl + R
Delete selected text, attachment, table cell contents, or table Del
Delete the word to the right (from the cursor to end of a word) Ctrl + Del
Delete the word to the left (from the cursor to start of the word) Ctrl + Backspace
Select All (text in a message, or attachments) Ctrl + A
Select Table Cell Ctrl + Click within cell
Select Table Rows or Columns Drag across cells of rows or columns
Select Table Ctrl + Click on table border
Insert Link Ctrl + K
Discontinue Link, or Remove Links from the selection Ctrl + Shift + K
Remove Named Anchors Ctrl + Shift + R
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Find and Replace Text in Current Message Ctrl + H
Find Again in Current Message Ctrl + G / F3
Find Previous in Current Message Ctrl + Shift + G / Shift + F3
Check Spelling Ctrl + Shift + P
Attach File Ctrl + Shift + A
Rename Attachment F2
Reorder Attachments Alt + X   New in TB 60
Insert a line break instead of a new paragraph Shift + Enter (Enter inserts a paragraph break in paragraph format mode.)

Reorder Attachments:-

Move to Top Alt + Home
Move Up Alt + Up
Move together Alt + Left
Move Down Alt + Down
Move to Bottom Alt + End
Sort (All attachments or selected attachments) Alt + Y

Styling the message text:-

Larger Font Size Ctrl + > / Ctrl + .
Smaller Font Size Ctrl + < / Ctrl + ,
Text Style Bold Ctrl + B
Text Style Italics Ctrl + I
Text Style Underline Ctrl + U
Text Style “<tt>Fixed Width</tt>” Ctrl + T
Discontinue or Remove Text Styles Ctrl + Shift + Y / Ctrl + Space
Increase Indent Ctrl + ]
Decrease Indent Ctrl + [

Address Book

New Address Book Contact Ctrl + N
Write new message to selected contact(s) Ctrl + M
Addressbook Quick Filter Ctrl + F
Addressbook Advanced Search Ctrl + Shift + F
Edit Properties of selected contact or address book Ctrl + I
Select all (contacts, or search text) Ctrl + A
Print selected contacts Ctrl + P
Delete (selected text, contact, or address book) Del
Show Main Mail Window (Mail & Newsgroups) Ctrl + 1

Lightning (Calendar Add-on)

Show or hide Today Pane F11
Calendar tab Ctrl + Shift + C
Tasks tab Ctrl + Shift + D
Mail & Newsgroups Home Tab (Tab 1) Ctrl + 1
New Event Ctrl + I
New Task Ctrl + D

Calendar Tab:-

Show Events Filter bar Events and Tasks ⌈ Find Events
Filter Events (Bug 449018)
Clear current Events Filter Esc
Go to Today Alt + End
Day View Alt + 1
Week View Alt + 2
Multiweek View Alt + 3
Month View Alt + 4

Tasks Tab:-

Filter Tasks Ctrl + Shift + K
Clear current Tasks Filter Esc

General Functions:-

Copy (selected events, tasks, or text) Ctrl + C
Cut (selected events, tasks, or text) Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Delete (selected events, tasks, or text) Del
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Print Ctrl + P

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