50+ Media Player Classic Shortcut Keys List Download in PDF & Excel File

The full name of media player classic is MPC HC which stands for Media Player Classic Home Cinema, it is a great lightweight video player that supports almost all video format and codecs, in order to check out all the keyboard shortcut and hotkeys present in the MPC HC ( Media Player Classic Home Cinema), please follow the bellow instruction,

MPC shortcuts

Action Shortcuts
Quick Open File Ctrl + Q
Open File Ctrl + 0
Open DVD/BD Ctrl + D
Open Device Ctrl + V
Reopen File Ctrl + E
Save Image Alt + I
Save Image (auto) F5
Load Subtitle Ctrl + L
Save Subtitle Ctrl + S
Close Ctrl + C
Properties Shift + F10
Exit Play/Pause Space Alt + X
Frame-step Ctrl 4+ Right Arrow
Frame-step back Ctrl 4+ Left Arrow
Go To Ctrl + 6
Increase Rate Ctrl + Up Arrow
Decrease Rate Ctrl + Down Arrow
Reset Rate Ctrl + R
Audio Delay +10 ms Add
Audio Delay -10 ms Sub
Jump Forward (medium) Right Arrow
Jump Backward (medium) Left Arrow
Jump Forward (key’frame) Shift + Right Arrow
Jump Backward (keyframe) Shift + Left Arrow
Jump to Beginning Home
Next Page Down
Previous Page Up
Next File Ctrl + Page Down
Previous File Ctrl + Page Up
Tuner scan Shift + T
Quick add favorite Shift + Q
Toggle Caption&Menu Ctrl + 0
Toggle Seek Bar Ctrl + 1
Toggle Controls Ctrl + 2
Toggle Information Ctrl + 3
Toggle Statistics Ctrl + 4
Toggle Status Ctrl + 5
Toggle Subresync Bar Ctrl + 6
Toggle Playlist Bar Ctrl + 7
Toggle Capture Bar Ctrl + 8
Toggle Navigation Bar Ctrl + 9
Fullscreen Alt 4- Enter
Fullscreen (w/o res.change) F11
Zoom 50% Alt + 1
Zoom 100% Alt + 2
Zoom 200% Alt + 3
Zoom Auto Fit Alt + 4
Zoom Auto Fit (Larger Only) Alt + 5
Always On Top Ctrl + A
PnS Reset Num 5
PnS Inc Size Num 9
PnS Inc Width Num 6
PnS Inc Height Num 8
PnS Dec Size Num 1
PnS Dec Width Num 4
PnS Dec Height Num 2
PnS Center Ctrl + Num 5
PnS Left Ctrl + Num 4
PnS Right Ctrl + Num 6
PnS Up Ctrl + Num 8
PnS Down Ctrl + Num 2
PnS Up/ Left Ctrl + Num 7
PnS Up/Right Ctrl + Num 9
PnS Down/Left Ctrl + Num 1
PnS Down/Right Ctrl + Num 3
PnS Rotate X+ Alt + Num 8
PnS Rotate X- Alt + Num 2
PnS Rotate Y+ Alt + Num 4
PnS Rotate Y- Alt + Num 6
PnS Rotate 24 Alt + Num 1
PnS Rotate 2- Alt + Num
Volume Up Up Arrow
Volume Down Down Arrow
Volume Mute Ctrl + M
DVD Title Menu Alt + T
DVD Root Menu Alt + R
DVD Menu Left Alt 4+ Left Arrow
DVD Menu Right Alt + Right Arrow
DVD Menu Up Alt + Up Arrow
DVD Menu Down Alt + Down Arrow
Options 0
Next Audio Track A
Prev Audio Track Shift + A
Next Subtitle Track S
Prev Subtitle Track Shift + S
On/ Off Subtitle W
Download subtitles D
Tearing Test Ctrl + T
OSD: Display Current Time Ctrl + I
OSD: Show File Name N
Goto Prev Subtitle Y
Goto Next Subtitle U
Shift Subtitle Left Alt + Page Down
Shift Subtitle Right Alt + Page Up
OSD: Display Renderer Statistics Ctrl + J
OSD: Reset Renderer Statistics Ctrl + Alt + R
VSync V
Accurate VSync Ctrl + Alt + V
Decrease VSync Offset Ctrl + Alt + U;
Increase VSync Offset Ctrl 4- Alt 4- Dr
Subtitle Delay F1
Subtitle Delay 4 F2

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