FREE 95+ Professional Letterhead Design in (Word & PDF) Download

Hi everyone, are you searching for a Fully Professional & Modern Letterhead Template Design in Word File, then you are at the right place now. In this article, I have provided Free Printable Templates of Letterhead which are totally customizable and editable.

letterhead templates design in word by techguruplus

These colorful letterhead templates will make you happy. I have provided download buttons below, by clicking on which a page will be opened that will show you full page preview of the letterhead template, and if you like that template then you should scroll down the page and then click on “download in word” button to download that template for your office use.

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What is a Letterhead

When someone starts any kind of business, he should do proper documentation so that he can run his business long time, whenever you start a business, do it professionally, it will be very beneficial for your business, any letter on letterhead By writing, when we send our letter to a customer or any other company, then if you send it by writing on your letterhead, then it makes a lot of impression on the front.

Have you noticed why big companies write their letters on their letterhead, this is a big deal, writing any letter on the letterhead increases the value of your letter and the person in front gets impressed with it.

There is no recognition of a letter written on plain paper, if you write your letter on letterhead and give it to the person in front, then it is considered a great recognition.

The letterhead is a big identity of any business.

How to Make Professional Letterhead

Friends, if you want to make a letterhead of your own, then you can make it with the help of any software, it is not necessary that your letter should be in MS word or should be in photoshop or in any other software, you should have your letterhead in any desired software.

so we have uploaded a modern-era letterhead design for your help. now you will not even need to make letterhead, you can download it from our website from the above download buttons.

You can download different types of letterheads by clicking on the download button and you can change the letterhead according to your company and can change all the things in this template, like- your name, address, phone number, email id, and According to your company or business, further, we will make and add better templates in the list, so if you needs letterheads templates, then you can download these letterheads for free.

What should be on a company letterhead

When we make any letterhead, we have to keep these points in our mind to explain in letterhead as below:

S.No.Details Required on Letterhead
1Your Company or Brand Logo
2Person Name, Company Name or Business Name
3Your Address
4Your Phone Number
5Your Fax Number (if Available)
6Any other Contact Details
7Your Email ID
8Your Website Address (if Available)
9Need a Header Design
10And Footer Design
11Background and Border Design (but Not Necessary)

Difference Between Letterhead and Letterpad

Some people also know letterhead as a letter pad but they are confused that what is the difference between a letterhead and a letter pad, so friends, let me tell you that there is no difference between a letterhead and a letter pad. there is a difference in name only. Actually, in the olden days, it was called letter pad, but now it is called letterhead, basically, letters are written on both pads, if you have a company, then you can make a letterhead and write any letter on it and You can send it to your customers.

if you provide any type of service like you are a lawyer or a chartered accountant or someone else in your service sector, then you can make your letterhead design in your name and send whatever letter you write on it. It will be considered as strong evidence of the company, nowadays the importance of letterhead has increased a lot. So I hope you understand that there is no difference between Letterhead and Letterpad.


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