VBA Code to Add Workbook to a Mail Attachment in Excel

VBA code that you can use to add a workbook as an attachment to an email in Excel.

VBA Code:

Sub AddWorkbookToMailAttachment()
    Dim outlookApp As Object
    Dim outlookMail As Object
    Dim attachmentPath As String
    ' Set the path of the workbook to attach
    attachmentPath = "C:\Path\To\Workbook.xlsx" ' Change the path and filename as desired
    ' Create a new Outlook application instance
    Set outlookApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    ' Create a new mail item
    Set outlookMail = outlookApp.CreateItem(0)
    ' Add the workbook as an attachment to the mail
    outlookMail.Attachments.Add attachmentPath
    ' Customize the email subject, body, recipient, etc.
    outlookMail.Subject = "Workbook Attachment"
    outlookMail.Body = "Please find attached the workbook."
    outlookMail.To = "recipient@example.com" ' Change the recipient email address as desired
    ' Display the mail for review before sending (optional)
    ' Clean up objects
    Set outlookMail = Nothing
    Set outlookApp = Nothing
End Sub

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