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Your social security number is a highly personalized number, and this important piece of identifying information is connected to essential information such as your name and government benefits status. Because your important information is tied to your social security number, you may wonder if you can lookup someone’s address with their social security number.

Our article answers this question and gives you further details on SSN address lookups and the importance of keeping your social security number private.

What Is a Social Security Number?

Your social security number (SSN) is a personal identification number that the U.S. government gives to every United States citizen. The number is used as identification to access benefits from the government, such as social security and disability payments, and it is often requested when you open bank accounts or apply for loans and credit cards.

Guide on SSN Address LookupYour SSN is a highly personal piece of information, and you should not let this number fall into anyone else’s hands. Similarly, it is a crime to access someone else’s social security number or attempt to open bank accounts and credit cards with it; this is considered identity theft and fraud, and it may even land you in federal legal trouble.

Can I Lookup an Address With an SSN?

It’s true that general personal information about a person, such as their full legal name and even their most recent address, is connected to their social security number. However, you may not look up anyone’s address with their social security number, and you should be cautious about trying to research the addresses connected to your SSN.

It’s very easy to lose track of your information by inputting your social security number into an online tool or website. Online websites, apps, and other research tools that offer you information on your social security number or others by running a “search” or “trace” should not be trusted. These websites are scams designed to steal your personal information, and inputting your social security number or someone else’s SSN will put you at risk of identity theft and other types of fraud.

Where Can I Handle Social Security Number Business?

If you need to figure out which address is connected to your social security number, want to change information connected to your SSN, need to request an SSN, or want to report the theft of your social security number – the U.S. Social Security Administration’s (SSA) site is a one-stop shop.

This government agency was created alongside social security numbers to keep track of these numbers and handle all SSN-related matters. The SSA is the only website you should consider putting your personal information into. Even then, you should double-check the web address to ensure that you are using the correct SSA website and not a scam website designed to steal your information.

To access your personal record connected to your social security number, including information about your address, contact the Social Security Administration and follow all required steps.

To find out what personal data about you or someone else is available online – other than their SSN number – can use a reputable reverse address search engine.

Avoiding Social Security Number Scams

Because your social security number is such a crucial piece of identifying information, it is often targeted by scams. These scams are designed to steal your personal information and are pervasive, often occurring by phone call or email. You should never trust an urgent phone call asking for your information until you verify the phone number and agency the caller belongs to. It’s always ok (and advisable) to hang up and call the suspected agency directly for more information.

Some signs to look out for that may help you avoid social security number scams include:

  • You receive an urgent phone call that claims there is a problem with your social security number, but the problem is vague.
  • The caller doesn’t answer questions about the issue; they only insist on getting your personal information to fix the issue.
  • The caller issues threats or tries to scare you into handing over information like your social security number, bank account information, or credit card information.
  • You receive an email from a suspect email address, or the address on an email doesn’t match the company or agency they are claiming to be from.
  • The caller or email requests money in the form of gift cards or cash.

Most of the time, these social security number scams are designed to harass and trick the elderly or those that aren’t confident with technology and their SSN information. The goal of these scams is money and stolen information, as an SSN can be used to access more personal information, open bank accounts, or take out credit cards and loans.

The Social Security Administration provides more information about avoiding scams, and so-called “SSN address lookup” tools. It’s always helpful to be on guard when it comes to suspect phone calls and emails regarding your SSN.

Accessing Important Address Information

If you are looking for address information connected to your social security number, the best way to find these details is directly through the Social Security Administration’s website. Never input your social security number into a search bar or other online tool, and don’t attempt to use someone else’s social security number to find out their personal information, as this is considered illegal in most jurisdictions.

Always be wary when it comes to your SSN, and protect this information cautiously so you don’t accidentally end up a victim of identity theft or fraud.

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