Do this When You Discover Your Newly Bought House Has a Wet Basement

This is essential so you can protect your new investment and belongings from potential damage. One thing you can do is to call the property seller and inquire if he knows any underlying issues causing moisture seepage and leaks in the basement. You need to get as much information as you can about the property to find an appropriate solution. Afterward, you have to call basement waterproofing professionals to come and solve the problem. 

Inheriting a Wet Basement

When you discover dampness in your newly acquired home, you have to act immediately. Letting the problem linger will make you end up with costly issues and structural problems. A wet basement has various dangers including deterioration of the overall structure and home foundation, damage to personal belongings and furniture, and growth of hazardous mold. A combination of all these issues significantly contributes to lowering the health of occupants and affecting air quality. 

Do this When You Discover Your Newly Bought House Has a Wet BasementYou can use the basement for various purposes. You can use your basement as storage space, entertainment center, game room, or guest room. However, you have to make effort to be sure that the space is free from water damage and mold. Making effort to make the basement as comfortable as possible is very important. The first thing you should do is to discover the source of the problem with the help of professionals with experience in basement waterproofing Philadelphia. Professional assistance is better than opting for do-it-yourself solutions that might escalate the problem. 

Discovering the Source of Dampness 

On discovering that your new basement is damp or leaky, the next thing to do is to discover the cause of the problem-where the moisture is coming from. You have to understand that there are various ways water can get into your home basement. Some of the common water entry points include the windows, floor, and seams between wall and floor. Water follows a path where there’s little resistance or looks for weak spots in the foundation without forcing its entry into your house. 

Hydrostatic pressure is usually the underlying cause why your basement might be leaking. A buildup of water in the soil near your basement walls causes cracks in the concrete before entering the basement. Sooner than later, you’re likely to notice the basement becoming damp and flooded if you ignore to take action immediately. 

How a Wet Basement Will Affect Your Home and Health

When you notice signs of wetness in your basement, don’t just ignore the problem. It might seem harmless to you at that moment but you will be shocked the next time you come into the basement if you ignore to have the problem fixed. Keep in mind that the effects of having a wet basement extend to the overall structure of your home and health.

A humid and damp basement encourages mold to thrive. Mold presence in a home compromises air quality and causes significant breathing problems and allergies. Worse still, a damp basement encourages serious problems to the structural integrity of your home. The best solution to overcome all those problems is to call a basement waterproofing professional to check your basement and fix the problem. 

Getting Basement Waterproofing

When you discover that your newly bought home has a wet basement, waterproofing is the solution. If you haven’t completed paying for the house, you can go back to the drawing board with the seller and renegotiate the price of the property. There’s a likelihood of getting a lower purchase price for the property or credit to fix the dampness in the basement. Calling a professional basement waterproofing expert is a precautionary measure to protect your investment and belongings all the time. 

Basement waterproofing methods vary according to the extent of the problem in your home. Waterproofing needs in the basement are not the same. So, you need a professional to diagnose the problem in your basement and recommend the best possible solution. Some of the methods for basement waterproofing include:

  • Interior basement roofing
  • Exterior basement roofing
  • Fixing basement proofing 

Bottom Line

It is always very important to call a professional basement waterproofing company to keep your basement dry than opting to do-it-yourself. Professionals come with years of experience handling problems like yours and with the appropriate equipment to keep your basement and crawl spaces dry.

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