150+ Vegas Pro Shortcut Keys List Download in PDF & Excel Format

Vegas is a well-known name in the video editing software industry, having been created by Sony but now managed by Magix. Up until now, the tremendous interface complexity of Vegas Pro has held it back. Only serious professionals should apply. The makers of Vegas have begun to update the application in recent editions to give a more user-friendly, high-level video editor. The latest version of Vegas Pro starts to bear fruit from that work, but it’s still one of the more complicated options—complicated enough that novice hobbyists might find it too difficult.

Sony Vegas Pro is video editing software that was released by Sony Corporation. It has 3D film editing, image stabilization, track management, clip composition, special effects, subtitle editing, and other features. Previously known as one of the greatest alternatives to Windows Movie Maker and the best entry-level movie editing software on PC.

1 PROS of Vegas:

  • Easy-to-use color grading tools
  • Subscribers get free stock footage.
  • Excellent rendering results
  • Support for nested timelines

2 CONS of Vegas:

  • Conveniences found in competitors are missing from the interface.
  • Multicam is almost useless.
  • There isn’t a welcome panel with tutorials.
  • Instability in the program

3 Pricing:

You may try Sony Vegas Pro for free for 30 days. To do this perfectly, all you have to do is finish their registration. At the same time, Sony Vegas Pro offers four different payment options.

  • $14.99 per month ($239.88 per year after the second year) for a one-year subscription (monthly payment).
  • $34.99 per month for a monthly subscription
  • $399 for a lifetime subscription
  • $199 for a software upgrade

You will receive an email with a download link and an activation code after making your purchase.

4 Support for Devices:

  • Before downloading, you can check the particular configuration requirements on Sony Vegas Pro’s official website (https://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/us/).
  • In general, Vegas 17 is a system that only works with Windows 10. (64-bit). If you have a Windows 7 or 8 (64-bit) PC, you should use Vegas 16. To avoid incompatibility, please be careful to know your system settings and the appropriate authorized version before downloading.
  • Despite some recent enhancements, Vegas Pro offers a full suite of video editing capabilities, but they’re not arranged in a way that nonprofessional enthusiasts can easily comprehend.
  • Everybody’s workflow is different. Though many of the task we all perform in our video or editing application are the same as the task everyone else performs, That’s why we are providing you the most useful shortcuts that you need during your workflow, even you can download the shortcut in PDF and Excel Format by clicking below download button.

Vegas Pro Shortcut Keys List

Project file

Ctrl+NCreate new project
Ctrl+Shft+NCreate new project and bypass the Project Properties dialog
Alt+F4Exit Vegas
Ctrl+F4Close the current project
Ctrl+OOpen existing project
Alt+EnterProject properties
Ctrl+SSave project

Magnification and view

Alt+0Set focus to track view
Alt+1Show Explorer window (show/hide window if not docked)
Alt+2Show Trimmer window (show/hide window if not docked)
Alt+3Show Mixer window (show/hide window if not docked)
Alt+4Show Video Preview window (show/hide window if not docked)
Alt+5Show Project Media window (show/hide window if not docked)
Alt+6Show Edit Details window (show/hide window if not docked)
Alt+7Show Transitions window (show/hide window if not docked)
Alt+8Show Video FX window (show/hide window if not docked)
Alt+9Show Media Generators window (show/hide window if not docked)
Ctrl+Alt+1Show Plug-In Manager window (show/hide window if not docked)
Ctrl+Alt+2Show Video Scopes window (show/hide window if not docked)
Ctrl+Alt+3Show Surround Panner window (show/hide window if not docked)
Ctrl+Alt+4Show Media Manager window (show/hide window if not docked)
BShow/hide audio bus tracks
Ctrl+Shft+BShow/hide video bus track
Ctrl+Shft+KShow/hide event media markers
Ctrl+Shft+IShow/hide active take information
Ctrl+Shft+WShow/hide waveforms and frame images on events in the timeline
Ctrl+Shft+CShow/hide Event Pan/Crop and Video FX buttons in video events
Ctrl+Shft+TShow/hide event fade lengths between selected and nonselected events:
Ctrl+Shft+EShow/hide envelopes
F6 or Ctrl+TabShow next window
Shft+F6 or Ctrl+Shft+TabShow previous window
Alt+D, then press 0-9Recall window layout
Ctrl+Alt+D, then press 0-9Save window layout
TabToggle focus between track list and timeline (and bus track list and timeline if bus tracks are visible)
Alt+Shft+Up/Down ArrowSwitch focus to previous/next track or bus track
Ctrl+Shft+Down ArrowDecrease height of all tracks or bus tracks (depending which has focus)
Ctrl+Shft+Up ArrowIncrease height of all tracks or bus tracks (depending which has focus)
Minimize all tracks
Ctrl+’Set track heights to default height
F11 or Alt+’Minimize/restore the window docking area
Ctrl+F11 or Ctrl+Alt+’Maximize/restore the timeline vertically and horizontally (window docking area and track list will be hidden)
Shft+F11 or Shft+Alt+’Minimize/restore the track list
Up/Down ArrowZoom in/out horizontally in small increments (if timeline has focus)
Ctrl+Up/Down ArrowZoom in/out horizontally in large increments or zoom to selection (if one exists)
Alt + Up ArrowZoom in time until each video thumbnail represents one frame
Shft+Up/Down ArrowZoom waveforms in/out vertically (audio only)

Cursor placement, loop region, and time selection

NoteMost of the cursor placement commands, when combined with the Shift key, also perform selection.
\Center view around cursor
Ctrl+GGo to
Ctrl+Shft+GSet end of time selection
HomeGo to beginning of time selection or viewable area (if no time selection)
EndGo to end of time selection or viewable area (if no time selection)
Ctrl+Home or WGo to beginning of project
Ctrl+EndGo to end of project
Shft+QSelect loop region
BackspaceRestore previous five time selections
Page UpMove left by grid marks
Page DownMove right by grid marks
Left or Right ArrowMove left/right one pixel (when Quantize to Frames is turned off)
Ctrl+Left/Right ArrowMove to previous/next marker
Alt+Left or Right ArrowMove one frame left/right
Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right ArrowMove left/right to event edit points (including fade edges)
F3/F9Jog left/right (when not in edge-trimming mode or during playback)
0-9 keys (not numeric keypad)Move cursor to corresponding marker or select corresponding region
Ctrl+CommaMove to previous CD track
Ctrl+PeriodMove to next CD track
CommaMove to previous CD index or region
PeriodMove to next CD index or region
I (in)and O (out)Set in and out points
Ctrl+Shft+drag with mouseCreate time selection while dragging on an event

General editing

Ctrl+X or Shft+DeleteCut selection
Ctrl+C or Ctrl+InsertCopy selection
Ctrl+V or Shft+InsertPaste from clipboard
Ctrl+Shft+VPaste insert
Ctrl+BPaste repeat
DeleteDelete selection
Ctrl+TTrim event to selection
Ctrl+MRender to new track
Ctrl+Z or Alt+BackspaceUndo
Ctrl+Shft+Z or Ctrl+YRedo
Shft+F5Rebuild audio peaks
Ctrl+DSwitch to normal editing tool
DSwitch to next editing tool
Shft+DSwitch to previous editing tool

Event selection and editing

Shft+click eventsRange select
Ctrl+click individual eventsMultiple select
Ctrl+ASelect all
Ctrl+Shft+AUnselect all
Ctrl+X or Shft+DeleteCut selection
Ctrl+C or Ctrl+InsertCopy selection
Ctrl+V or Shft+InsertPaste from clipboard
Ctrl+Shft+VPaste insert
Ctrl+BPaste repeat
DeleteDelete selection
SSplit events at cursor
Ctrl+TTrim/crop selected events
Numeric Keypad 5Exit edge-trimming mode
Numeric Keypad 1/3Move or trim selected events one frame left/right
Numeric Keypad 4/6Move or trim selected events one pixel left/right
Numeric Keypad 8/2Move selected events up/down one track
Alt+drag inside the eventSlip: move media within event without moving the event
Alt+drag edge of eventSlip trim: moves the media with the edge as it is trimmed
Ctrl+Alt+drag edge of eventTrim adjacent: trims selected event and adjacent event simultaneously
Ctrl+Alt+drag middle of eventSlide: trims both ends of event simultaneously
Ctrl+Alt+drag over a crossfadeSlide crossfade: moves crossfade
Ctrl+drag edge of eventStretch (compress) the media in the event while trimming
(= {not numeric keypad})Raise pitch one semitone
Ctrl+=Raise pitch one cent
Shft+=Raise pitch one octave
(=- (not numeric keypad)Lower pitch one semitone
Ctrl+-Lower pitch one cent
Shft+-Lower pitch one octave
Ctrl+Shft+= or Ctrl+Shft+-Reset pitch
TSelect next take
Shft+TSelect previous take
Numeric Keypad /Convert cut to transition
Numeric Keypad *
Numeric Ke
Ctrl+Numeric Keypad /Convert transition to cut
Ctrl+EOpen in audio editor

Playback, recording, and preview

Ctrl+Alt+Shft+RArm for record and set recording path
Ctrl+RRecord (transport bar)
Q or Ctrl+Shft+LLooped playback
Shft+Spacebar or Shft+F12Play from start
SpacebarStart playback
Ctrl+Spacebar or F12Play from any window
Enter or Ctrl+F12Play/pause
Spacebar or EscStop playback
Ctrl+HomeGo to start of project
Ctrl+EndGo to end of project
Ctrl+Shft+F12Dim (attenuate) mixer output
Numeric Keypad 0Preview cursor position.
J, K, or LScrub playback
Shft+MSelectively prerender video
Ctrl+Shft+MPreview in player
Shft+BBuild dynamic RAM preview
Alt+Shft+4Toggle external monitor preview.
F7Generate MIDI timecode

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